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stockfresh_6387113_gavel-and-stethoscope-on-table_sizeS-300x200Employees care about their loved ones. They want them to be happy and financially safe. People will have last wills prepared to assure their family benefits from the estate. There is another type of will that is essential for protecting survivors: the living will, and group legal plans offer this as a benefit option.


Calamity Strikes Hard


Accidents are often unexpected. Heart attack or industrial accident can do more than render a victim helpless. The incident might leave a person comatose. That victim cannot communicate with anyone. It often happens that he or she is placed on a life-support system and remains unresponsive. That is when the real tragedy is played out. Continue reading

stockfresh_1959659_explaining-mortgage-conditions_sizeS-300x200Group legal plans provide a needed service. There are legal issues that require a professional’s advice and experience. People appreciate having simple wills drafted and suggestions on how to deal with bureaucrats. However, there is more to providing high quality, pre-paid legal services.


All Forms of Communication


A group legal plan should do more than process papers. A willingness to go the extra mile needs to be part of the package. The attorneys must be empowered to offer more than essential services. The Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services group legal plan has communication built into it. Continue reading

stockfresh_7251761_consultant-showing-document-to-couple_sizeS-300x200Document review is an essential legal assignment. Companies ask law firms to review contracts and determine if a court case needs to be filed. The reviewed document can be hundreds of pages long.

Ordinary people do not require in-depth reviews. A maximum of six pages is usually sufficient. Some group legal plans have online services where members upload the paperwork for analysis. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does not do this. We feel there is more to providing high-quality service.

Do You Know That Person?

A group legal plan with online document review will have an attorney look at the papers. The attorney reviews the text and gives an analysis. A plan member has a professional look at the legal documents, but the attorney is a stranger. Other professionals perform future reviews and consequently, no relationship is created. Continue reading

stockfresh_3091602_good-service-makes-the-difference-chalk-illustration_sizeS-300x168Folks are upset with the government. Lockdowns and restrictions caused by coronavirus are frustrating, and many wonder if their tax dollars are being properly spent. Red tape and delays appear to be the new normal.

The government provides services that people need. Tutors, transport vans, healthcare aides, and other means of assistance are available and getting the right help might be a challenge. Public agencies are regulated by various rules that are confusing. Group legal plans should offer the means to help plan members deal with government agencies. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a benefit that can make accessing public services more manageable. Continue reading

o-POWER-OF-ATTORNEY-facebook-300x200It might sound like the title for a low-budget horror film, but the reality is much worse. A comatose person, referred to as a flat liner by the medical staff, can be in a vegetative state for months and possibly years. It creates hell on earth for the family.


Living but Not Really Alive


It can be the result of a severe accident or heart attack among other sources. An unresponsive individual in a coma can give doctors no instructions about what treatment is to be administered and whether the life support system should be turned off. Healthcare providers are not going to second-guess anyone; they will keep an individual alive unless notified otherwise. Continue reading

stockfresh_7251761_consultant-showing-document-to-couple_sizeS-300x200The year is coming to an end and many people have a few things left on the bucket list. Various legal documents might need signing. These include leases, service contracts, and miscellaneous agreements. Warranties might be part of the holiday shopping list. These legal papers may be a bit confusing and there can be traps hidden by legalese and jargon.


A Wall of Uncertainty


Legal documents are written in a specific way and use words that are rarely spoken daily. Some folks will get flustered trying to decipher the terms. They signed the document just to get that chore out of the way. This can be a terrible mistake. Continue reading

employee-benefits-300x207We are coming to the end of the year and organizations are thinking of any new benefits. Employees still recovering from COVID-19 quarantines will appreciate any extra help from their employers. Group legal plans might not appear to be useful, but we disagree. These benefits are an excellent form of assistance for hard-working employees.


A World Wrapped in Paper


We cannot escape the fact that paper dominates our world. Legal documents determine who gets government services and whose estate is protected. Medical procedures are intended to prolong life even if a person objects to the process. There are other pieces of legal parchment that will have a significant influence if they do not control our lives completely. Continue reading

stockfresh_1627257_estate-planning-word-cloud-concept_sizeS-300x300We are all going to die and that is a fact of life. A person may think that his or her estate is not significant enough to have a will, but no estate is so small that no one will argue or contest it. Estates bring out the worst in many families and dying without a will can create a feud that lasts for generations.


Your Wishes Should Be Respected


Simple wills are a pre-paid legal services benefit that many group legal plans promote. The document allows you to designate who receives what from your estate. That is especially important. You may have family members who are estranged from you and you do not want them to reap the benefit of your passing. Unfortunately, if you die without a will, the same relatives can contest any estate distribution and lay claim to part of it. Continue reading

auto-warranty-300x203Christmas is just around the corner. If you do not think so, all you have to do is look at the displays starting to pop up in the stores. Retailers get ready for the holiday early and some of them are already emphasizing great deals. It does not matter whether it is in a regular store on the Internet, bargains are cropping up, and warranties attached to many of them.


Warranties are an easy sale for many merchants. A consumer can defray some of the cost of repairing an appliance with the warranty. However, not all warranties are good, and not all warranties are honored. Group legal plans should have a service that allows people to deal with warranty issues. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services happens to offer that assistance. Continue reading

stockfresh_6387113_gavel-and-stethoscope-on-table_sizeS-300x200You can expect a medical crisis will come unannounced. It can take the form of a debilitating stroke or a serious automobile accident that leaves you unresponsive. The best thing to do is prepare for such an emergency ahead of time. It can save your family a lot of distress. Group legal plans will offer to draft a simple will and medical powers of attorney as a group legal plan benefit. It is something that a smart employer will consider offering employees.

Respecting Your Wishes Continue reading