Helping Immigrant Employees

Needed Government Help Can Be Accessedimmigration-doors-300x288

Many foreigners are in this country legally despite whatever the blogs say. They are here on work visas or other forms of legal entry to the country. These people are living in a foreign land now dealing with a different culture and most importantly, a different set of rules. They will need help from time to time with public agencies and a group legal plan will help.

The support might not always be related to immigration issues. Special-needs children may need certain types of education, there may be a need for aid in housing, and other assistance may also be required for the family. An immigrant does not always know what to do. Many times, public agencies have very strict deadlines that must be bad. Excellent pre-paid legal services allow for help with government bodies Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers such assistance.

Breaking the Language Barrier

The Countrywide network of attorneys deals with public agencies all the time. Federal, state and local government are not strange places for these legal professionals. They can help a foreign employee get to the right office and speak to the proper people. That assistance is a benefit all by itself, but there is more. Countrywide offers comprehensive pre-paid legal services which make dealing with public agencies even easier for the foreign-born.

English is not an easy language to read, and the language found in an application form can be bewildering. Countrywide lawyers can explain what is required in some of the most complicated parts of an application. The attorney can also point out deadlines and where the paperwork needs to go. A plan member may have questions which need more than a simple answer. The communication between Countrywide and the plan member is encouraged and can be ongoing. A Countrywide attorney is available for a face-to-face consultation, and plan members can make as many telephone calls as necessary on a given topic. The pre-paid legal services include other means of communication. A Countrywide attorney can make phone calls on behalf of the group legal plan member, as well as write letters on that person’s behalf. All of this breaks down barriers to getting public service. An immigrant does not have to go without.

Employers Have a Voice

Organizations who employ foreign-born workers are doing so because of the unique expertise such people possess. It is in the best interests of the company to provide highly practical benefits; those that make a difference in a person’s life. Countrywide has designed group legal plan services since 1987 for all types of organizations. We know that employers differ in the composition of their staffs. We want the client organization to have a say in what is in the plan document. Consequently, we permit choice.

The client can look at all our benefit options and decide. A decision-maker will determine what benefits need to be in the group legal plan. Items such as writing a simple will, help to prepare a small claims court case, and drafting medical powers of attorney are options from which to choose. Countrywide backs up these benefits with secondary services that make the entire benefit plan more useful. The final document is something that will help both foreign born and native employees alike. Both groups will receive the same level of courtesy and respect that is typical of a Countrywide plan.

People come to America for a better life. Roadblocks to public service often make the transition to a new society difficult. Countrywide knows that employers want to be helpful, and our benefits assist employees in dealing with everyday problems. Each benefit option has its unique quality, and we would appreciate being able to explain. Please feel free to contact us and find out more about how Countrywide can help your em