Confronting the Grace Period Ending

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The holiday season is a time when people enjoy going shopping but this is not the case for many millennials. They are faced with a burden which makes them put on hold a lot of small expenses. College debt for many it’s about to get very real.

The Grace Period is Short

A number of loan programs have a grace period of six months. Those millennials who graduated in June are facing required payments. These have an impact on financial wellness comparable to a punch in the stomach. It is a sudden expense that is not always in the budget.

College debt is a very serious issue. The size of the overall obligation can be comparable to a house mortgage I can take decades to finally pay off. Millennials who have landed their first job are in a state of understandable euphoria. They are getting regular checks and have spending money. It becomes embarrassing when the grace period ends and they have not budgeted for that. They’re often faced with a sizable monthly requirement.

The Pressure is Rough

High-level anxiety results. These young people need the right kind of help to fully understand how to work with college debt. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is here to assist these young employees with a financial wellness plan.

Millennials have a right to be treated like adults and it means getting respect. Countrywide has a nationwide network of certified counselors. These people are selected not just for professional expertise but also people skills. They understand the frustrations young employees face and work with them. There are no lectures; just advice that can be well taken.

Various options are explored and recommendations are made based on the budget analysis, which is the starting point for financial wellness services countrywide will provide. The young employee is educated on what can reasonably be done to make college debt easier to manage.

Employers want the talent and energy of millennials. These new college graduates can add spark necessary to deal with competition. Decision-makers should look at ways to reduce stress and anxiety. Free massages and yoga classes are not going to do that much good. Allowing access to certified counselors is the kind of help so desperately needed, and appreciated, by those just starting out on a career path.





Giving Decision Makers Leeway

Getting good advice to help relieve college loan burdens is more than just great benefit. It can be viewed almost as a gift from management and employees deeply appreciate such thoughtfulness. Countrywide wants to be sure that any financial wellness benefit suits the population of the client organization as best as possible. The client may decide that budget analysis and debt management programs are more important. It is also true that housing education may be best for the workforce. Countrywide respects that and what we will do is provide the best administration possible. No one in the Countrywide plan must wait a reasonable time to get what is necessary.

Financial wellness is meant take a burden off of an individual’s back. The help we provide for the young employees allows them to better concentrate on developing their career, and being as productive as possible. We welcome the opportunity to help these new members of the job market do the very best for you all financial stress and worry.

Providing these kinds of benefits are what employees appreciate. Organizations that have a commitment to financial wellness will notice their retention rate is greater and productivity is higher. We can further explain how our program can provide superior return on any investment. We encourage decision-makers to contact us at the earliest convenience. We welcome the chance to explain all we have for your employees.