Referral Service is Sometimes Necessary


Pre-paid legal services will usually cover some essential needs. Drafting a will or helping with government agencies is something that anyone can expect. However, there are times when special types of legal expertise are needed. It may be above and beyond what an ordinary attorney can do. A group legal plan must be able to respond to such a need.

Marine law and statutes relating to types of property come to mind immediately. Such knowledge is expensive and could be beyond the ability of a group legal plan member to pay. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services recognizes special circumstances. It is why we offer discounts to help.

Making It Affordable

Specialized legal advice can dig major holes in anyone’s wallet. Countrywide wants to prevent that from happening. We will provide referrals to lawyers who have the unique legal knowledge that is required. We will go one step beyond as far as providing good service to a group legal plan member. The special rates include:

  • A 25% discount on hourly and scheduled rates;
  • A 10% discount on any standard contingency fee case.

A person can honestly be concerned that there may be hidden costs involved. This is an issue Countrywide addresses with our referral network. There are no hidden charges. We see to that because we expect a detailed fee schedule as part of our agreement. There are no hidden surprises in the assistance provided. An individual will get expert service which he or she wants at the reduced rate. It means that any number of issues will not be ignored.

We set high standards any benefit provided. This includes the activity performed by a referral. These attorneys are to treat Countrywide group legal plan members with the same respect and courtesy they would give to long-term clients. This is the case regardless of what the legal emergency or situation may possibly be.

Our Service is What Employers Truly Want

Employers care about their employees and want to provide superior benefits. Unfortunately, what some vendors provide are package deals. There is not much leeway and the benefits are standard. These may or may not be what the employees need. Countrywide has provided pre-paid legal services to organizations of all sizes since 1987, and we know that diversity is part of any workforce. We believe it is essential that a client can craft a benefit that will be used by everyone in the organization. To make this happen, we allow choice.

A prospective client can look at all our options, including such things as drafting a simple will or helping with a consumer protection complaint, and decide which ones best suit their employees. Countrywide will provide advice but will adhere to the choices. What the client wants, is what the client gets in the plan document. Countrywide streamlines its administration so that all assistance is provided promptly. It doesn’t matter who the plan member may be, this individual is going to get the very best in attention. It is part of Countrywide’s commitment to being the best pre-paid legal services provider in the industry. We would like to provide these benefits to you and your employees

Unique circumstances require special attention. This may mean going outside of the ordinary network and finding the right kind of attorney. Countrywide helps secure the help required. Because we offer reduced rates for those referrals, the advice is highly affordable. The benefit options we have are all intended to address situations that arise in current society. We believe that what we offer used and appreciated by employees. We encourage decision-makers to take a moment at their earliest convenience and contact us about our services.