Keep the Grinch Away from Christmas

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ID Hackers Are a Problem

Christmas shopping is now getting into full swing. You don’t want to head out to the shopping mall and fight the crowds, so you decide to use a retail website instead. You’ve always been told these are very secure and you have no problem sharing your credit card information on the site. You also aren’t concerned with warranty problems because you have a good legal plan. However, you still have something to worry about.

You Need Protection from Hackers

It is sad but true that hackers have become better at breaking through security walls. You only need to look at the newspaper to read about large retail companies having their security breached. Your financial information may be at risk, and you will not even know about it until weeks later. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is sensitive to the significant instances of cyber-crime in our society. We have ID theft and credit monitoring benefits.

Countrywide offers two separate plans to help with identity protection: The Platinum Identity Theft Protector Plan and The Premium Identity Theft Protector Plan. Detection. Quick action is essential for offsetting any damage brought on by ID theft. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers the kind of assistance to protect plan members. Detection comes in the form of reports from the three largest credit bureaus in the country (Experian™, Equifax™, and TransUnion™). While there are components of each plan which are unique to the separate product, both will offer $25,000 of identity theft insurance. This insurance policy can be essential for recovering from any ID theft. There are fees and costs involved in restoring credit integrity. The insurance will help a person better recover from the financial shock.

Employees Can Be Protected

Identity theft is a crisis which cannot be taken lightly. Forward-thinking decision-makers appreciate that an employee who is under the stress of identity theft has a tough time staying on task. These executives want to help, but they need the right type of assistance. The Countrywide plans are going to provide what is required to help a person stay vigilant. Regardless of the plan chosen, an employee has highly valuable tools to protect against the consequences of ID theft.

We have those two options largely because of our commitment to choice. We believe that a client knows best. We have worked with the organizations since 1987, and what we provide are group legal plan options that can best suit the demographics of a given company. Decision-makers tell us which benefits they want, and, just as with our group legal plan benefits, we provide the kind of administration which upholds the quality of the services rendered. Identity theft can be a devastating blow to anyone. It makes a person feel vulnerable and highly stressed. Countrywide has offered prompt service in the group legal plan benefits we provide. The same is given to anybody who has fallen prey to ID robbers. It does not matter who the plan member is, or the job title. Countrywide sees to it that everyone gets service as soon as practicable.

Keep the Grinch Away

Hackers will be out and about during the holiday season. They want to do a little shopping at your expense, but if you have the right protection, you can stop them. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers the kind of assistance that keeps the Grinch at bay. Members of either plan feel more safe and secure. While the headlines will remain concerned about hacking, these people know in a crisis they have the support of an excellent company. Countrywide has offered group legal plan and other pre-paid legal services to organizations since 1987. We have dealt with all kinds of groups and respond to needs. Organizations are invited to contact us about our benefits so we can explain our services thoroughly.