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Any group legal plan administrator will agree drafting wills is the benefit option most commonly used. Many people understand the importance of this legal document, but a few still need a little persuading. Should you be one of those sitting on the fence . There are some excellent reasons why having a will written is a very smart move.


  1. You Get to Decide. You may specify in your will, which members of your family get a portion of your estate. You also get to decide who is disinherited. Such people are not only children you are dissatisfied with, but also a former spouse who otherwise might have a claim.
  2. Probate Is Less Painful. All estates have to go through probate. And if you have a group legal services benefit the attorney will advise you that the process is much easier if there is a will. This document specifies the executor, who is empowered to move with greater speed than anyone appointed by the court. You get to choose who the executor will be.
  3. It Stops the Legal Madness from Happening. A group legal plan offers a will drafting option to allow a person, the ability to prevent legal problems after he or she has died. Any state that does not have a will can be contested by those who claim to have a right to a share. This can cause judicial combat, which can drag out for years.
  4. A Will Can Be Revised. This is a document that is not cast in stone. When there are changes in your life, such as a birth or death of someone else, you can amend the document. Most group legal services plans will permit for that without any problem. This helps prevent a situation where a beneficiary dies before you do but is still in the will. The portion going to that person would then have to go through his or her estate first. You can make an amendment to fix that and a good group legal plan will send you reminders.
  5. No One Can Predict the Future. It is a grim piece of news, but the Grim Reaper can always show up unexpectedly. The will drafting option of any group legal services benefit can help you prepare your estate for that possibility. Few people want to think about dying, but fewer still want to ponder the consequences of no will at all. It is why so many choose to exercise this group legal plan option if it is available.

Countrywide Helps Draft Wills

this is pretty much a standard part of any group legal plan. We have designed. Countrywide pre-paid legal services has assisted plan members in drafting wills since 1987, and we do a little bit extra. One of the group legal services is to remind folks on annual basis of the need to update the will. A plan member can contact a countrywide attorney and can call as many times as needed about amending the will. Countrywide attorneys will also allow for face-to-face consultations. These legal experts are willing to do whatever is necessary to help a person prepare this important legal document. No one has to worry about. Like the administrative procedures. The countrywide group legal plan is noted for efficient and quick service. We make it as easy as possible to have a will drafted and filed with the right public agency.

Death comes to us all and no one wants survivors to suffer. Countrywide group legal services allow a person to prepare for the final day and see to it that beneficiaries receive what they are due. Drafting a Will is one of the most popular legal benefits. An employer can offer its employees. Please feel free to contact us about what we can do for your hard-working staff.