Debt is often a heavy weight to bear. Credit cards are the common means of paying for gifts and the plastic charges double-digit interest. College graduates face loan debt the size of a house mortgage and medical emergencies are expensive.

The debt will cause major stress and anxiety. People will worry and wonder if there is a way out of the mess. Fortunately, there is an opportunity to end financial trouble. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness plan that guides an individual to fiscal sanity.

Advice, Not Sermons

Our program is more than a web page of useful advice. We have certified counselors who are knowledgeable about personal finances. These professionals provide the services a plan member needs. Continue reading


The end of the year is the time for making healthy resolutions. People will resolve to lose weight, eat sensibly, and get more exercise. There are two resolutions that are overlooked many times and they are very important: drafting a living will and medical powers of attorney.

The Need Is Great

Accidents and medical emergencies happen without warning. The victim may be unconscious and unable to communicate. It causes considerable anxiety. Healthcare providers do not know the victim’s wishes.

Consequently, they are required to activate life-support and keep the person alive indefinitely. Family members must endure the agony of seeing a loved one lying in the bed with no chance of recovery. Group legal plans should have an option including living wills and medical powers of attorney. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has this benefit. Continue reading


Financial wellness plans will help resolve emergencies, but that is only one use for this benefit. A good program enables a person to have better control over their finances and plan for the future. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a financial wellness plan. Our benefit includes tools anyone can use to manage their money.

Tools of the Trade

Countrywide has a nationwide network of certified counselors who provide service. These experts are easy to reach and help people sort out their finances.

Recent college graduates might have no experience with budgeting. Lack of knowledge has a negative effect on their spending habits. Our counselor will perform a budget analysis for a young plan member. This professional will review expenses and income and design a sensible budget. A young employee is thus able to pay all the bills and still have money to save. Continue reading


Black Friday is the start of the holiday shopping season. People will be flocking to the malls and others will be clicking away on Amazon and other shopping platforms for presents. The retail industry depends on Christmas sales for annual profits and will offer almost anything to the buying public. Some of those gifts, however, are expensive and might get broken. Shoppers will look for ways to repair any damage and consider buying warranties.  The best group legal plans will help members with warranty and consumer protection plan to help those people avoid buying bad warranties.

The Details Hide a Trap

Warranties are promises of help when a product needs repair. A consumer can expect some or all the repair work expenses to be covered. Some warranties cost just a few dollars and others, especially those for automobiles or major appliances, can cost a few hundred dollars. Salespeople will promote warranties to buyers. The sale is easy profit because most purchasers will not use their warranties.

People will buy warranties and not realize what they are purchasing. The language in the document expressly states when the warranty can be used and for what kind of repairs. A person gets a nasty surprise when he or she discovers only certain parts can be used for repairs. A group legal plan should provide some form of assistance in dealing with warranties and consumer protection. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has such a benefit. Continue reading


Taxpayers have a right to service and public agencies must provide it. Problems will surface in the administrative details. Forms, applications, proof of evidence and bureaucratic restrictions can all frustrate a person’s effort to get help. Group legal plans ought to provide help with government agencies. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has this benefit option.

Help with Local Public Agencies

People ordinarily will not deal with federal agencies; local government is the main contact. The public employees working at the commissions or agencies follow strict rules. All paperwork must be correct and complete.

Deadlines may be part of the administrative work. An incomplete form or lack of the required information will invalidate an application, causing the individual to miss a deadline. Most citizens don’t know all the requirements to get service and they become frustrated. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a national network of attorneys. These legal experts practice locally and contacting one is easy for a plan member. Continue reading


Debt is not always a bad thing. It helps create credit ratings and mortgage debt can reduce a person’s taxes. Trouble rears its head when expenses are more than income and interest accrued drives personal debt higher and higher. The situation gets out of control and will destroy financial wellness if a person doesn’t get needed help.

