stockfresh_3576539_stressed-female-graduate-holding-stacks-of-hundred-dollar-bills_sizeS-200x300Those with college loans recently got another breather from the Feds. President Biden has extended the college debt moratorium until August 31, 2022, and that is a welcome development for everyone wrestling with debt payments. There is still talk of loan forgiveness but be careful about banking on that. A better idea is to look at debt reduction and loan restructuring.

Hacking Down the Figures

Five and six-digit college debt amounts can be overwhelming, and a person may feel adrift in a sea of red ink. Fortunately, there are oars to help you get to calmer waters. Several programs that will assist those with large college debts are available. Continue reading

stockfresh_8381213_senior-couple-smiling_sizeS-300x179A living will is an excellent thing to have. It will enable a person to indicate what medical procedures are to be used should they become unresponsive due to a medical crisis. The living will mandates when life-sustaining efforts should stop.

The instructions in a living will are helpful. Healthcare providers know what is expected of them because the guidance is clear. However, someone must decide when to implement the living will directions. It is the reason for medical powers of attorney.

The Decision-Maker  Continue reading

stockfresh_5140310_business-still-life_sizeS-300x200The inflation monster is now awake after a decades-long nap. Recent figures suggest that the rising costs of almost everything will not go away soon. The next couple of years, and indeed the next couple of months, will be hard for many Americans. They are going to be paying more for essentials as well as necessities.

Inflation is something to be concerned about but nothing to panic over. A little bit of common sense in spending and some guidelines will help everyone get through the tough times with money to spare. The way to meet rising expenses is to have a budget ready for it.

Some Useful Tools Continue reading

stockfresh_3802975_legal-advice-road-sign-illustration-design-over-a-white-backgrou_sizeXS-300x140Every year thousands of people from foreign countries come to the United States as legal immigrants. They have their visas, and they have the authority to live in our neighborhoods. American business benefits significantly. These newcomers bring skills and knowledge used to increase profit margins and accomplish corporate goals. However, management must understand that these new people face difficulties dealing with public agencies and getting needed public services. Continue reading

stockfresh_4514580_referrals-3d-words-connected-arrows-new-customers-word-of-mouth_sizeS-300x300Group legal plans impress on prospective clients the quality of their services. These vendors do not hesitate to point out their lawyers and how these professionals will help an organization’s employees. It can be embarrassing to recommend a referral outside of the network; it can be viewed as an admission of inadequacy. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is not afraid to make referrals. We know that this is a means of providing even better service for our clients.

Reasons for Referrals

An immediate reason is expertise in a specific area of law. The legal profession has many specialties. Some of these are: Continue reading

stockfresh_6378534_financial-freedom-concept_sizeS-300x192No one goes bankrupt intentionally. However, people get into dire straits with their finances because of their problems managing the debt they acquired. Sizable debt rarely occurs overnight, and some debt is legitimate, such as mortgages or auto loans.

A major invoice, such as a medical bill, comes in the mail and stuns a person. It can throw things out of balance and cause an individual to panic. Who can blame a person for being anxious about the red ink? However, we do not think ordinary people are spendthrifts; they have difficulty managing their debt and could use some guidance. Continue reading

stockfresh_181218_last-will-and-testament_sizeS_72a2cb-300x225Nobody wants to think about death. It will happen to us, but many do not want to think about dying or prepare for that final day. They are hesitant to write a last will, even though it can spare their loved ones a lot of grief. Some of the reasons for not having that document on the bucket list are ridiculous.


  1. Writing One Takes Too Much Time and Effort. Not really if you have an excellent attorney drafting the document.

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stockfresh_6096905_beautiful-woman-showing-time-out-sign_sizeM-300x200The pandemic hit personal finances in one way or another. Thankfully, stimulus checks and other forms of assistance got most of us through. But unfortunately, employees are now confronted with just as difficult as the quarantines: rapidly rising inflation.


The rate of price increase is swallowing up most of the pay raises folks are receiving. Many adjustments must be made to cope with the new higher costs. It will not be easy for many people because they live from paycheck to paycheck. Others have taken on car loans and other debt obligations. There is a genuine chance that some people will be facing bankruptcy or foreclosures because everything is becoming so expensive. Continue reading

stockfresh_4971788_student-loan-debt-installment-payment-check-money-paid-back_sizeS-300x300Can we expect forgiveness of college debt this year? The Biden Administration has extended the pause on federal student loan payments until May 1, 2022. That is a relief for many, but it is temporary. The Federal Student Aid Office estimates that federal student loan borrowers owe in the neighborhood of $1.6 trillion. So outright student loan forgiveness is probably out of the question in the near future, and the borrowers can only hope for a continued extension. After that, however, the extensions may expire, and the payment process, on hold for almost two years, will start up again.

It creates a challenge for many young employees.

Time Marches on Continue reading

employee-benefits-300x207Group legal plans offer assistance to help folks with common legal issues. Unfortunately, some vendors will only provide a few options, and that is all. They will stress the low prices for their bare-bones benefits, but sometimes low prices mean poor services. Employees expect more than the basics.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services go further than writing simple wills or reviewing legal documents. We will include some benefits that do not cost more and add value to the group legal plan we offer employers.

Increasing the Quality Continue reading