Summer holidays have special sales and retailers will sweeten the deal by offering warranties. The opportunity is almost irresistible. The consumer pays for a guarantee of repair service that reduces future costs. Or, so that person hopes. No one expects warranty fraud, but it happens.

There are Unethical People

The merchant might not deliver the signed copy to the buyer. This unethical business professional also might refuse to use parts specified in the warranty document. An auto warranty is a masterpiece of fine print. The devil can be in almost illegible small print. The consumer gets cheated and loses money. Not all group legal plans offer consumer protection help. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has this as one of the group legal plan benefit options.

We Help with Consumer Protection

Countrywide has a comprehensive pre-paid legal services plan whose options will complement each other. Depending on the plan, our attorneys will review a warranty. These legal experts will point out problems and explain all the details. They help a group legal plan member determine if warranty fraud occurred. Continue reading


Financial planning covers a lot of ground. The objective is to help a person prepare for future expenses and purchases. The core of sensible planning is information: facts and figures regarding a person’s financial wellness. Not everyone knows how to do that and Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can help. We offer a benefit any organization would want to have.

Working Through a Budget

Ordinary folks often live from paycheck to paycheck. They don’t always know how to budget and rarely know their true financial worth. Countrywide will help the situation. Our nationwide network of certified counselors can shed light on a person’s finances.

A budget analysis is the primary tool used to uncover personal finance data. The Countrywide counselor will look over the income and expenses of the plan member. This financial professional will make suggestions on how to improve the overall picture. Continue reading


Cybersecurity is big business. Companies are worried about hackers and build thicker walls against those thieves. Ordinary consumers might feel safe, but their individual information can be stolen. It may be a telephone solicitation or phishing email; there are ways to take personal data. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help people protect their bank accounts and credit cards

We Sound the Alarm

Alerts are the customary means of personal protection. Sudden drops in credit scores are clues someone else is using your credit card data. The Countrywide credit monitoring uses three credit agencies to monitor activity. Sudden changes in credit scores are released to a plan member. The process of reporting damage can begin immediately.

Recovering from a cyber-attack is not easy. A great deal of paperwork is required right away. Usually more than one bank or credit card company must be notified of the theft. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a variety of assistance in our group legal plan benefit. We do the same with ID protection. Continue reading



Many employees live on the brink of financial ruin. This is a pressing concern which threatens their quality of life. It is more than just living from paycheck to paycheck. People worry about defaulting on loans or seeing their credit scores destroyed. Financial wellness is becoming a desired benefit and Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers this. We want to help people avoid bad consequences.

We Depend on Our Network

Countrywide has a network of certified financial counselors. They are seasoned professionals who know how to rescue financially distressed employees. Student debt payments can be handled better with information. Our customers will point out the means to reduce interest payments and even get certain loan amounts forgiven.

Millennials and Z Generation workers are concerned about their college loans. Countrywide provides information about how to handle the debt. Older employees may worry about medical bills. People must pay deductibles annually and may need to borrow to pay their bills. Our financial wellness professionals will advise plan members on how to negotiate a reasonable payment with healthcare providers. Continue reading


Legal documents have their own special language. “Whereas” and “sine die” are words of history used in modern times. The language can confuse and that isn’t good.

People worry they may be falling into a trap. A contract, lease or warranty may have a double meaning, or at least a person may think they do. Fear of the nouns and verbs will make a person hesitate to sign a document. Group legal plans aid in explaining the language. Countrywide Pre-Paid legal services offer such help.

Countryside Reviews the Legal Documents

Legal documents ordinarily are brief and Countrywide attorneys review up to six pages. Our nationwide network of attorneys are experts in legal language. They will analyze the pages and explain the meanings. Our group legal plan lawyers spot traps in the clauses. They will alert the plan member to these pitfalls, permitting that individual to request changes be made to any contract or lease. Continue reading


Companies are beginning to plan for the college recruiting season. They are developing schedules for campus visits, candidate interviews, and internships in the coming weeks. Competition for the best talent is going to be fierce. Interesting projects and better-than-average wages help convince the future college graduate to accept the job offer. There needs, however, to be a little bit more.

