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There is More to Service Than a Web Page2-phones-and-a-guy-300x199

A goal of employee benefits is to solve problems. Challenges and issues are arising in a person’s life, and the right benefits will provide answers and solutions. A group legal plan is committed to helping solve legal conundrums. It takes more than just a website, however. Legal issues can stress anybody. There are contracts, simple wills, and problems with government agencies which can give people severe headaches. Pre-paid legal services must do more than providing an FAQ page or an answer box. Communication is critical, and it should be in more than one medium. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has thirty years of experience in designing and administering legal plans. We know the importance of good communications when it comes to benefits.

Legal issues are very personal and developing rapport between attorney and plan member is essential. Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys who are chosen for personal skills as well as professional expertise. The ability to interact with plan members is We provide the means with which they can establish communication with individuals. Continue reading

There Comes a Time for Paymentjar-edu-300x200


The holiday season is a time when people enjoy going shopping but this is not the case for many millennials. They are faced with a burden which makes them put on hold a lot of small expenses. College debt for many it’s about to get very real.

The Grace Period is Short

A number of loan programs have a grace period of six months. Those millennials who graduated in June are facing required payments. These have an impact on financial wellness comparable to a punch in the stomach. It is a sudden expense that is not always in the budget. Continue reading

Read the Fine Print - Magnifying Glass

Society may have gone digital, but there’s still some serious paperwork. Like it or not, there are leases and other legal documents which require your attention. There are some critical reasons why a group legal plan ought to have the ability to help you read the papers. Continue reading

Financial wellness is quickly becoming a major topic in the benefits industry. The after effects of the 2008 Recession, with its crushing impact on mortgages and credit cards, is one of the reasons for decision-makers to look at a means of helping employees with business advice. Millennials are saddled with mounting college debt and employers know how devastating this can be. It is no surprise that vendors are stepping forward with what look to be amazing plans for organizations to think about. We suggest management think very carefully. Not all of these schemes are effective. Continue reading

                                                                                                             It is A Critical Part of Any Benefits PlanCost and value


A group legal plan will naturally have several benefit options. Activities such as drafting a will or helping with a consumer protection problem can be expected. What separates the good from the bad is the level of service provided. A vendor may claim a plan has all kinds of options, but the question of service is a high priority and needs addressing. Continue reading


Pre-paid legal services will usually cover some essential needs. Drafting a will or helping with government agencies is something that anyone can expect. However, there are times when special types of legal expertise are needed. It may be above and beyond what an ordinary attorney can do. A group legal plan must be able to respond to such a need. Continue reading

The Emotions Behind a Will

Anger can Change Decisions

Cropped image of hand signing Last Will and Testament document

Cropped image of hand signing Last Will and Testament document



There is considerable emotion wrapped up in drafting a will, which is perhaps why so many people delay doing it. It is more than just the thought of death. The will means assigning to certain people portions of the estate. This can result in the feeling that you are picking favorites and that doesn’t always sit right. A group legal plan offering will assistance can be crucial

Anger Causes Problems

An individual maybe angry with a family member and not have that person in the will at all. Later on, those feelings of rage are gone but the decision is still on legal paper. A commonly used benefit of a group legal plan is drafting a simple will. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers this type of assistance. Continue reading