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employee-benefits-300x207Employees are getting a little picky when it comes to employee benefits these days. They know that retention and productivity are essential for their employer’s success, and the right benefits plan will assure both. Workers don’t want window dressing; they want benefits that will help them. An inadequate benefits package will send good employees packing for a better job.

Assistance with common legal issues is a benefit many employees would like to have. Group legal plans must have certain features to pass the test with an organization’s staff. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a group legal plan benefit with features that make it very attractive. Continue reading

stockfresh_8439488_keyboard-with-blue-keypad-consumer-protection-3d-illustration_sizeS-300x200People who shop indoors can be a little bit skeptical about the product. They can examine it and discover whether there is a problem with what is on the shelf. In online shopping, a lot of buyer trust is placed only on looking at a picture of what is being offered. That is the type of trust that goes against the caveat emptor principle of the marketplace. We trust merchants who might not be selling a good product, and there is a severe chance of consumer fraud.

Being Careful

The Federal Trade Commission is aware of online fraud and urges those who shop online to proceed with caution. The Commission’s reminders are intended to prevent fraud from occurring in online transactions, and these recommend the following: Continue reading

stockfresh_862586_identity-theft-and-social-security-card_sizeS-300x200Cyber Security is a significant issue in America. We rely on using online shopping for buying opportunities and use financial platforms for banking and investment. We are told those websites are secure, but that is not always true. Cybercrime is a billion-dollar business.

It is Large and Small

Everyone has been horrified by the stories of Russian hacking and the assault on the Department of Homeland Security. In addition, ransomware struck the University of California, and there are other stories of cyberpiracy. But please don’t think that these thefts center on large organizations or only come from the Internet. The little guy is caught as well. Continue reading

stockfresh_138092_read-the-fine-print-magnifying-glass_sizeS-300x240We all have a terrible habit of going too fast. Moderns society conditions us to move quickly to get the job done or take advantage of an opportunity. That can seem efficient, but there are situations when immediate steps produce unexpected, negative consequences. Unfortunately, it happens too often with legal documents.

Renters will fall into a speed trap. The pandemic has required people to move to new apartments, and employees right out of college will relocate to that excellent career opportunity. Getting a place to live is essential, and the sooner, the better. Unfortunately, an individual will often sign a lease without bothering to read the papers. That is dangerous. Continue reading

banner-300x114Service is a vital part of the business world, and that includes employee benefits. More people are working remotely and can no longer go around the corner to the HR Department for information. Some companies prefer to use websites and chat rooms for employee benefits, but that is insufficient. Remote workers sometimes feel alienated and want a face-to-face meeting. Those personal conferences must be high-quality encounters in which employees can get substantive service. Unfortunately, some group legal plans are not keen on communication and provide only the bare minimum. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is not one of those. We think communication is an essential part of superior service, and we have it as a top priority. Continue reading

stockfresh_6387113_gavel-and-stethoscope-on-table_sizeS-300x200COVID-19 has put the fear of God in many employees, young professionals included. Mortality is no longer an avoided topic but is now on the bucket list. This means more than working on simples wills and estates. Living wills, documents that are concerned with medical treatments, are no longer being swept under the rug.

It sounds a bit morbid, but the increased awareness about hospital procedures is healthy. An individual has the right to specify the health care they will receive. Unfortunately, anyone in an extreme situation such as a coma cannot convey their wishes. COVID-19 has caused health care providers to adopt automatic actions that they will initiate unless the patient gives other instructions. Clarity is critical. Continue reading

stockfresh_8628298_sort-index-card-with-referrals-3d_sizeS-300x200We admit our group legal plans do not cover everything. Our nationwide network of attorneys will assist group legal plan members with everyday legal situations. They do an amazingly effective job, but the law has many niches.

A Specialist May be Necessary

There are many avenues in jurisprudence. Marine, Immigration, Real Estate, and Divorce are only a few areas of law that require specific knowledge. A legal problem could need a specialist to be resolved. It seems logical, but there are plan members who worry about referrals. Continue reading

stockfresh_1369833_legal_sizeS-300x199Anyone who pays taxes has a right to request those government services they are entitled to receive. These might not be significant issues like immigration visas or housing assistance, but perhaps transportation allowances or help with assisted care for elderly parents. Employees will now and then need the help of the government, especially local agencies. It is very frustrating when there are delays or misunderstandings, and these will happen, sometimes regularly.

 Doing the Right Thing

It has less to do with integrity than filing accurate information with the right agency. The government relies on data, much of it personal, to do its job. Mistakes are what cause the most delays. Incorrect data will put a person back to square one, and everything must be resubmitted. Continue reading

stockfresh_181218_last-will-and-testament_sizeS_72a2cb-300x225We want to think that family reunions are a time of love and sharing, a chance to recall fun days and sentimental times gone by. But unfortunately, it is a nice thought that does not always happen. Instead, family gatherings might be a scene of anger where accusations fly and hurt feelings are exposed. One reason for this hatred is a contested estate where there was no last will and testament.

People lead busy lives and will forget about some important matters. Drafting a will is one of those tasks that are exceptionally low on the bucket list. No one wants to think about death, and, sadly, some are not thinking about the consequences of dying intestate (without a will). Therefore, the probate court is left to decide how the estate is distributed, and that is a long process that allows survivors to argue over what each feel entitled to a portion of the estate assets. Continue reading

o-POWER-OF-ATTORNEY-facebook-300x200There are many actors on the legal stage, and each plays an important part. The main objective is often protecting someone else or seeing that a person’s wishes are respected and carried out. The executors of an estate come to mind immediately, and there is a designated person who will take on what is nearly the same type of responsibility. That individual is granted medical powers of attorney.

Expecting the Unexpected

Medical powers of attorney are part of a living will. It is a document that addresses a medical emergency that may come from out of nowhere and generate unanticipated consequences. An accident or a cardiac arrest may leave the victim unresponsive. It is critical to have someone designated to represent the victim, and that individual is authorized with the medical powers of attorney. Group legal plans will combine writing a living will and medical powers of attorney into one service. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers this kind of two for one benefit option. Continue reading