Financial Wellness Tools

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Getting into financial trouble is easier than you think. Medical insurance deductibles are often as much as $5,000, and student loan debt can take a bite out of a paycheck. It often happens people are simply overwhelmed by the number of credit card bills coming into the house. Anyone can be bewildered by the extensive paperwork which demands payment. It helps to have some way to figure out what you have and what you owe. Financial wellness programs need to have the right tools to sort out personal finances better.

Looking at the Current Picture

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers the kind of help a person requires to become financially stable. We begin with a set of tools that proved to be effective in determining financial status. Any of the benefits within our group plan start with budget counseling. Our network of certified counselors will look at the income and expenses a person ordinarily has. This data permits the counselor to provide expert advice on how to budget properly, and put debt under better control.

Knowing about existing assets can help a person protect financial wellness. Countrywide provides asset inventory management to allow a person to view the bigger picture. The asset inventory is more than just the bank account and perhaps the house mortgage. Investments and insurance are also itemized. The amount of anxiety a person feels reduced drastically as he or she discovers what assets are currently there. This inventory also permits the counselor to advise better on how to protect such holdings.

There are Several Alternatives to Debt Repayment

Crisis can develop as a person gets confused about credit card payments or other obligations. There can be auto loans, medical bills, student loans, and other monthly payments. There must be some sense made of everything to build a solid road back to financial security. The Countrywide debt management plan is a comprehensive means of bringing sanity back to the pocketbook. This does cost a little bit extra, but the service is critical. The Countrywide counselor can help a financial wellness plan member avoid bankruptcy by pointing out the possibility of consolidation loans, or assistance from various places. Once the information is something the average person doesn’t know about. It is the responsibility of our professionals to know about the options, and recommend the very best ones to a client.

The above are the essential tools that Countrywide has to help determine the financial wellness of a plan member. We have a variety of options that can provide superior support. These include help with student debt, credit card payments, and information about how to best finance a house or budget for medical bills. These options are shown to any prospective client for perusal.


Clients are Part of the Process

The client gets to choose. Countrywide has no idea about the demographics of a given organization. We believe that decision-makers know best what their staff needs. Accordingly, we allow a client to choose what benefits we part of the financial wellness plan. It guarantees that the kind of assistance employees truly need will be there. Furthermore, it assures that no one is paying for help that is not required. Our benefits plan is one that is put into full use. The client can also expect that employees will get the type of customer service deserved. It means courtesy, respect, and no sermons. The Countrywide counselor is looking for solutions to problems. There is no lecture on fiscal responsibility.

Gather information is the first step on the road to fiscal sanity. The financial wellness tools of Countrywide can uncover solutions to what were once impossible problems. A prospective client can be assured that the very best service is going to be offered to any plan member. We welcome any opportunity to explain further how we can best serve employees. Decision-makers are urged get in touch with us at their earliest convenience.