The Need to Forgive Yourself


The Need to Forgive Yourself

A chalk board with the words problems and solutions

A chalk board with the words problems and solutions


Financial Problems Come from All Places


Getting into financial trouble can be very embarrassing for an employee. He or she is an adult and wants to be taken seriously but has run into problems. Financial wellness can sometimes be compromised by the smallest things. Debt accumulates, and it can happen without an individual being fully aware. Retail companies encourage the use of plastic because when people use their credit cards they ordinarily spend a bit more. The interest rates are double digit numbers, and if you miss a payment, you have a penalty fee to cover.

It Can Be Confusing

The repayment of student loans can be so complicated, with penalties for missing a deadline, that some former students are considering bankruptcy. All of this is incredibly hurtful and embarrassing to the individual. Anyone who has financial problems should first of all forgive himself and then seek assistance. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is there to help.

Financial Advice That is Professional

We have a financial wellness program that is meant to be of assistance. A nationwide network of certified counselors is available to help people get out of debt. The counselor will explain various options, go over a person’s budget, and create a pathway to better financial wellness. Individuals may have unique problems which need to be addressed. This includes college loan debt, but also how to deal with house payments. Others simply have a situation in which their expenses are beginning to exceed their income. These are severe cases. An individual may be facing the possibility of foreclosure on a mortgage. Our counselors are there to ease the panic and find the solution. A debt management plan, which costs a little extra, may be advised. This plan by itself may convince creditors to be a little lenient. There is a more optimistic note to all the services. Financial education is provided, and this is always valuable. When people have a better understanding of domestic budgets, they spend more prudently. Countrywide provides useful tips on how to save money for emergencies in dealing with collection agencies. The material is the kind of information everyone can use.

Professional Courtesy is One of Our Benefits

No one has to worry about a sermon being preached. Our counselors appreciate how embarrassing seeking financial wellness help them be workers can be for somebody. A plan member is treated gently and with lots of respect. Our desire is to assist in solving the problem, and everything is done to achieve that goal.

Human resources directors are always concerned about productivity. They are aware that anxiety and stress will make a person work at substandard months. The Countrywide financial wellness program helps get rid of stress brought on by personal debt. The individual is less concerned with outside finances and can concentrate on daily work. But we have to offer is something that can certainly improve productivity.

Choice Help Clients

We understand that organizations have all kinds of people. Some companies have a larger representation in certain demographics, and we permit choice to help respond to that. The final plan a client adopts will contain those options the best suited for the workers. Countrywide sees to it that everybody gets efficient service. Our administration is intended to be able to respond quickly to any request for aid.

Domestic finances are a very serious area of concern in modern times. Individuals need to be able to get control of their accounts, and make sure that debts are paid promptly. Countrywide helps with the right information. No one has to feel guilty about their situation or the need to ask for help. We think individuals should be able to forgive themselves and seek answers to questions about financial wellness. Countrywide is there to respond every one of those. We encourage interested parties to contact us about how we can assist their employees.