A Comprehensive Estate Plan is A Positive 2022 Resolution The Will is the Way

stockfresh_1627257_estate-planning-word-cloud-concept_sizeS-300x300Benefits that promote an employee’s financial well-being should be the focus of every organization. The threat of Great Resignation departures is everywhere, and retention is crucial. Security is essential for many, and estate planning is part of the process.

Avoiding Disasters

There is paperwork connected to estate planning that people cannot ignore. A last will is essential. Too many people think they only have to write their wishes on a piece of paper. That would be an easily contested document. The last illness can carve huge holes in an estate, and no one knows what an unconscious person wants to be done regarding final healthcare. Three documents will prevent an estate calamity: a simple will, a living will, and medical powers of attorney. A Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services benefit offers all of these.

An Attorney Is Valuable

We strongly suggest you do not use these because they quickly become outdated and might not be able to record your wishes adequately. An attorney who will draft the paperwork is a more practical alternative.

Countrywide has a nationwide network of lawyers who will provide our pre-paid legal services. In addition, every community with a Countrywide client has one of our legal experts. These professionals are well-versed in the law and are ready to address common legal problems.

The Countrywide attorney will draft a simple will of six pages. That is sufficient for most people. The attorney will educate a group legal plan member about the last will. That professional will advise appointing an executor, and questions are always answered. An attorney can also help compose a living will that specifies precisely what medical treatment you want to have and when it is time to turn off the life-support systems.

That may not sound like estate planning, but it is. The executor will not move forward until a person is deceased. Life-support can keep an individual going long after it is possible for recovery. Anyone who designates when life-support is removed enables the estate process to begin and the beneficiaries to receive what is meant for them. Medical powers of attorney are comparable to an executor for the living will. The person who is given that power will be making the decisions a person’s wishes are fulfilled.


Group legal plans will offer the drafting of wills, but we go a step further. We will send reminders to anyone who has used our services to update their will if necessary. You can consider that reminder part of estate planning as well. The final estate will thus enable those alive beneficiaries who the deceased wants to share in the estate. The reminder assures that the will is never out of date.

Working with a Client

Countrywide wants group legal plan members to take advantage of all our services. We make sure that happens by asking a prospective client to help us draft their pre-paid legal services benefit. We explain all of our services to the decision-makers, and we answer all questions thoroughly. Next, the prospective client chooses those services that will be part of the group legal plan. Countrywide will provide the administration and the member services.

Employee surveys have pointed to financial well-being as something that is a concern. Countrywide provides pre-paid legal services benefits that allow employees to take care of their private financial matters. In addition, what helps in estate planning will benefit the loved ones left behind. Offering the assistance, we mentioned above shows employees that an organization cares about the person and that person’s family. Employees appreciate our services regardless of their job description.

Would you want to know more about Countrywide? We sincerely hope you do, and we invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience. We will gladly set up a meeting and discuss what we can do with you. We have the kind of group legal plan your employees will be able to use.