Service is rapidly becoming automated. Consumers deal with automated telephone service, Q&A pages, and Amazon Alexa. These can be very efficient but cold. Group legal plans that offer pre-paid legal services must remember the human side of member service.

The Law Is Filled with Emotion

Those who face legal problems can endure emotional roller coaster rides. Legal issues, such as writing simple wills, are filled with personal feelings. Anger or fear are not always calmed by taped messages on answering services.

The law can be confusing. The language is unique to the profession and questions need answers that address the circumstances. This kind of service is not always possible with automated systems. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers group legal plan benefits to all sorts of organizations. We believe service with a human touch matters. Continue reading


It isn’t too early to plan for buying a house. Spring is the big season for house purchases and right now is a great time to organize finances. This is a major challenge for many first-time shoppers.

The house is often the most expensive acquisition an employee will make. This is a long-term commitment and personal budgets will be stretched. The ability to pay and the individuals overall financial wellness are primary pondering points. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help. We believe that the house buying process is bewildering to some folks and we have a benefit designed to assist shoppers.

Viewing the Buying Course

“Make Your Move” is the Countrywide self-study program for house buying. Real estate jargon is not always easy to understand, and the terms are confusing. How to work with a real estate agent, what qualifies a person for FHA financing and what to expect at closing are some of the topics covered. Continue reading


Libertarians want a world where there is little government involvement in daily life. It might be a nice thought but there is little substance to that wish. Government is a part of our lives and we depend on government services. Not all group legal plans offer help in dealing with public agencies. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does.

The Extent of Government Involvement

Ordinary folks take for granted the help they receive from government. It might be assistance for a special needs child or permission to add on a room to a house. Public agencies follow a set of rules and public employees will not deviate from those mandates. People get frustrated by all the paperwork. They blame the public agency even though that office is only following the rules. Countrywide gives needed assistance.

Countrywide participation speeds up the process. Our national network of attorneys offers a variety of pre-paid legal services to Countrywide group legal plan members. These are legal professionals who live in the community. A Countrywide lawyer will educate a plan member in the process. The attorneys work with public agencies routinely and know which desk to approach for filing.

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Deductibles are the part of a medical bill the patient is responsible for paying. Standard deductibles have been rising to keep group health premiums down and $5000 deductibles are common. Most people do not understand how deductibles operate. These financial obligations can easily go out of control.

Deductibles will renew every year. A person who has paid the full deductible in 2018 is liable for the full amount in 2019 (e. g. Assume a deductible of $5000 in 2018. A plan member must pay up to $5000 in 2019 as well.). Medical treatment can overlap the new year. A person easily accrues thousands of dollars in medical debt with one single operation or treatment.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows the stress caused by such financial obligations. Our Financial Wellness Plan is designed to help folks better manage medical debt. Continue reading


Legal documents are unsettling. Language is formal and there are Latin phrases sprinkled through the text. People get nervous about the lease or contract they might be signing. Group legal plans need to have a means of reviewing legal documents. It is a benefit which Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will provide.

Our Attorneys Are Available for Legal Document Review

Our nationwide network of lawyers are professionals who are well-versed in the language of the law. They will gladly review legal documents for a group legal plan member.

The devil is in the details. Legal paperwork is rarely drafted to deceive people, but an individual might not understand his or her obligations. Those requirements will be quickly discovered by the Countrywide lawyer. A worst-case situation involves outdated or invalid documents. This problem can arise if a landlord uses an out of state lease. Countrywide will spot the danger and point out the problem to the plan member. Our attorneys are well known for inspecting even the smallest details. Continue reading


Group legal plans assist with routine legal issues. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is no exception and we are proud of the benefit options we provide. However, there are services we do not routinely offer. We will provide referrals in those cases.

The Law Is Diverse

Writing wills and helping with consumer protection are among the benefits our nationwide network of attorneys gives. Jurisprudence has many specialized areas such as adoption, divorce, and immigration. A group legal plan member may be better served by an attorney who concentrates on a specialized area. Continue reading


American colleges and universities are graduating some of the most technically astute people in our history. The Z generation grew up with technology and have a better understanding of social media than even their older siblings. Unfortunately, it does not mean that they are masters of all subjects. Personal finances can be a nightmare for them. Financial wellness education is essential to surviving in the real world. Learning how to deal with problems is important and the biggest problem these young people face is the college debt they accrued while earning that college degree.

Payment Can Be a Horror Story

Nobody can blame a college student for trying to ignore the mounting costs. A student must get through school and loans are sometimes the only way to pay for the education. What happens too often is that an individual graduates from college and then six months later is hit with a major shock. The final debt figure can be enormous. Many graduates have loan obligations in the tens of thousands of dollars. An unlucky few will have over $100,000 in debt and are looking at payment obligations that will stretch out for decades.

Shock can lead to panic that, in turn, will generate poor decisions with bad consequences. The new college graduate may use forbearance but that only delays the final responsibility and can cause payment problems to develop. Others will try to ignore the debt completely, but that is not a wise decision. A final, and very drastic move has a young person declaring bankruptcy. That can damage credit rating at a time when the individual needs to have good credit status. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services sympathizes with the plight of a recent graduate. We want to help, and a benefit option of our financial wellness plan is assistance in dealing with college debt. Continue reading


Medical premiums and expenses are rising, not falling. People are always looking for ways to curb expenses. We commend those employers who have proactive wellness plans. Benefits such as smoking cessation and weight control improve health and lower costs. We suggest that organizations go one step further and address financial wellness.

Sudden Emergencies Will Surface

Employees rarely budget for future medical costs. They assume the group health insurance plan will cover expenses. It doesn’t happen that way. People will bear responsibility for treatments not covered by the plan and pay for the deductibles, as well. A sudden medical bill costing thousands of dollars is not out of the question.

People will panic at the price. They may consider taking out loans or a second mortgage to make the required payments. The stress and anxiety are considerable. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to relieve the pressure and help a person overcome the challenge. Our financial wellness plan provides welcome assistance to those in financial stress. Continue reading


Holiday shopping is beginning to ramp up. Retail makes its profits between Black Friday and New Year’s Eve and stores aggressively push their products. Sometimes, though not often, the goods are defective. People discover the problem after a few days of use. It will cause frustration and anger since no one wants shoddy merchandise. Group legal plans should offer consumer protection services. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has such assistance available.

Consumer Protection Can Be Aggravating

Not everyone is going to file a complaint. Small purchases are ordinarily not worth the time and trouble. However, appliances such as washing machines, which cost hundreds of dollars, should not be defective. The same is true for laptops and computer tablets. A consumer has every right to expect quality and file a consumer protection complaint if the product is defective.

Filing a consumer complaint can be a hassle. It can be more than completing the form. There is a need for evidence and documents to support the grievance. Consumers don’t always know the process. Countrywide group legal plan members can have access to a pre-paid legal services option that helps. Continue reading


Debt is often a heavy weight to bear. Credit cards are the common means of paying for gifts and the plastic charges double-digit interest. College graduates face loan debt the size of a house mortgage and medical emergencies are expensive.

The debt will cause major stress and anxiety. People will worry and wonder if there is a way out of the mess. Fortunately, there is an opportunity to end financial trouble. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness plan that guides an individual to fiscal sanity.

Advice, Not Sermons

Our program is more than a web page of useful advice. We have certified counselors who are knowledgeable about personal finances. These professionals provide the services a plan member needs. Continue reading