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Debt Can Be Successfully Managedempty-wallet-300x200

Financial debt puts a heavy cross on a person’s shoulders. The mental and emotional distress of massive bills will occupy a person’s mind during the working hours. This could be a problem for management. Deadlines are tight, and people need to focus on the important issues. Decision-makers know that they need to remove any obstacles in the way of productivity.  A financial wellness program will provide great assistance. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is here to help management.

Countrywide operates a nationwide network of certified counselors who deal with personal budget problems. These people will work with a financial wellness plan member to straighten up a mess. Budget analysis is the first thing that is conducted; then the counselor works with the plan member to develop a sound strategy of financial responsibility. Continue reading

Professional Counselors Know Credit Card Debtroad-to-recovery-300x300

The Christmas holiday is over and people have packed up the holiday decorations and thrown out the boxes. It is time to get on with the new year but Santa Claus left something behind. Many people use credit cards to purchase presents and for most people it is not a problem. Unfortunately, for others it can be devastating. The Christmas bills and debt balance may have gotten out of control. The financial wellness of some people is in trouble.

Being Generous Has Consequences

It is easy to get wrapped up in the spirit of giving. No one wants to look like Scrooge, and the plastic comes out quickly. Stores encourage this with special deals but the problem comes a few weeks later. Christmas is not cheap, and missing a credit card payment adds a penalty to the figures. The shock of Christmas can add to a person’s stress. There are ways to get out of credit card problems with the right advice. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services seeks to help people achieve better financial wellness balance. Continue reading

There is More to Service Than a Web Page2-phones-and-a-guy-300x199

A goal of employee benefits is to solve problems. Challenges and issues are arising in a person’s life, and the right benefits will provide answers and solutions. A group legal plan is committed to helping solve legal conundrums. It takes more than just a website, however. Legal issues can stress anybody. There are contracts, simple wills, and problems with government agencies which can give people severe headaches. Pre-paid legal services must do more than providing an FAQ page or an answer box. Communication is critical, and it should be in more than one medium. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has thirty years of experience in designing and administering legal plans. We know the importance of good communications when it comes to benefits.

Legal issues are very personal and developing rapport between attorney and plan member is essential. Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys who are chosen for personal skills as well as professional expertise. The ability to interact with plan members is We provide the means with which they can establish communication with individuals. Continue reading

It is a Solution to a Pressing Problemsad-dollar-300x129

Personal finances can be very complicated. The individual may have an auto loan, mortgage, credit card debt, and a student loan on top of everything. Challenges arise because of a multitude of obligations. A person may forget a credit card payment because he or she needs to pay so many.

It is All in the Cards

Having to pay five or six credit cards may result in a fee being attached to a late payment. This just adds to the debt mountain. People can become overwhelmed and their financial wellness may be in jeopardy. Massive debt does more than just ramp up stress levels. It can make a person feel ashamed. He or she may have been raised to be very responsible, and tries to be that way. It is the size of the debt obligations which can be overwhelming. Bankruptcy can appear to be the only option for an overwhelmed person. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help these people get out of the mess. We have a debt management plan. Continue reading

It Prolongs Grieflastwilltestament-300x200

Death does not always come quickly. It is true some people will perish instantly in an accident but many others will not. They may be placed on life-support, even though the chances of being revived are almost nil, it does more than create an unrealistic hope for the survivors. Life-support systems also prolong the agony. The victim is in a state of suspended animation and is artificially kept alive. The services of a group legal plan can bring a merciful end to this dilemma.

The sorrow of loved ones is prolonged as they look at a body which is not moving. There is worse that can happen. Life-support system keeps individual alive, and this means the estate cannot be settled. Money that is needed for college tuition, or even to pay the bills incurred by the hospital stay, is delayed indefinitely. Situations, where there is no chance of recovery, can be resolved by medical powers of attorney. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers such assistance. Continue reading

It Doesn’t Have to be a Life Long Burdendebt-on-top-of-man-300x279

College is not always a happy experience. There are many long hours late at night and lots of stress over grades. It would be nice if that anxiety ends on graduation day but it does not. Most college graduates are saddled with student loan obligations. These are controllable for some people, but others have the financial wellness threatened.

The Figures Can Be Enormous

It is the immense size of the debt which staggers people. The amount of student loan owed can be in the six figures for some people. This can make a significant difference in a lot of economic decisions. Life expenses such as buying a house could be delayed for decades. In some cases of desperation, a college graduate may elect to default or declare bankruptcy. Either can cause a lot of financial harm. Countrywide Pre- Paid Legal Services wants to help college graduates. It is why we have a financial wellness program. Continue reading

 These Employees Need Helpsingle-dad-300x215

Being a single parent is never easy. This person does the work of two individuals in raising a family. It often happens that a single parent must deal with public agencies. This maybe for matters such as educational assistance for children, special programs, or other forms of aid. The challenge arises when the parent has to face bureaucracy. This can be a confusing and puzzling trip down corridors looking for the right office. Applications have to be done properly. A group legal plan can provide needed help for a hard-working single parent.

The Paperwork Gets Finished

Time is precious when an employee has children and a job to worry about. A single parent has to deal with family matters and can use some assistance. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is here to be a friend to this individual. We can help relieve some of the stress of having to deal with government agencies. Our network of attorneys has dealt with the public sector in the past. Required paperwork for services can be confusing. A Countrywide lawyer is there to explain what information is needed and help a group legal plan member complete the forms. The legal professional also sees to it that applications are delivered on time. Continue reading

It Will Lower Stress Levelsfamily-law--300x223

A popular New Year’s resolution for many folks is to get their financial wellness in order. It’s very sensible, and people start out with the very best of intentions. The problem is that these good intentions are often dropped after weeks into the new year. There is a lot to reestablishing financial wellness.

Paying Confusion

One of the challenges is identifying where the money is going. People have numerous credit cards, and they also have auto and college loans. Then, there is the mortgage on top of all of this. The bills come in and must be paid, but sometimes people become strapped for cash. One of the best ways to achieve the New Year’s resolution is to get some good advice. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services believes it is a great idea to get finances in order. We offer the kind of assistance that can make the whole process a lot easier. Continue reading

Wills are Critical


We put things off until tomorrow because we are human. There are some jobs and responsibilities which are important but are not very desirable. Writing a will is one of these necessary but not very enjoyable duties. A group legal plan can help write this important document.

Death does not practice age discrimination. It can strike anyone at any time and without warning. An employee with a family of small children can be struck down in any auto accident. This results in real trouble if there is no will. The deceased assets get tied up in probate court. The same small children may need money from the estate but must wait months and sometimes even years. Continue reading

The Landlord Does Not Always Get It All


Every renter knows what a security deposit happens to be. It is the amount of money paid upfront and placed in escrow to pay for damages while that person is renting the property. Many states have laws covering how security deposits can be spent. For example, painting a room is not a legitimate use of the security deposit. Some landlords forget this and try to deduct all expenses from the security deposit. The disagreement can end up in small claims court in a group legal plan can help the renter.

Using the security deposit for the wrong type of repair can be an honest mistake. However, it is also true that a landlord can become stubborn and an unscrupulous owner would care less. The letter relies on a tenant not being able to process a small claims court case. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can help. Our group legal plan includes a nationwide network of lawyers. These legal professionals can contribute to preparing the case. Continue reading