Protection from Third Party Warranty Scams

Consumers look for ways to keep repair costs down, and it is why they buy warranties. Some forget to purchase

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one from the manufacturer and these people can fall victim to third-party warranty companies. Such business establishments have no direct connection to the product covered, and will use high-pressure sales tactics to convince a person to purchase a warranty. It happens too often the third-party does not honor the warranty and relies on consumer ignorance to get away with it. Those who have a group legal plan benefit have a means of protecting themselves.


Basic Protection from Third-Party Scams

The third-party often uses telemarketers to pitch auto warranties. They will try to get you to agree to warranty over the phone. You should never do that but insist on having a copy sent to you. If you have group legal services, you can contact an attorney who will then interpret the warranty contract for you. The third-party company may use a limited time special as a means of pressuring you, but the attorney can see through that. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has designed group legal services benefits for more than 27 years and we are familiar with third-party warranty scams. Our attorneys can help you avoid a disaster.

Helping a Person Who Gets Burned

A consumer sometimes falls for the sales pitch and purchases a useless warranty. The Countrywide lawyer is very familiar with consumer protection law and provides needed assistance. It is no problem for the attorney to call the third-party company or send correspondence on legal stationery. The communication is not a threat, but a warning of action to be taken against that business, including anything covered by consumer protection law. It ordinarily is enough for the third-party to reimburse the group legal plan member for the cost. This solution happens because an attorney is involved.

The Countrywide group legal services are intentionally comprehensive because legal problems are not always cut and dried. Our group legal plan benefits include unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney on a given situation. If the plan member feels more comfortable speaking face-to-face with legal counsel, that also is a possibility. If it appears that a government agency has to be called in on the situation, the lawyer will guide a plan member through the process. Hopefully, the problem not go to small claims court, but if it does, the Countrywide attorney will advise on how to best present the case. This is the kind of overall service that employees definitely appreciate.

What an Employer Would Appreciate

Organizations do want to provide employees with good benefits, but only those which can actually be used. Countrywide understands the importance of only having options that have value. It is why we allow clients to design the group legal services benefit they want for their workforce. We provide a large number of options and assist in the design. One thing that is always a part of a Countrywide group legal plan is efficient administration. There are no tedious forms to be completed and services are provided as quickly as practicable. Employers can be assured that no matter who the plan member is high quality service is provided. The intent is to solve a problem before it gets worse. Countrywide can be relied upon to help resolve the matter.

An organization may have a number of questions about the Countrywide benefit options. We appreciate the opportunity to explain in detail everything we have to offer an organization. Countrywide encourages contact from prospective clients who want to have the benefits fully explained to them. We welcome the opportunity to provide information, please feel free to contact us today!

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