What Causes the Trouble

Yes, some people live beyond their means but that is not true for everyone. The expenses sometimes arrive without advance notice such as the end of a college loan grace period. Medical bills, or other emergencies will arise without warning. When you add these new expenses to an existing debt a person’s budget is disrupted. The debt dilemma may need more than ordinary help. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness service that resolves a major crisis.

The Discovery

Countrywide makes use of a nationwide network of certified counselors. These are professionals who have considerable experience in helping people manage their financial wellness. The counselors are more than just a web page on the Internet site and having a face-to-face meeting with one of them is easy to arrange. Continue reading


College loans ordinarily have a six-month grace period. A new graduate doesn’t have to worry about payments and can settle into a new job. However, the clock is ticking for those who graduated in June. The grace period will soon be over, and the bill arrives in the mail. It can be a shock to anyone’s financial wellness.

The Piper Needs Payment

College graduates often have debt obligations the size of a house mortgage. It will take years to pay it all off and the monthly minimum is substantial. Those living from paycheck to paycheck are in for a shock. Many will use forbearance. It’s a bad idea since interest continues to accumulate whether forbearance is used or not. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help folks get out of college debt traps. We have a financial wellness program that gives sound financial guidance.

We Rely on Professionals

Those with financial concerns want to talk to a real person. Q&A pages on a website are not enough to relieve anxiety. Countrywide will allow a plan member access to certified professionals. These financial experts know the stress caused by a college debt and provide help. Continue reading


Intestate is not a pretty sight. Financial planners will warn their clients to avoid it and take necessary precautions. It can cause a high level of stress and anxiety for families.

The Dark Halls of Probate

Intestate is the term applied to estates where there is no existing last will. A person passes away without a document specifying how his or her estate will be dispersed. There is no executor. This situation results in the probate court naming an administrator over the estate. That individual will report directly to the court. This causes lengthy delays in the final distribution of assets. Group legal plans offer simple will drafting as a benefit. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has such a service.

The Basics of a Simple Will

A simple will names an executor and provides instructions on how to divide an estate among the survivors. Countrywide has this option for any group legal plan. A simple will is no more than six pages long and it is enough for most people. Our nationwide network of attorneys can write a simple will that meets all legal requirements. Continue reading



Facebook was successfully hacked a few weeks ago. An estimated 50 million subscribers had their accounts compromised while Facebook continues to upgrade its security. It is disturbing this social media platform was broken into by cyber thieves. People are still getting over the shock.

Employers should not ignore the risk caused by hackers. Anyone who uses social media for purchases can be in trouble. Employees who are compromised must rebuild their credit ratings and restore personal finances. The process can take weeks. The crime does affect productivity because of the distraction. Anything to help a person avoid hacker calamity is appreciated. Group legal plans don’t always help. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a benefit to protect an individual from Internet vandalism.

Information Will Help

Cyber thieves rely on time. They believe that once they have hacked credit card information, they have several weeks before the victim knows what occurred. It gives these felons an opportunity to either max out the credit card or sell the information to someone else. The person hacked doesn’t know what happened until the credit card bill shows up. Continue reading


The price of houses is beginning to rise, but people are still looking to buy. Property is something many want to own, but financing isn’t always easy. The purchase of any house is a major decision and requires careful consideration.

The nature of property does not make this easy. Real estate has its language and business practices. The words used in the housing market can be very confusing to a novice. No one wants to sacrifice financial wellness, but the wrong kind of mortgage will lead to a disaster. Unfortunately, there are unethical people taking advantage of the inexperienced. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services would like to end the housing confusion. We have a financial wellness service that educates a buyer about house shopping.

Make Your Move Provides Great Information

Countrywide has a self-study program called Make Your Move. The coursework guides a plan member along the road to buying a house. The mortgage options are discussed so the individual can better decide what is the best financing. Terms and acronyms that are often hard to understand at first glance are fully explained. Continue reading