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95322156-attorney-clients-shacking-hands-deal-contract-negotiations-300x200Legal issues are a part of everyday reality. When an employee is facing a legal problem, it can be stressful and burdensome for both the worker and the company. In response to these difficulties, organizations can provide legal referral services to employees, which can go a long way in reducing distress, minimizing absenteeism, and improving productivity. Here are four reasons why an employer should consider incorporating pre-paid legal services or group legal plans into your organization’s benefits package. Continue reading

legal-forms-300x152Legal issues can arise at any time, and employees need to have access to legal services. Pre-paid legal services are becoming increasingly popular among employees and for good reasons. They are the type of assistance that makes life more straightforward and less stressful. There are some critical reasons why employees are attracted to these benefits.

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The hidden cost of identity theftIdentity theft is a growing problem in our modern world. As businesses transition to digital platforms, data breaches and cyberattacks continue to rise. Cybercrime cost the United States $6.9 billion in 2021. For businesses, identity theft can be an expensive problem to deal with. For employees, it can have life-altering consequences. There are hidden costs of identity theft, and these expenses are why identity theft protection plans are essential employee benefits.

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stockfresh_4689066_the-perfect-group-of-business-people_sizeM-300x221As an employee benefits broker, providing your clients with the best possible benefits is essential to building stronger relationships with them. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which employee benefit programs will be most appealing to clients. One area that you may not have considered is the addition of pre-paid legal services to your clients’ benefits packages. By doing so, you can offer your clients and their employees a wide range of legal services at an affordable cost. Here are some advantages of recommending pre-paid legal services as an employee benefit.

  • Saves Employees Money

One of the most significant benefits of having pre-paid legal services in an employee package is the substantial savings that it offers to employees. Without such a program, employees would most likely have to pay high hourly rates for legal services or fail to have legal representation altogether. They can avoid those high legal fees with a pre-paid legal services benefit.

stockfresh_3962479_identity-theft-revealed-in-computer-code-through-a-magnifying-gl_sizeS-273x300Identity theft has become a major concern for individuals and businesses alike. According to a recent report by the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft was the second most reported complaint in 2019. The American Association of Retired People estimates that  42 million Americans were identity theft victims in 2021. In today’s digital age, sensitive information is more vulnerable than ever, and as HR professionals, it is important to consider implementing employee benefits that address this growing issue. One such benefit is identity theft protection, and there are reasons why it is so essential.

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Boosting Employee Productivity

In today’s competitive business environment, maximizing employee productivity is crucial for the success of any organization. As a human resources professional, you understand that employee benefits are an essential part of motivating and engaging your workforce. Recent research conducted by The Bersin Group has revealed that companies with comprehensive service benefits experience a significant boost in productivity.  In fact, these organizations witness a remarkable 14% increase in productivity compared to their counterparts. Additionally, the study also found productivity is accompanied by a notable 43% improvement in quality.

While standard benefits such as group health insurance are essential, a comprehensive employee benefits package can offer even more value. One such valuable benefit that can significantly impact employee productivity is pre-paid legal services. In this blog post, we’ll explore five hidden benefits of pre-paid legal services and group legal plans that can help increase productivity in the workplace.

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stockfresh_2261463_business-people-team_sizeS_5562cb-300x137As an employee benefits broker, it is essential to continuously seek innovative ways to distinguish your services and attract new clients. One powerful approach to achieving this differentiation is by offering pre-paid legal services as an exceptional employee benefit, which can contribute to creating a comprehensive and highly appealing benefits program for your clients.

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A fantastic corporate New Year’s resolution is a new employee benefit everyone can use. It lets the rank and file know that management appreciates their efforts and is concerned about their well-being. Group Legal Plans are an excellent and very useful service that an organization can offer. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a Group Legal Plan that our clients like.


The Services Have High Quality


The courtroom dramas are the stuff of television. Most people will never have a day in court, but they still need a lawyer’s services for various reasons. Countrywide has provided pre-paid legal services since 1987. Our benefit options reflect the kind of legal help commonly used.


A simple will is a necessary component of sound financial planning. Countrywide attorneys will prepare this document for any Plan member, pointing out the critical clauses and answering all questions. Continue reading


You face a risk every time you turn on your computer. Hackers are waiting for their next victim, and it could be you. It is unfortunate to learn that you may not be as safe as you think.

The Weapons Hackers Use

It takes time to break into a person’s private information. The most common shares are:

  • Malware
  • Spyware
  • Phishing

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Bankruptcy can threaten anyone. It doesn’t matter if the person is a secretary or an executive; this disaster can strike and harm a person’s financial wellness. There is no question, but that declaring bankruptcy is a very personal and highly embarrassing situation.

Debt does not always come from using a credit card during the holidays. Many new employees are saddled with substantial college loan debt, and this must be repaid on a strict schedule. Medical emergencies can cost thousands of dollars and place significant stress on anyone’s budget. These are in addition to late penalties and charges that the credit card company will assess. Continue reading