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stockfresh_8439488_keyboard-with-blue-keypad-consumer-protection-3d-illustration_sizeS-300x200Buying a warranty looks like a smart consumer decision. It means that if a problem arises, repair is covered by the retailer who sold the product. It is no secret that many retailers will strongly promote the purchase of one, but it does not mean the consumer is safe and secure. There can be issues in the warranty that will lead to a lot of frustration.

Areas of Concern

A standard warranty is going to have certain provisions that must be followed in order to get this contract honored. The warranty may specify that only certain repair shops will accept the warranty. There also might be a definite amount of time and after that the warranty is no longer in effect. Still other warranties insist that only certain parts are permissible, and the warranty owner may have to pay for the purchase of such parts. Continue reading

stockfresh_3558891_lawyer-and-client-in-office_sizeS_487dc8-300x200We want to begin this article by telling you that a living will is an excellent idea. Accidents can happen, which leave a person in an unconscious state, and nobody knows what this almost lifeless individual wants to be done regarding medical care. A living will, if adequately written, spells out exactly what type of treatment is desired and whether the person wants life support systems turned off. Group legal plans will have drafting a living will as a benefit option and will market the idea to people. Nevertheless, we encourage caution.


A living will is not a DIY project. Additionally, using website templates to craft a document is not really a good idea. There could be some problems when professionals do not draft living wills. Continue reading

stockfresh_5987416_customer-relationship_sizeS-300x200Automation and the Internet are meant to make things easier. Benefits enrollment will have dedicated websites and people can change their 401(k) donation mix online. Everything is intended to be more efficient, but it doesn’t always make things better. The human touch is a critical component of benefits quality. Group legal plans must remember that pre-paid legal services require personal interaction.


The Law is Mysterious


Legal procedures have distinct steps to follow. Language in documents like living wills has unique definitions and may not be altered. The legalese mystery can create considerable anxiety. Continue reading

stockfresh_3279849_costs-benefits_sizeS_e3a3fc-300x200The new year will be full of surprises and challenges. Some developments will be great and will make an employee proud to work for an organization. It’s unfortunate, but other changes will be unexpected and not appreciated.


Rules and Regulations


Changes at all levels of government happen in January. Rules and procedures are revised to meet requirements mandated by new laws. Altering the status quo causes anxiety and whoever relies on government services will suffer high-stress levels. Continue reading


People prepare for death in various ways. They will draft simple wills (good idea!), buy burial plots, and take out final expense insurance policies. These are all excellent financial choices and show a person wants to protect survivors from paying significant death expenses. They will concentrate on costs incurred by death itself, but there’s one thing missing in their planning: cost related to the act of dying.


Death will come in various forms, but it isn’t always immediate. Heart attacks, brain seizures, and sudden accidents can leave a body just clinging to life. Healthcare providers will maintain a victim on life support unless instructed otherwise. This creates a state of limbo that has severe financial consequences. Continue reading


Taxpayers get aggravated with government agencies. These citizens need help and getting support is rarely easy. Rules, procedures, and protocols often get in the way.


Sources of Frustration


Some common problems will drive people up the wall.


*The Paperwork. It often appears the smallest services require the most prolonged application. It takes a while to complete the paperwork, and there still might be problems. Folks sometimes must fill out a second application because there were errors in the first one.


*The Wrong Office. A person will take the time to go to a government office and discover it is the wrong place. This means an extra trip must be made and precious time will be spent.


*Long Lines. Public agencies are notorious for long waiting periods. It happens too often that an individual waits an hour for 10 minutes of assistance.


*The Wrong Information. It is the most frustrating part of dealing with the government. After going to the office, waiting to get served finally, and filling out tedious paperwork, a citizen finds out he or she has the wrong information.


There needs to be a way to cut through the red tape and delays. Not all group legal plans will provide help in dealing with government agencies. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has such assistance as a group legal plan benefit. Continue reading


Legal documents can be stressful. The average employee does not understand the verbiage and is easily frustrated. The greatest danger is to sign a document without understanding the obligations or consequences buried within the paperwork.

Common Problems

Some issues make legal documents a pain in the neck.

*Outdated or Invalid Forms. Landlords who own properties in several states may use an out of state lease, which is invalid. These documents might not include current information required by recent changes in the law. The tenant is thus being held accountable for a paper that has no legal standing. Continue reading


People like to set goals for the coming year. It is an opportunity to do things that will lead to a better quality of life. A project that should be on the 2020 bucket list is having a simple will drafted.


It is a task many will put on the back burner, and that is not a good idea. Death comes knocking when you least expect it. An accident or a heart attack can snatch a person and leave behind family and the estate open to dispute.


A Simple Will Prevents Domestic Trouble


It is sad to say but an estate can bring out the worst in people. Petty disputes can lead to feuds, which will last for years. Matters will only get worse because the probate court will be directly involved when there is no will. Continue reading


A fantastic corporate New Year’s resolution is a new employee benefit everyone can use. It lets the rank and file know that management appreciates their efforts and is concerned about their well-being. Group Legal Plans are an excellent and very useful service that an organization can offer. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a Group Legal Plan that our clients like.


The Services Have High Quality


The courtroom dramas are the stuff of television. Most people will never have a day in court, but they still need a lawyer’s services for various reasons. Countrywide has provided pre-paid legal services since 1987. Our benefit options reflect the kind of legal help commonly used.


A simple will is a necessary component of sound financial planning. Countrywide attorneys will prepare this document for any Plan member, pointing out the critical clauses and answering all questions. Continue reading


A warranty is essentially a contract between a consumer and a company. A person buys a warranty with the assumption repair services will be provided if the covered product no longer works. It seems pretty cut and dry, but warranties are not always so straightforward. The devil is in the details.


What Do You Know about Warranties?


Salespeople will apply some pressure to convince a consumer to purchase a warranty. An individual might buy the contract without considering some important questions.


*Do You Know What Is Covered? The warranty will specifically note what is covered. Don’t be surprised if inevitable accidents are not included in the coverage. Parts or labor might only be partially covered or not at all. Continue reading