Hacking invades Privacystockfresh_2064336-300x300

Personal emails are not as secure as you might think. The same goes for personal information, including bank accounts and credit cards. The hacking stories you read in the newspaper do not just affect politicians. They can affect even an ordinary citizen, and the danger is quite real. Besides having a group legal plan, employers ought to consider the possibility of having protection against identity theft offered to staff.

Identity Theft is a Serious Situation

Identity theft can strike from anywhere. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on the Internet. Anyone can look over your shoulder while using your credit card, or making a withdrawal from a debit machine. Once the thief has information, that person utilizes the data for all kinds of mischief. Continue reading

Folks can Take Charge of Their Financesroad-to-recovery-300x300

The school of absurd tuition is now replacing the college of hard knocks. People are finding out just how difficult it is to maintain financial wellness in these times. Credit card debt is out of control for some people, but other folks have more fundamental concerns. These people want to know things like how to purchase a house, how to budget properly and reasonably, and for some advice on how to manage their college debt. Some vendors will provide websites that have little more than question and answer boxes. Most people don’t like that. They want to be able to talk to a real person. Additionally, they want the kind of advice they can use right away. Countrywide Pre- Paid Legal Services will give them that good advice.

Our Counselors are Knowledgeable Experts

Even better, information will come from a real person and not a recording. We have a financial wellness program to help people better understand budgets and finances. Our nationwide network of certified counselors have made a career out of helping people understand the figures. The counseling we provide is the type that offers knowledge that anyone can use every day. Continue reading

They Do Not Have to Overwhelmingcredit-cards-300x200

Retail companies promote their credit cards to a very receptive audience. Consumers enjoy using plastic because it’s convenient and because it is safe. There’s no need to carry large sums of cash when shopping. There’s nothing wrong with this until a person accepts too many cards. It results in many bills coming in at different times of the month. It is easy to forget a payment and that is when trouble begins. The credit card companies attach a fee to any late payment, and these can add up. Not paying the bills on time can also result in credit scores dropping like a stone. Financial wellness can become a problem area unless a person can resolve the credit card payments.

Certified Counselors are Ready to Assist

Accumulating credit debt means higher and higher minimum payments. It can quickly eat up anybody’s house budget. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services appreciates the anxiety a person goes to if this happens. We have a program that can help. We have a financial wellness program with certified counselors located nationwide. Any these professionals are close at hand for a plan member contact. The counselor will first look at an individual’s existing income expenses. This information is used to help develop a budget for the person. It is just the first step in bringing sanity back to credit cards. Continue reading

The Right Person Must Have the Authority



Having a medical power of attorney document makes sense. If a medical calamity happens and you are comatose, then someone can make the decisions you want pertaining to your care. However, this document is not something that ought to be composed on a website template. Whoever has the medical power of attorney needs to have certain qualities. A group legal plan which allows conferences with an attorney can make the medical powers of attorney document more competent.

What Is Needed

Selecting who will have medical powers of attorney is crucial. It can be a good friend or relative, but it takes more than that. The individual is going to be making some very firm decisions that affect your medical condition. Certain traits are necessary including:

  • Complete Understanding. Individual selected must know precisely what you want to have done in the event of a calamity. This may include end of life care and the person must know what type of treatment you want.
  • The Ability to be Objective. Major medical emergencies can be extremely emotional for everybody. There is a lot of anxiety and worry. Nevertheless, the one who has medical powers of attorney must be clearheaded. He or she must make sure your wishes are followed, regardless of any opinion about a given procedure.
  • Courage in the face of the crisis. The expertise of physician or professional healthcare provider can be intimidating. A person may give in and follow their directives, even if what the medical professional wants is contrary to your wishes. Whoever has the medical powers of attorney cannot be intimidated by what a physician recommends. This person must be willing to ask very pointed questions and any procedures followed must be in line with what you have specified. It must be made clear to any physician.

Continue reading

College Debt is Manageable


Spring break is in full force, and many college seniors are getting the resumes together for work in the real world. Generation Z, those who are just entering the job market fresh from college, are going to start becoming a part of the workforce in greater numbers. They’re facing major college debt hassles. It is not easy for them to do it alone.

College Debt Can Be Frightening

The challenge is that the amount can be comparable to the cost of a house. It is something these young people have little understanding about. Many know about the grace period, but that is about it. What they need is excellent advice that comes from a financial wellness program. Being able to talk to experts can make things easier. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers the kind of support these new employees need.

