3-employerEmployees need service, which is the primary reason for employee benefits. Employers are good at providing traditional assistance such as group health and life insurances, but employees will need more in the coming months. We are returning to work from COVID-19, and people must have some help to get things back to normal. Organizations must step up and respond with the right services.

The 2021 PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey paints a picture of significant financial stress caused by the pandemic. Increased economic anxiety has been mentioned by noticeable majorities of respondents from Millennials (72%), Gen Z (68%), and Gen X (62%). Continue reading

stockfresh_1369833_legal_sizeS-300x199Anyone who pays taxes has a right to request those government services they are entitled to receive. These might not be significant issues like immigration visas or housing assistance, but perhaps transportation allowances or help with assisted care for elderly parents. Employees will now and then need the help of the government, especially local agencies. It is very frustrating when there are delays or misunderstandings, and these will happen, sometimes regularly.

 Doing the Right Thing

It has less to do with integrity than filing accurate information with the right agency. The government relies on data, much of it personal, to do its job. Mistakes are what cause the most delays. Incorrect data will put a person back to square one, and everything must be resubmitted. Continue reading

stockfresh_5802529_generation-z-y-x-boomers-millennials-3d-word-gears-demographics_sizeS-300x300The 2021 PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey has sobering information for organizations as they begin adjusting to business after the pandemic. Financial stress has become a serious problem that employers cannot ignore. Approximately 63% of those surveyed reported that financial stress has increased since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 60% of the millennial, Gen X, and Gen Z respondents said that worry over money was a significant issue. The anxiety has led to decisions such as taking out payday loans, applying for a loan from a retirement account and postponing retirement decisions. The survey shows a significant impact on household expenses brought on by the pandemic. Continue reading

stockfresh_181218_last-will-and-testament_sizeS_72a2cb-300x225We want to think that family reunions are a time of love and sharing, a chance to recall fun days and sentimental times gone by. But unfortunately, it is a nice thought that does not always happen. Instead, family gatherings might be a scene of anger where accusations fly and hurt feelings are exposed. One reason for this hatred is a contested estate where there was no last will and testament.

People lead busy lives and will forget about some important matters. Drafting a will is one of those tasks that are exceptionally low on the bucket list. No one wants to think about death, and, sadly, some are not thinking about the consequences of dying intestate (without a will). Therefore, the probate court is left to decide how the estate is distributed, and that is a long process that allows survivors to argue over what each feel entitled to a portion of the estate assets. Continue reading

stockfresh_3266726_benefits-concept_sizeS_39f284-300x200Dealing with money became a severe issue at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it has not gone away. People are frustrated and nervous about what to do with personal finances.  Research supports this observation. The 2021 PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey discovered that approximately 63% of respondents reported their financial stress increased during the pandemic. They can use some help in addressing cash problems. Employers, fortunately, are doing their best to respond to this personal crisis. Continue reading

o-POWER-OF-ATTORNEY-facebook-300x200There are many actors on the legal stage, and each plays an important part. The main objective is often protecting someone else or seeing that a person’s wishes are respected and carried out. The executors of an estate come to mind immediately, and there is a designated person who will take on what is nearly the same type of responsibility. That individual is granted medical powers of attorney.

Expecting the Unexpected

Medical powers of attorney are part of a living will. It is a document that addresses a medical emergency that may come from out of nowhere and generate unanticipated consequences. An accident or a cardiac arrest may leave the victim unresponsive. It is critical to have someone designated to represent the victim, and that individual is authorized with the medical powers of attorney. Group legal plans will combine writing a living will and medical powers of attorney into one service. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers this kind of two for one benefit option. Continue reading

stockfresh_215939_questions-and-answers-signpost_sizeS-300x200Financial advisers will tell their clients that planning is critical for security. Such suggestions became very sound advice when COVID-19 hit the economy. Many people were not ready for the emergencies that cropped up, and the pandemic placed their financial wellness in serious jeopardy. A good resolution is never to be caught by such surprises again!

Financial planning is essential, and it requires information that comes from paychecks and bank accounts, among other sources. A serious problem is people often have no idea about their finances. It sounds incredible that highly paid employees live from paycheck to paycheck, but it is true. Employers have an opportunity to help their subordinates get a better understanding of their individual value by offering some assistance. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can provide meaningful support. Continue reading

stockfresh_3962479_identity-theft-revealed-in-computer-code-through-a-magnifying-gl_sizeS-273x300We talked about Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring Plans for individuals a few weeks earlier. We would like to bring to your attention the group plan we offer. Identity theft is a serious problem and high-tech employees are justifiably nervous about their security being hacked. An employer has a chance with Countrywide to assist those employees, and even use identity theft and credit monitoring as a recruiting incentive.

Identity theft is a significant crime that uses many strategies to get to personal information. Hacking is a common means of breaking through security to steal your data. It is not the only avenue the thieves will walk down, Phishing, robocalls, and bogus warning are employed. The damage is horrific. Continue reading

stockfresh_6378534_financial-freedom-concept_sizeS-300x192Employees need help putting their finances in order. The economy has endured a rollercoaster ride on an epic scale for more than a year. People were furloughed, struggled to make ends meet, and found their bank accounts slowly diminishing. Stimulus checks helped, but there still is a lot of work to be done.

The new normal is going to include new ways of doing personal business. Household financial wellness took a hit, and the recovery is not easy. Employees have an idea of what to do, but issues such as medical bills are causing them to make poor decisions. Employers who offer professional help with finances will win respect and loyalty of their hardworking staff. Continue reading

lastwilltestament-300x200Everyone wants to have things simple and uncomplicated. The idea of paying hefty fees to professionals does not make sense if you can do it yourself. That same notion will tempt folks to make risky decisions that can cause serious trouble later. You do not want to try writing a will without the help of a lawyer.

 It is not a DIY Project

The last will tells what you wish to have done with those investments, properties, and personal possessions your hard work and sacrifice permitted you to have once you are gone. It seems easy enough to write down your wishes on a piece of paper. It is not, and anyone who understands probate law appreciates the hurricane that might begin within days of the funeral. Continue reading