The competition with other companies for the best turns into a horse race. The benefits package can give an employer a competitive edge. Providing benefits a person can use will seal the deal in many cases. New graduates can use a financial wellness plan.

These young people are bright and are well educated. They face a serious financial challenge. Many finance their college years with loans that must be repaid. Five and six-figure debt burdens weigh down on their shoulders. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness plan to take the weight off them. Continue reading


Group legal plans will specialize in drafting simple wills. It is the type of pre-paid services benefit everyone likes. Even though it is sensible financial planning, writing a will can also prevent a major domestic problem: the family feud.

Estate Battles are Brutal

Estates will bring out the worst even in tightknit families. A cousin or a sister may lay claim to a certain item, while a nephew insists he was entitled to some money. Arguments can even start up at the viewing or the funeral. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides a will writing service for group legal plan members.

We do not use templates or fill in the blank forms. Our clients are all over the country and different states have unique rules about estates. Countrywide services rely on our nationwide network of attorneys. These professionals sit down with group legal plan members and go over the mechanics of the last will. We must remind you that we compose simple wills. Anything more than six pages is not part of the pre-paid legal services benefit. Still, most employees don’t need elaborate wills with lengthy clauses and codicils. We provide the services most truly need. Continue reading



Vendors will promote primary services when selling group legal plans. They will stress legal document reviews or simple will drafting, but not mention secondary services. That was a mistake. There’s more to a pre-paid legal services benefit, and secondary services will enhance the plans quality.

We understand the importance of the secondary benefit. The Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services attorney is provided with tools necessary to provide excellent service. A plan member can quickly set up a face-to-face meeting with our lawyer. All questions are answered fully, and all services are explained. If a person needs to ask additional questions later, we make it easy. A plan member may make an unlimited number of telephone calls on a given issue.

The Group Legal Plan Secondary Benefits Add Quality

The secondary services provide a little extra. Countrywide offers a consumer protection service that can go beyond the lawyer’s advice. Additional help in getting a consumer complaint resolved comes from communication. A Countrywide lawyer can make telephone calls and write letters on behalf of the plan member. The additional services may persuade a stubborn retailer to honor a warranty agreement.
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Everyone has dreams. It might be starting a family, buying a house, or anything requiring a sizable cash investment. Recent college graduates, unfortunately, feel their dreams are slipping away. The reason is their student loans

The Debt Is Staggering

Many of these young employees leave school with five or six figures of debt burden. The obligations will take years or even decades to pay off. The size of the debt is life altering for many. They must either delay certain decisions, such as starting a family, or even forego dreams entirely. There are college graduates who are making good wages but don’t understand budgeting. The entire situation increases anxiety and frustration in highly talented workers. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help these young people realize their dreams. We offer a financial wellness program that works.


Consumer protection Internet boards try to make fraud nonexistent. Consumers can alert others to faulty products with their posted comments but, unfortunately, it does not mean that the problems go away. There still are merchants who have no problem committing consumer fraud and depriving people of their money.

Consumer Protection Complaints Become Frustrating

These unscrupulous merchants rely on public ignorance of how to process a consumer protection complaint. Moreover, they will use vaguely worded documents to protect themselves. Too often people get warrantees for the wrong services, or do not get what they asked for in merchandise. It can be difficult for somebody to file a consumer protection claim alone. It is more than just the paperwork which will cause frustration.

Evidence of shoddy craftmanship or proof of a deliberate attempt at fraud are critical parts of any consumer protection complaint. It can get complicated and people give up pursuing the case due to frustration or just an inability to file properly. The unethical merchants count on this, and many are not too concerned about threats of filing a case. They know all too well how things will fall apart. It makes it important to have a seasoned professional working with an employee.

Group legal plans need to have a way of protecting people and Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has an option for computer protection assistance.
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