The Agonies of Life Support

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Death does not always come quickly. It is true some people will perish instantly in an accident but many others will not. They may be placed on life-support, even though the chances of being revived are almost nil, it does more than create an unrealistic hope for the survivors. Life-support systems also prolong the agony. The victim is in a state of suspended animation and is artificially kept alive. The services of a group legal plan can bring a merciful end to this dilemma.

The sorrow of loved ones is prolonged as they look at a body which is not moving. There is worse that can happen. Life-support system keeps individual alive, and this means the estate cannot be settled. Money that is needed for college tuition, or even to pay the bills incurred by the hospital stay, is delayed indefinitely. Situations, where there is no chance of recovery, can be resolved by medical powers of attorney. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers such assistance.

Working with an Attorney

A plan member can sit down with a Countrywide lawyer to go over the paperwork. We have a nationwide network of legal professionals, and there is one in the community. The face-to-face consultation is not difficult at all to arrange. It can be a tough meeting for some people. Medical powers of attorney suggest that something terrible might happen. Nevertheless, this is crucial.

It is a legal document which designates who can make decisions on behalf of an individual who is comatose. Medical powers of attorney mean that someone is there to make the decisions needed. Healthcare facilities appreciate this. They have the responsibility of keeping a patient alive, regardless of the individual’s condition, unless they receive other instructions from an authorized person. The designated decision-maker can make the choice of turning off life support. It will benefit the family because it allows these people to move on and to deal with matters of the estate Incidentally, medical powers of attorney are not cast in stone. Circumstances may change over time, and the authorized individual may need to be modified. It can be done quickly.

Countrywide Works with the Client

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers this kind of benefit as one of several group legal plan benefits. Management knows its people. The best employee benefits are designed with decision-makers having input. Countrywide has followed this practice since 1987. We work with all types of organizations, and we respect the opinion of the managers. A client gets to decide what benefits will be in the Countrywide group legal plan. Those will be in the final plan document.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services commits to providing superior service. One of our pre-paid legal services is the ability to call the attorney as many times as necessary in each situation. If there should be a question about the papers, a group legal plan member can discuss it over the phone. Countrywide expects all attorneys to treat the employees of a client with courtesy and respect. Our administration is intentionally streamlined so that needed help is available almost immediately. We do our very best in the interests of our clients and their employees. This commitment is one of the reasons why we are considered among the best in the industry.

Medical powers of attorney protect family and loved ones. It shelters them from the anguish of watching a close relative die. Health facility appreciates this documentation because it allows them to follow instructions from a designated person. Countrywide seeks to furnish real benefits to solving real problems and provide the right kind of assistance. We have other options that can help employees. We welcome the opportunity to explain them in detail, and we asked decision-makers to contact us