The Emotions Behind a Will

The Emotions Behind a Will

Anger can Change Decisions

Cropped image of hand signing Last Will and Testament document

Cropped image of hand signing Last Will and Testament document



There is considerable emotion wrapped up in drafting a will, which is perhaps why so many people delay doing it. It is more than just the thought of death. The will means assigning to certain people portions of the estate. This can result in the feeling that you are picking favorites and that doesn’t always sit right. A group legal plan offering will assistance can be crucial

Anger Causes Problems

An individual maybe angry with a family member and not have that person in the will at all. Later on, those feelings of rage are gone but the decision is still on legal paper. A commonly used benefit of a group legal plan is drafting a simple will. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers this type of assistance.

A Countrywide attorney is a neutral third-party. He or she has no skin in the game, and can look at the estate matters objectively. The process of writing a simple will can be explained in any questions answered.

It is essential to know our services rely on giving advice. We cannot tell a person what to do but explain the possible consequences may be. It is the plan member who makes the final decision and we will comply.

Countrywide Assists in Several Ways

The support we provide is not for some large and elaborate document. It only makes sense because most people do not have an enormous or complicated estate. A group legal plan member can have a Countrywide attorney prepare the information. One part of the pre-paid legal services is explaining the language. Many legal terms are confusing and can leave a person bewildered. That attorney is trained to explain.

It is important to understand that advice is one of our primary services. By that, we advise the person with what the consequences are in dividing up the estate. This does not mean we try to pressure the person. We do not tell a person what to do but will comply with a group legal plan member’s instructions. Countrywide will do more than write a simple will. We have a special service attached to drafting wills. Countrywide was an annual reminder to anybody who is made use of this pre-paid legal services benefit. Things change over time and beneficiaries may pass away. The reminder allows the plan member to amend the will. That can be an invaluable benefit. It encourages changes when circumstances change and tempers perhaps have cooled.

Countrywide has been working with all types of organizations for more than 30 years. We assume that the will writing benefit will be included in a plan, because it is so popular. Nevertheless, we are aware that organizations are different and have unique needs. To create a better fit of benefit to demographics, we allow choice.

Clients Can Pick the Benefit Options

A client can take a look at all of our benefit options and decide which ones will be part of their own plan. We will include them in the final document. The matter what the options happen to be, our commitment to service remains the same. Our administration is deliberately intended to provide quick and efficient response to a need. No one has to wait a long time for service.

A will is a legal document at the end of the day. It is a means by which a person decides what to leave to love ones and charities. There will always be a degree of emotion, but it does not have to overshadow a sense of fairness or doing what is right. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers the kind of professional assistance which makes writing a will much easier. Our reminder system lets the person know that it is possible to change things. All of our benefit options help people deal with contemporary situations. We encourage decision-makers to contact us about what we provide.