stockfresh_1627257_estate-planning-word-cloud-concept_sizeS-300x300The new year is a time for many organizations to look at their employee benefits programs. It is clear employees want benefits that will help them with issues they face every day. Group legal plans are recommended, but not all provide complete program services. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is different.

Our benefits give aid that employees can use in matters of significant importance. You can categorize our services in several major areas.

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sad-dollar-300x129Survey data tells upper management that the best way to retain good employees is to provide benefits that support their well-being. Financial wellness is something that fits that worker’s request. An excellent New Year’s resolution for an organization is to provide services that will help staff members encountering a financial crisis.


The Holiday Consequences


The last few weeks have been a time of giving, and going into debt. Most people can easily handle credit card payments, but some, unfortunately, are in serious trouble. People’s spending habits changed during the pandemic, and the eviction moratoriums and the stimulus checks altered financial behavior. So, it is no wonder that many folks went into severe debt and are now forced to confront the consequences. They are looking at possible bankruptcy, foreclosure, and forbearance to pay college loans. Continue reading

stockfresh_3279849_costs-benefits_sizeS_e3a3fc-300x200It is New Year’s resolution time, and organizations are preparing a bucket list of things to do. Polishing up the employee benefits plans is close to the top of the list. We have gone from the pandemic days to the time of the Great Resignation. Employee benefits are an effective means of retaining high-quality employees. However, the services must be able to help sustain or improve an employee’s well-being. Nobody wants benefits that are essentially window dressing, and group legal plans are what many folks need.

Why Is This Benefit Important?

We live in a society dominated by legal papers. Estates, leases, warranties, living wills, and other documents manage a lot of our personal business. It is easy to get flustered and confused by material written in exquisite legalese. Mistakes have consequences, and it may be necessary to have legal advice, which can be incredibly expensive. Continue reading

stockfresh_4971788_student-loan-debt-installment-payment-check-money-paid-back_sizeS-300x300COVID-19 helped many college graduates with their college loans. The government froze federal student loans, and that gave many a reprieve. But unfortunately, all good things must end, and the piper must be paid.

Payments Are Going to Resume

Federal loan payments will be starting back up again very soon. This is sobering news for anyone who was approaching default on their obligation before the initial freeze. The government is going to make the transition to paying as easy as practicable. Those who are in low-income brackets can benefit from income-driven repayment (IDR) plans. These can provide limits of 10% to 20% of income. There are additional possibilities for relief from the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF). Debt cancellation might happen, but that will depend on what the US Congress wants to do. Continue reading


stockfresh_709412_problems-and-solutions_sizeS-300x272People who have chronic medical conditions are in for a pleasant surprise next year. The No Surprises Act will take effect in January 2022, and it will stop surprise medical bills from being issued.


A surprise medical bill for those who do not know what it is refers to out-of-network balance bills that the patient is not expecting. These are situations where an out-of-network doctor provides treatment and then issues an invoice, which the patient is obligated to pay. It happens many times in emergency room cases. As a result, people pay large bills that they thought were covered by their insurance.


It is excellent news for anyone anticipating medical treatment next year. However, these individuals should also look at how they are going to be managing medical expenses. It is essential to do some planning because medical bills can be steep. Continue reading

The new year is fast approaching, and this is an excellent time to sit down with paper and pencil and make some resolutions for 2022. You can try to accomplish certain things in the new year that will make you better off. We are not just talking about making money or getting promotions. You can make some resolutions that will put your career and personal houses in order, allowing you to face the future with confidence.

It is great when there are employee benefits to help. The advice and guidance that can come from professionals will make resolutions easier to achieve. You can look at specific issues that group legal plans cover like a glove. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has some group legal plan benefits to make new year planning a lot easier.

Think of These Possible Resolutions.

stockfresh_2064336_identity-theft-word-cloud-concept_sizeS-300x300Everyone loves the holidays, and this is when people splurge on gifts. It is fun, and everyone gives and gets something. Online shopping became important during the COVID-19 quarantines and buying on the Internet is the shopping venue of choice for many people. Online shopping is convenient but beware! Cyber thieves and hackers are creeping into the dark of cyberspace.

Common Hazards

Cyber thefts come in many ways as hackers breakthrough security walls or are unintentionally invited into a person’s private information.

Online swindles can trick a person into buying something that is not there and providing credit card information to get it. A consumer can also accidentally compromise anything else, such as passwords. In addition, credit card information and access to bank accounts can happen during the holidays, and the person’s accounts can be maxed out or cleaned out. Continue reading

stockfresh_84926_swiping-credit-card_sizeS-300x200We are now in the middle of the holiday gift-buying season. This is a beautiful time of the year for many people, and it allows them to share with others. It is also an opportunity to overspend, which is not always a good idea. Fortunately, people have become more cost-conscious in the past couple of years. A pole that took recently noted that 69% of the respondents will either be spending less or proximally the same as last year on holiday presents. It is sensible to be smart about shopping. Credit cards that are not watched will have enormous debt balances by New Year’s Day.

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stockfresh_8628298_sort-index-card-with-referrals-3d_sizeS-300x200Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is proud of its ability to give group legal plan members the absolute best in legal benefits. We have a nationwide network of attorneys, enabling us to assist clients no matter where they or their employees are located. Countrywide gives a quality of service that many other group legal plan vendors cannot. As a result, we can be relied on to help people with everyday legal issues.

When a Referral is the Best Service

Sometimes, a plan member’s needs go beyond the ordinary. For example, the employee may need specialized help in an area such as adoption or immigration law. The unique areas of jurisprudence call for barristers who possess particular knowledge and skills. These legal professionals do not come cheap, unfortunately. Continue reading

stockfresh_479551_house-in-hand_sizeS-300x200Spring is the traditional time for the real estate market to open. New houses go on the market in April and May, so December is the best time to start planning the adventure into housing. There is a lot to know about, and those familiar with the terminology do well.

It is Not Easy

The house is the most significant financial investment any employee is going to make in their life. It is going to require a commitment to mortgage payments that may last 30 years. People sometimes get nervous about house hunting because they do not know anything about the process. The prospect of buying a home can be intimidating for some. Continue reading