stockfresh_1627257_estate-planning-word-cloud-concept_sizeS-300x300Older employees often think of retirement and the estate they will leave behind to the beneficiaries. A simple will is usually one of the first things that come to mind when deciding what to do. However, even a simple will can be a complex process, and it does require careful thought.

The Basics of a Will 

It is a legal document that establishes a person’s wishes regarding their property and the guardianship of their children in the event of death. It is essential to prepare a will so that assets are properly distributed when a person dies, and the individual’s loved ones are taken care of properly.

man thinkingMany people take New Year’s resolutions seriously, and that is a good thing. No one should have to worry in 2023 about paying bills, and they won’t if they have a usable budget. Minimalism is catching on in our society. It is doing more with less and cutting unnecessary expenses. It helps people simplify their lives and save money at the same time. Minimalism is a great idea but creating a minimalist budget takes a little effort. Continue reading

Woman Stressed at Computer ScreenWe have some very sad news. In the next week or so, thousands of American consumers will open their credit card balance mail and discover they have been the victim of ID theft. Cyber thieves have broken into their credit card information, stolen their identification, and used it to charge various products and services. This nasty little crime leaves the victim thousands of dollars in new debt. Unfortunately, there is nothing new about this. The Federal Trade Commission has reported that millions of consumers have been the victims of this fraud.

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Sad Couple in Financial TroubleNo one ever wants to face the reality of bankruptcy, but sometimes it is unavoidable. It is not necessarily the result of irresponsible spending. Instead, it can be a major financial setback, such as enormous medical bills or the death of a loved one. It is serious if you find yourself in this situation, but it does not have to be traumatic. There are a few ways that you can weather the storm.

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man thinking

It is a brand-new year, and 2023 holds a lot of opportunities for people. Furthermore, the new year also comes with many changes, particularly in government bureaucracies. Legislation passed in 2022 can change how people interact with various public agencies. It is going to be confusing for some folks.

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Common Mistakes ina Living WillLiving wills are legal documents that include a person’s wishes regarding the end of life medical care they will receive. They can be thought of as advance directives that may include medical powers of attorney that designates someone to make healthcare decisions on behalf of someone.

The living will enable an individual to communicate their wishes to ensure that loved ones are informed of their preferences in the event they are incapable of making decisions due to a medical condition. This is an essential document and, unfortunately, mistakes are often made when they are written.

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stockfresh_225020_eraser-and-word-debt_sizeS-300x200The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, but it is expensive. We buy a lot this season. Retailers owe you a debt of gratitude for what you spend, and you owe a debt to the credit card companies for what you spent. It can take months for a person to recover from all the generosity.

All the debt must be paid, and a person has to figure out how to do it. We can suggest ways that you can pay for all the holiday cheer without your bank account becoming incredibly depressed.

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stockfresh_4340608_doctor-with-patient-looking-at-x-ray_sizeS-300x201Medical bills can be scary. Necessary treatments and operations can cost thousands of dollars, and although corporate health insurance benefits cover major expenses, an employee must meet a deductible and co-pay. People get nervous when they see the bills, but there are ways to budget them. You can avoid being blindsided by the cost.

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Reviewing DocumentsConsumer protection is an essential element of a healthy economy. It ensures people can shop confidently and securely, knowing that the products they purchase are safe. Consumer protection tries to reduce the potential risk of buying goods or services. It also provides consumers with ways to defend their legal rights when dealing with businesses, including access to dispute resolution and the right to seek compensation for any losses incurred due to fraudulent or deceptive practices.

It is a legal area that seeks to ensure the safety and security of consumers in their interactions with a business. Various government agencies will protect consumers from unfair pricing, unsafe products, false advertising, deceptive billing practices, and significant financial losses.

Consumers increasingly rely more on technology and digital platforms to buy goods and services, so the need for consumer protection is more significant than ever. The various types of consumer protection statues designed to safeguard buyers’ rights in multiple situations. For example, laws such as the Consumer Products Act protect consumers when buying products, while laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act exist to protect buyers from unfair practices by debt collectors.

These are all benefits that consumers can use, but not all know about consumer protection or how to take advantage of the services. Group legal plans may or may not offer consumer protection advice options. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does. We want to allow plan members an opportunity to obtain advice and guidance from legal professionals who are familiar with consumer protection law and practices. Continue reading