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stockfresh_181218_last-will-and-testament_sizeS_72a2cb-300x225It may appear that the coronavirus pandemic has shut down everything, including the law courts. Indeed, the legal system is now moving a little bit slower, but it does not mean that a court holiday has been declared. There are still matters a person must attend to that requires dealing with legal issues.

Establishing the trust is something that many must consider during this time. Coronavirus is not the Black Blague, but it can strike, and there have been many fatalities. Group legal plans provide pre-paid legal services that help a person prepare for many legal problems. Employers should take a moment and consider introducing this type of benefit.

Creating trusts requires paperwork, and many ordinary employees have no idea what type of information is needed. Going online and using templates may not be a good idea; professional help is essential. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a group legal plan benefit plan that can assist in everyday legal situations. Continue reading

p126-1-jpg-300x214The quarantines imposed because of the pandemic create enormous stress in domestic affairs. People are living closer together, with little opportunity to socialize, and tempers flare. We must point out that coronavirus is not the primary cause of the divorce. However, a relationship that was already on the rocks before quarantines might now be damaged beyond repair. 


Divorce might be the only way to resolve matters, but coronavirus makes legal procedures challenging. Employers do not have to sit on the sidelines as their employees struggle with these issues. Offering the right employee benefits helps make an already tense situation easier to experience. Continue reading

stockfresh_3046191_no-to-fraud_sizeS-300x300Criminals think of the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity. These thieves and scammers are ready to play on the fears and anxieties of people stuck in their houses during the quarantine. They have become creative in how they use fraud and price gouging to take what little money a person has, and these felons could not care less about the damage they cause. Group legal plans must provide pre-paid legal services to prevent honest people from being deceived.


Some of the More Common Frauds


There are billions of dollars of stimulus money floating around and swindlers want a piece of the action. A common scam is to be contacted by a so-called authority who claims that he or she can get your stimulus money to you faster. It all requires a small fee on your part. The government does not charge any processing fee, but that does not deter some people. A professional thief has operated similar frauds in the past. Continue reading

stockfresh_2753643_medical-and-gavel_sizeS-300x300Coronavirus figures appear to ebb and flow like time. One day the new cases of infection are up and the next day they come down. We are still not out of danger, unfortunately, and people need to practice social distancing. The pandemic has made many people more aware of their mortality and the possibility of getting sick.


Young employees do not always worry because they are not the target population. Older employees are deeply concerned. Those who have diabetes, or a cardiovascular condition know they are susceptible to coronavirus. They need to prepare for any possibility. They could use some help and employers can provide valuable support. Group legal plans provide excellent assistance in these days of a pandemic. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a group legal plan benefit that includes help with a living will. Continue reading

stockfresh_2662466_last-will-and-testament-concept-of-estate-planning_sizeS_124228-300x196The daily figures about death caused by the coronavirus pandemic are forcing people to think about mortality. Estate planning is now becoming a topic for people who did not even think about last wills two months ago. Now there is a concern that if something drastic happens, loved ones will be left fighting in probate court for their inheritance. Delays brought about by not having a will can stop a child from paying college tuition or a spouse from paying a medical bill. These are problems that should be avoided.


Group legal plans promote drafting simple wills as a pre-paid legal service benefit that employees can use. Not all the vendors, however, provide high-quality. That is not the case with us. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides a comprehensive benefit that makes drafting a will easy and convenient. Continue reading

stockfresh_8628171_legal-advice-book-title-3d_sizeS-300x150The coronavirus pandemic has Americans in a state of quarantine and there is no telling when this will all end. However, the legal process continues and will not be interrupted. There are still activities that require attention, and these include the witnessing and notarizing of legal documents.


The importance of witnessing and notarizing cannot be understated. Many legal documents must have that process completed to be legally binding and that includes powers of attorney and mortgages. Fortunately, some states are allowing remote online notarization (RON) to permit notaries to acknowledge documents without in-person witnesses. Other states are looking seriously at RON to deal with the current lockdown. Continue reading

stockfresh_5169208_identity-theft-under-investigation-over-a-white-background_sizeS-300x217Hacking and cyber theft continue to be a problem, but business is fighting back. SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer) and other means of encryption are creating safer spaces for websites and browsers to interact. Technology is making everything harder for Internet thieves, but the fight is not over. There are still commercial sites vulnerable to cyber pirates.

Individuals can have their financial security compromised. It just takes a person looking over one’s shoulder at the POS counter, copying the credit card number, and thus jeopardizing a person’s account. The same happens at an ATM. That person behind you might be memorizing your security code or password. The consequences of theft are terrible. Savings can be wiped out or a credit card maxed out. A victim does not find out until weeks later what happened. Continue reading

stockfresh_3433722_man-and-woman-signing-contract-paper_sizeS-e1578694746271-300x183Paying a visit to a government agency is like taking a trip to the dentist for many people. There is paperwork to complete and the wait to see anyone is painfully long. Folks get frustrated by what they see as poor service.


Anxiety and stress can be thrown into the mix. An individual might need public services for either personal reasons or a family member, and they need it as soon as possible. Submitting incomplete information or the wrong data will mean scheduling the new appointment. It is enough to drive anyone’s blood pressure through the roof. Continue reading

stockfresh_6387113_gavel-and-stethoscope-on-table_sizeS-300x200A crisis needs a calm mind. Someone who does not panic in emotional situations will make the best decisions and solve any problems. A medical emergency is an example where a cool head must prevail.


An Unresponsive Victim


A traffic accident or a massive stroke can automatically change reality. The victim may be unresponsive and on life support systems. There are some significant decisions to be made on behalf of the victim. Continue reading

stockfresh_260360_read-the-fine-print_sizeS-200x300Newly minted college graduates are enthusiastic. They are now part of the real world and are drawing paychecks. Many have new jobs that they always dreamed about. They are feeling mature and responsible, but they are also learning a firm lesson about life. The real-world treats them like adults, whether they like it or not.

Reality Comes Wrapped in Paper

These young workers learn the hard way about the danger of fine print. They signed agreements and leases without understanding the content. An apartment lease might have invalid language or a warranty that specifies coverage for certain parts only. Other documents stipulate that disputes can be settled solely by arbitration, denying the person the right to file a lawsuit. Continue reading