Making a Case of the Security Deposit

The Landlord Does Not Always Get It All


Every renter knows what a security deposit happens to be. It is the amount of money paid upfront and placed in escrow to pay for damages while that person is renting the property. Many states have laws covering how security deposits can be spent. For example, painting a room is not a legitimate use of the security deposit. Some landlords forget this and try to deduct all expenses from the security deposit. The disagreement can end up in small claims court in a group legal plan can help the renter.

Using the security deposit for the wrong type of repair can be an honest mistake. However, it is also true that a landlord can become stubborn and an unscrupulous owner would care less. The letter relies on a tenant not being able to process a small claims court case. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can help. Our group legal plan includes a nationwide network of lawyers. These legal professionals can contribute to preparing the case.

Getting the Papers in Order

Preparation requires putting evidence in order and making sense of the plan members argument. This is where the attorney provides the best pre-paid legal services. He or she will explain how to offer the argument in front of the court the best way. It allows the plan member to present the situation to the bench more effectively. Many times, cases are resolved before they even get to court. Countrywide has secondary services that might make this happen.

Attorneys can make telephone calls and write letters on behalf of a Countrywide group legal plan member. Such communication with the landlord might convince this person that the best way to end the problem is to pay the entire security deposit. The attorney can use powers of persuasion to bring the landlord to see reason. Countrywide will go the extra mile to help a person retain as much of the security deposit as they deserve.

Unfortunately, this does not always happen in the case will go before the court. Small claims court will not help a person collect the award, but Countrywide attorneys can assist in this endeavor. It would be a question of filing liens or other legal papers against the landlord. In addition, Countrywide lawyers will help in filing complaints with the proper public agencies. It soon becomes a headache for the property owner, and the best course is to pay the entire security deposit without any more argument. Positive results from what could have been a real nightmare are made possible by our attorneys. Countrywide will go the extra mile to help a person retain as much of the security deposit as he or she deserves.



Helping Employers

Countrywide provides a lot of benefit options which could be part of the plan. Decision-makers for prospective clients have a better idea what their employees truly need. Countrywide has worked with all kinds of organizations since 1987, and we respect the importance of choice. We have an array of pre-paid legal services benefits, and we invite the client to decide what would be part of their plan.

The secondary services such as an unlimited number of telephone calls in the given situation for face-to-face consultations are standard parts of any Countrywide group legal plan. Disputes over security deposits can escalate into major confrontations. Countrywide not only provides pre-paid legal services in preparing the court case, but also tools by which the entire matter can be resolved before it even goes to the bench. We can better explain how our benefits can be of help when a decision maker contacts us. Please do feel