Don’t Put It Off Any Longer!

Wills are Critical


We put things off until tomorrow because we are human. There are some jobs and responsibilities which are important but are not very desirable. Writing a will is one of these necessary but not very enjoyable duties. A group legal plan can help write this important document.

Death does not practice age discrimination. It can strike anyone at any time and without warning. An employee with a family of small children can be struck down in any auto accident. This results in real trouble if there is no will. The deceased assets get tied up in probate court. The same small children may need money from the estate but must wait months and sometimes even years.

We have that option as a group legal plan benefit. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will allow a plan member to have will composed which covers the need.

The Basics

The Countrywide benefit permits a simple will to be created for an individual. It makes sense because most people do not have detailed estates, and the work could be easily done. A Countrywide attorney will sit down with a group legal plan member and go over the pre-paid legal services which will be delivered. An individual may leave the meeting and later have a few more questions. It is not a problem. The Countrywide attorney can receive as many telephone calls on the given situation as required. Additional face-to-face meetings can be arranged.

Personal skills are what we look for when we recruit attorneys. The lawyer must be a very skilled professional but also have a human touch. Preparing a will is never easy, and the Countrywide lawyer respects that. He or she will go over any material and answer any questions. Once the will is drafted is given to the plan member for inspection and that the attorney will do the proper filings.

More Than One Benefit

But wait, there’s more! Countrywide realizes that circumstances change over time. A will that is written one day maybe almost worthless in a few years. It is why we include reminders in our benefit. A plan member who has a simple will drafted by Countrywide lawyer will get an annual reminder about updating the document. That way, required revisions happen.


Employers are always looking for benefits that will help their employees. A group legal plan is something that provides necessary assistance to deal with modern problems. The writing of the will is one of the most attractive benefits Countrywide provides. It is something that an employee, regardless of age, will use and appreciate.

And, there’s more!

We want our pre-paid legal services to be the very best for a client. We permit the decision-makers to choose what benefit options will be part of the final document. This allows any organization to tailor the plan to the specific needs of employees. We stand committed to providing the very best service to all our clients. You can be assured that any of your staff will have quick access to our pre-paid legal services. It goes without saying your people will be treated with courtesy and great respect. The Countrywide plan member is always placed at the front of the line for needed help.


Wills seem to be a very morbid subject, but writing one is a necessary task. Your estate will be divided as you wish it to be, and there will be fewer problems with probate court because of the document. We also allow you to update the will as things change. There are other benefits that we offer within one of our plans. These will make things a lot easier for those who have legal situations. We encourage decision-makers to contact us and find out more about the Countrywide plan.