We have a nationwide network of certified counselors who could help a person deal with his or her college debt. Our professionals have the expertise necessary to show how a debt hassle is easily managed. Everything starts with a budget analysis that indicates where income and expenses are. On that information, the counselor then begins to help with the financial wellness plan member develop a means of resolving any difficulty. The Countrywide counselor will take a careful look at all the outstanding loans a plan member may have. This financial professional will then check to see with the payment options are. Depending on the loan source, there may be opportunities for easier payments. Continue reading

Organizations Cannot Ignore It


Consumer protection is not a matter for individuals only. Companies and other business establishments need to be concerned because bad service or inferior quality merchandise reflects poorly on their respective industries. Companies who are looking for group legal plan benefits want to have the best possible service. Allowing for consumer protection also can enhance the prestige of the employer.

Unethical practices are a danger in the marketplace. A consumer is at personal risk due to malfunctioning merchandise, or services that not completed correctly (For example, water pipes in the house that supposedly were fixed but breakdown a few weeks later). The offender ordinarily doesn’t worry about repercussions because of the paperwork involved in processing consumer protection complaint. This unscrupulous individual knows that many will not bother to go through the hassle of dealing with consumer protection agencies. It changes when an attorney gets involved. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services gives this kind of help. Continue reading

It Can Be Managed


It can feel like a tidal wave hitting every month when the bills come in. If a person tries to stay current and sometimes forgets to pay one of the bills, it can cause penalties and harm credit ratings. Not everybody has major problems, but some people do. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a Debt Management Plan to help those in chronic trouble.

It Starts with Information Gathering

Countrywide begins the Debt Management Plan with the budget analysis. We have a nationwide network of certified financial counselors who are ready to help. These people will sit down with a financial wellness plan member and go over the figures. They will see where the money is coming in, where is going out, and what reductions are necessary. They can suggest a way of moving the money from one obligation to another. The information also drives further efforts. Continue reading

It is More than Just a FAQ page


You read about it in every business periodical and here it on television and radio customer service is the most important quality any business can have today. Consumers are demanding, and they want the best possible attention. Smart vendors understand this, but it doesn’t mean customer service is world-class. Any group legal plan which pays little attention to its plan members will deliver poor quality.

Overreliance on Text

Vendors would like to provide as much pre-paid legal services to as many plan members as possible. Because of this, these companies will set up FAQ pages, or invite those with problems to type in a message in a small box on one of the site pages. It does not mean that the request or complaint disappears in the shuffle. It is, however, an inconvenience. Continue reading

The “Smart Move” Program Helps



People dream of having a house to call their very own. It is a place to settle down and raise children. Buying a home also is the largest transaction most people will make in their life. The average home costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and most people do not have that kind of money. They must get financing for the property, and it is not easy to do. Many, especially first-time buyers, have trouble when it comes to organizing the financing. If they have access to a financial wellness program, the process can become very easy.

Where Are the Sources?

A buyer knows how much to save and has a good idea of how much that dream home is going to cost. The challenge is to find the right financing with an attractive interest rate. Additionally, a person should decide which type of mortgage is best suited for the budget. House funding is an unfamiliar territory, and the wrong move can be very expensive. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services understands that buying a house can be an anxious proposition for anybody. We offer a financial wellness program that includes expert advice on how to purchase a home. Continue reading

Countrywide Does an Efficient Joblastwilltestament-300x200

Sensible people though how critical it is to have a will. It is the main way to prevent hassles in probate court and see to it beneficiaries receive their portion of the state. Many people want to use online will writing services, but that is not a good idea. It is better to use a group legal plan. The online sites appear convenient, but they come with some significant drawbacks. One is the template itself. It might not te right one for the state in which you reside. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will offer the kind of assistance needed to write a solid will.

There is a More to Writing a Simple Will

A simple will of just a few pages may not seem like a major project. That is not the case at all. There is language that has to be in a simple will to protect beneficiaries and to make certain that an individual’s wishes are carried out. The regulations covering wills are not cast in stone. Laws regarding probate may change, but there’s no guarantee the templates are going to be current. There is the risk of the drafted will be declared invalid. The pre-paid legal services offered by a group legal plan can help write an effective will. Continue reading