3 Major Problems Faced by Immigrants

Studio Portrait Of Stressed Teenage GirlAmerica has always been thought of as a land of opportunity. This is why so many people legally come into this country from foreign shores to start a new life. Some of them come with very strong technical skills but are at a disadvantage. They face three sizable problems from the moment they step out of the airplane at Kennedy International Airport or O’Hare in Chicago. These are challenges which can be resolved if they have access to group legal plan services.


  1. Difficulty In Reading English

The new arrivals may be able to speak English but they have problems with the written format. It should come as no surprise since languages like Korean and Russian have different alphabets. Legal contracts and agreements are consequently difficult for them. They do not quickly understand the terminology.

  1. They Are Not Able to Get Needed Services

Government services such as help with housing or getting assistance for a child requires dealing with a public agency. Public administration, whether it is state or local, can be bewildering. Immigrants do not always know where to go or how to provide required information. This places them in a limbo where needed services cannot be accessed.

  1. They Are at the Mercy of Others

Not every landlord is ethical and some will ignore their obligations, even though the lease agreement specifies them. The same is true for warranties. Merchants may assume that a foreigner does not understand consumer protection law. Consequently, these dishonest retailers take advantage of the situation.


Adapting to a new environment is always a challenge, but for a foreign-born person getting use to the United States can be a nightmare. An employer who has a group legal plan provides the kind of group legal services which their immigrant employees need. The legal services help prevent a newcomer from being exploited. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers group legal services benefit plans that provide real assistance.

A Comprehensive Plan

Our more than 27 years of designing group legal plan benefits for all types of organizations makes us aware of how important the full package is to people. If any plan member has trouble with the language of a legal document, one of our attorneys can help decipher the text. Their knowledge of government agencies allow these legal professionals to provide the kind of guidance needed to get services. Consumer fraud can harm any member of a group legal plan, but a foreigner is particularly vulnerable. A Countrywide attorney can make telephone calls or send legal correspondence on behalf of a plan member. Such communication by itself usually resolves the problem, since few landlords or retailers want to deal with a lawyer.

The group legal services we provide take in consideration the human being. The Countrywide network of attorneys treat everyone with a high level of courtesy and respect. Every person is made to feel welcome.

We Design Plans to Fit the Need

Countrywide offers a number of benefit plan options. Some organizations need certain group legal services because of the number of foreign-born employees they have. We are flexible enough to design a plan that precisely fits the needs. Those options which an employer believes are important will be in the final document. We have administration that is very simple and provides quick response to a plan member’s needs. This by itself reduce the anxiety of anyone who is still struggling with English.

Immigrants need high-quality legal services. Such a benefit permits them to better adjust to the new country and the new home. Countrywide helps organizations better accommodate all of their employees, providing a help that produces results. We encourage decision-makers and human resources directors to take a look at what we have to offer. There are number of benefits which can be extremely useful for any foreign-born employee.