What is a Debt Management Plan?

It is a Solution to a Pressing Problemsad-dollar-300x129

Personal finances can be very complicated. The individual may have an auto loan, mortgage, credit card debt, and a student loan on top of everything. Challenges arise because of a multitude of obligations. A person may forget a credit card payment because he or she needs to pay so many.

It is All in the Cards

Having to pay five or six credit cards may result in a fee being attached to a late payment. This just adds to the debt mountain. People can become overwhelmed and their financial wellness may be in jeopardy. Massive debt does more than just ramp up stress levels. It can make a person feel ashamed. He or she may have been raised to be very responsible, and tries to be that way. It is the size of the debt obligations which can be overwhelming. Bankruptcy can appear to be the only option for an overwhelmed person. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help these people get out of the mess. We have a debt management plan.

Our Debt Management Plan

It is part of a comprehensive financial wellness program. The Debt Management Plan costs a little bit more, but it is precisely what some people need to help them out of a fix. We have certified counselors nationwide who can provide solid advice.

Our services all begin with a budget analysis. The Countrywide counselor will look at income and expenses to see if there are any changes which can be made. None of these counseling sessions are meant to be shaming episodes. The Countrywide counselor treats every plan member with courtesy and understanding. Based on the budget analysis, our counselors go into thick of things. This professional may recommend a debt consolidation, or efforts to renegotiate the terms of the loan. The financial wellness plan member can be confident in the advice being given Our people have been through this before and know how to deal with lending institutions. Conferences with the counselor unveil solutions that once appeared to be insurmountable problems. The challenges are no longer as frightening as they once appeared, and bankruptcy is no longer the final settlement. There are other ways in our counselors help plan members

Our Program is Comprehensive

People have unique financial requirements. Some people need assistance with college loan debt, others are concerned about the credit cards, and some just want more information about how to finance a house. Countrywide offers a comprehensive program that includes a number of options. We have been working with organizations since 1987 to provide high-quality employee benefits. We know the importance of choice. Decision-makers can select what options will be in the financial wellness program. They have a better understanding of the demographics of their workforce and what would be needed by employees. Countrywide will include the selected benefits and provide high-quality administration. We are committed to seeing to it that service is promptly delivered.

A real benefit of a debt management plan is when it is shown to a creditor, we can convince that institution to be more willing to renegotiate terms. The plan guidelines create a path which will lead to greater financial wellness. The reduced anxiety is a serious advantage for any employer. Subordinates are better able to concentrate on goals and objectives. Less stress means greater productivity from employees, and that is so important in the modern economy. Countrywide wants its clients to be as productive as possible and understands how essential real benefits are in meeting that objective. All the possibilities of our financial wellness program can help employees. We would welcome any opportunity to tell more about each. Decision-makers are encouraged to get in touch with us to