You Can Manage a Small Claims Case


It is always better to settle things out of court. The legal process can be very complicated and take time. However, there are circumstances that arise which require bringing the case before the judicial bench. Small claims court is that branch of the judiciary most people deal with. It can be a little bit complex but you can manage a small claims case if it is necessary. A good group legal plan can certainly make things easier.

Some Things you need to keep in Mind

You will be approaching the bench without an attorney in the courtroom with you. It is what makes small claims fairly unique. The prospect might make you a little bit nervous but there are ways that you can manage the situation if you keep a few things in mind:

  • Have your thoughts well organized. Before you even enter the court take down some notes. You need to be able to present your case logically. Being overly emotional is not going to help;
  • Get your evidence prepared. You will need to convince the judge your case has merit. It is going to rely a lot on the evidence you have. This means you have the evidence organized to support your arguments;
  • Collect statements from witnesses. If there are any witnesses to the accident, or what caused the case to happen, be sure you interviewed them and have statements. If the witness is in the courtroom you need to question them competently.

You are going to be acting as if you were an attorney. It may be something you are not familiar with at all. Group legal services can help the situation. The advice of a group legal plan lawyer can prepare you for that day in court. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has as one of its group legal services benefits the right to assistance in preparing a small claims court case.

The Right Kind of Coaching

Knowing what to do ahead of time is extremely important in these situations. Countrywide attorneys take the time needed to explain what is going to happen, and how the case ought to be presented. The group legal services include helping you organize the evidence. With a little bit of coaching from the attorney, any group legal plan member can handle the situation without a problem. Still, the best course of action is settling out of court. Countrywide provides assistance in this situation.

Additional Group Legal Services Made Available

Settling outside of court requires good negotiating skills. Countrywide attorneys are seasoned veterans. On behalf of the client, Countrywide permits telephone calls and correspondence on letterhead stationary. The attorney is able to approach the other party and work to find a resolution. Plan members can count on the attorney to go the extra mile. It often happens that Countrywide clients do not have to go in front of the judge at all. The skilled negotiation conducted by Countrywide attorney helps bring the dispute to a close. That day in court will happen at some later time in the future for something else.

The Small Things That Mean A Great Deal

Employers expect the basic services of any plan will be provided. Countrywide goes a step further than most other vendors. Countrywide plan members are given top priority and are allowed an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney on a given case. Face-to-face consultations are always an option. We also streamline our group legal plan administration; making things even easier for a person. We have been doing this since 1987 for organizations of all sizes. The plan documents are tailored to meet the expectations of the client.

Small claims court does not need to be a nightmare chamber. You can manage the case in front of the judge if you have the right price. Countrywide seeks to provide the kind of assistance needed. Helping in a small claims case just one of our many legal option. We invite decision-makers and human resources directors to contact