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immigration-booklet-630x286-570x300-300x157Moving to a new country to work is a daunting task, especially when you need to learn how to navigate the systems and processes in that country. One of the biggest challenges for foreign employees is dealing with government agencies. From understanding immigration laws to filing taxes, many hurdles exist. Those hard-working people can use some help, and they are faced with significant obstacles.

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Group legal plans will help members with routine legal challenges. They do an excellent job of resolving such issues, but there is a limit to what an ordinary attorney can do.


The law is a service that has many facets and specialties. People sometimes need help in areas that go above and beyond writing simple wills. Immigration law is something that many employees need specialized support in, and the same is true regarding adoption law. It requires asking uniquely trained lawyers to provide help, and a referral to those legal professionals is necessary. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides high-quality advice, but we will not hesitate to refer a Group Legal Plan member to other attorneys if that will help. Continue reading


Employees have a right to government services. Their tax dollars support public agencies but getting the benefits they need might be frustrating.

Property tax assessments can be appealed but there are forms to be completed and accurate evidence must be submitted. Deadlines are very strict, and appeals are rejected for being too late.

Getting government services is not easy for foreign-born employees. They are new immigrants or here on work visas. The American legal system is a mystery and they are not sure of what to do. It can result in disabled children not getting the help they need in school, or elderly parents not getting the additional attention they need. Group legal plans must guide their plan members through the bureaucracy jungle and cut red tape. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will do both. Continue reading

Foreign Workers Are Grateful for the Helpimmigration-doors-300x288


The United States has always been a favorite place for hard-working foreigners. These people come to this country with work visas and perhaps the hope of someday becoming citizens. The opportunity and the wages are both major incentives to come here. A problem surfaces in dealing with the government. People sometimes have difficulty, and pre-paid legal services can help remove obstacles.

Many are fluent in English but only when it comes to speaking it. Our language is complicated and legal/administrative jargon is even more difficult. A foreign worker can have trouble understanding what various application forms want. Also, the deadlines may be something entirely different.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has an option which offers help dealing with public agencies. Our nationwide network of attorneys is part of the group legal plan, and they can offer needed assistance quickly. The Countrywide professional will also examine what information is being asked by the agency. If the plan member does not have what is needed, the attorney will tell what is required. Countrywide will make sure that any submission to a public agency is in proper order without anything left out. Continue reading

Needed Government Help Can Be Accessedimmigration-doors-300x288

Many foreigners are in this country legally despite whatever the blogs say. They are here on work visas or other forms of legal entry to the country. These people are living in a foreign land now dealing with a different culture and most importantly, a different set of rules. They will need help from time to time with public agencies and a group legal plan will help.

The support might not always be related to immigration issues. Special-needs children may need certain types of education, there may be a need for aid in housing, and other assistance may also be required for the family. An immigrant does not always know what to do. Many times, public agencies have very strict deadlines that must be bad. Excellent pre-paid legal services allow for help with government bodies Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers such assistance. Continue reading

A chalk board with the words problems and solutions

A chalk board with the words problems and solutions

The Internet is remarkable, but even cyberspace has limitations. There are times when people want to talk and interact with a human being. It applies in particular if there are legal issues. Unfortunately, not all group legal plan services do that. Instead, they rely on a website with a question and answer page. Continue reading

It is more than not speaking English

Photograph of a U.S. Department of Homeland Security logo.

Television and newspapers are full of stories about the number of foreigners coming into the United States. We need to remember that many of these people are here legally and are law abiding residents of this country. They face incredible obstacles and trying to become part of the American community and it is more than just a language barrier. Many times the services of a group legal plan are desperately needed.




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Studio Portrait Of Stressed Teenage GirlAmerica has always been thought of as a land of opportunity. This is why so many people legally come into this country from foreign shores to start a new life. Some of them come with very strong technical skills but are at a disadvantage. They face three sizable problems from the moment they step out of the airplane at Kennedy International Airport or O’Hare in Chicago. These are challenges which can be resolved if they have access to group legal plan services.


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Attorneys Can Help Interpret DocumentsPhotograph of a U.S. Department of Homeland Security logo.

Companies and other organizations will hire foreign-born employees for their expertise. These people come from different cultures and legal systems. The United States can be more than mystifying for them. There’s a very definite language barrier that is present and a group legal plan can provide services to help with interpretation.


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New developments are causing Confusion

This has become a major social topic. Immigration is now on the minds of people, whether at work or in their home. The recent developments are important to many people, because they have family members who are affected by the changes in immigration. It is exciting and very scary at the same time. There is a legal process that has to be observed and there is growing confusion on what to do. Companies who stay on top of social trends and how they affect the workforce offer group legal plan benefits.

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