stockfresh_1701311_stethoscope-and-dollar_sizeS_f73430-300x200Experienced gardeners will tell you that the yield of ordinary garden vegetables is enhanced by companion plants. For example, placing basil next to a tomato plant will improve the quality of the taste and permit you to grow larger tomatoes. The same can be said about employee benefits.

Organizations have a core group of benefits they offer to employees. Health insurance is a sine qua non for effective employee benefits program; you do not have much without it. Health benefits help with paying for all kinds of medical treatments and medications. However, employees have difficulty with copayments and deductibles. They spend money from their own pockets in addition to the premiums they pay. Help with managing medical costs would be deeply appreciated but benefits administrators are not necessarily financial experts. Continue reading

stockfresh_2064336_identity-theft-word-cloud-concept_sizeS-300x300Remote work is now a part of the American work environment. Increasingly more companies are allowing their employees to work from home and many people enjoy the change of scenery. Employees feel that this is a way to enable them to be more productive. Computer hackers think the same way.

A Genuine Danger

Employees who work from home and use their own computers are at serious risk. Hackers will use the email for phishing expeditions and include malware as attachments. Unfortunate, many of these cyber thieves have been able to break into the computers of remote workers. Continue reading

stockfresh_7560715_multitasking-woman_sizeS-300x300The rising inflation rates are on everyone’s minds, and the costs affect a lot of decisions. Employees are worried about being able to meet certain charges, and they are not sure if their paychecks can cover everything. The reason for this stress is that the average person does not know their total value.


What we mean is that folks know the balances in their savings account and checking account. However, they may not understand how much their assets are worth. Having an idea of total asset value, including stocks, bonds, insurance policies, collectibles, etc., can help.


Some of the Expenses Continue reading

stockfresh_5987416_customer-relationship_sizeS-300x200A lot goes into providing high-quality employee benefits. A program can have a primary selection of benefits that will draw employees’ attention, but that is often all. There has to be more to convince employees that a given benefit is worthwhile.

A good employee benefit needs additional secondary services that enhance the offerings. These can make service delivery more convenient, effective, and deeply appreciated by the employees. Group legal plans all offer some essential options. Some, unfortunately, do not give anything more than bare-bones service. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is not like that at all.

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stockfresh_5943479_african-american-family-with-ghosted-house-drawing-behind_sizeS-300x200If San Diego, California can be used as any predictor, both house prices and mortgage rates will go up in the future. Inflation is a bear, and things will not get much better soon. It can cause people who want to buy a house to temporarily give up hope of ever having their piece of the American Dream. That is a pity, and it does not have to happen.


Sorting through the Options


Most first-time homebuyers realize they must have a sizable down payment to afford a good house. However, they are not so sure about where to get a mortgage. In fact, they do not know anything about the real estate industry and what to do. The house is perhaps the most significant financial investment these people might make, and the whole prospect of being a homeowner can be intimidating. Continue reading

stockfresh_4170119_what-is-next-black-marker_sizeM-300x200All the signs suggest that inflation is not going away but will be a problem for some time to come. We are all accustomed to low inflation figures, but 5% overall inflation and above is going to require adjustments to spending habits. The good news is that the changes are doable.

Some Worthwhile Ideas

We are not talking about dramatic changes to your investment portfolio. Instead, we want to look at what steps financial wellness. These are not complicated and can help anyone meet inflation challenges. Continue reading

govWe know that many people would rather have a root canal without Novocain than deal with the government. Getting services from public agencies can be exasperating and there are times a person wonders why they should bother. Government is there to help and there are benefits such as reading tutors and transportation assistance that family members need. This might come as a shock, but you can get government help that you require without a lot of fuss. You simply must be ready to make the request.

Tips for Preparation Continue reading

stockfresh_636353_stethoscope-laying-on-stacks-of-money_sizeS-300x200Older employees feel their age, which means medical care is becoming a priority concern. Medications, physical therapy, and other treatments become part of a person’s life after age 50, and people will worry about how to pay for necessary treatments.

Medical bills are nothing to laugh about. They are often costly, and some of the invoices can be in the thousands of dollars. Anyone who is used to paying off a bill as soon as possible can be shocked. Fortunately, there are ways to handle medical expenses, and they do not require a Ph.D. First, however, it is necessary to know what options are available to help deal with the costs. Continue reading

stockfresh_3266726_benefits-concept_sizeS_39f284-300x200The 2019 workplace is a thing of the past. The pandemic and the urgency of hiring highly talented workers have created a new office environment, and employers are wise if they keep up with the times. Traditional benefits packages are expected, but employees want a little more to convince them to stay.


Group legal plans are benefits that employees will appreciate and use. These are more than just writing wills. A good group legal plan will include legal document review and help with government agencies, among other benefit options. This is great, but employers must remember that a little bit more is expected. Pre-paid legal services that offer extra benefits are what the average plan member has in mind. Continue reading

sad-dollar-300x129Research has shown a person has problems whenever impulsive buying becomes a habit. These unplanned purchases can generate as much as 40 percent additional expenses. In addition, social media has encouraged the desire to buy things that are not necessary.


Social media is convenient; there is no question about that. Transactions are easier when the consumer already has credit card information posted in an account tied to the sales platform. There are some drawbacks. 

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