Giving Credit Where It is Due

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The Christmas holiday is over and people have packed up the holiday decorations and thrown out the boxes. It is time to get on with the new year but Santa Claus left something behind. Many people use credit cards to purchase presents and for most people it is not a problem. Unfortunately, for others it can be devastating. The Christmas bills and debt balance may have gotten out of control. The financial wellness of some people is in trouble.

Being Generous Has Consequences

It is easy to get wrapped up in the spirit of giving. No one wants to look like Scrooge, and the plastic comes out quickly. Stores encourage this with special deals but the problem comes a few weeks later. Christmas is not cheap, and missing a credit card payment adds a penalty to the figures. The shock of Christmas can add to a person’s stress. There are ways to get out of credit card problems with the right advice. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services seeks to help people achieve better financial wellness balance.

You Can Thank the Counselors

Countrywide does not rely on webpages providing advice to individuals. We believe that interaction with a human being is the best way to solve money difficulties. Countrywide has a nationwide network of certified counselors to assist people. These professionals are well skilled in debt management. They can help financial wellness plan members find the means to pay off those credit cards.

The first activity is a budget analysis. The counselors look at income and expenses, seeking to find means of trimming one area to pay another. They can make suggestions on how to handle domestic finances. Credit card consolidation is a favorite means of dealing with the debt balances. However, some of those programs have strict requirements and levying harsh penalties for nonpayment. Our counselors can point out which debt consolidation plans are best suited for an individual. Some people may require a debt management plan to get out of financial chaos. This does cost a little bit more, but the plan is a worthwhile solution for some.

Trusting the Client Is What Countrywide Does

Countrywide has worked with clients since 1987 to provide superior benefits. While some vendors are going to provide boilerplate plans, Countrywide feels that is a disservice to a client. Although we have worked with companies of all sizes, we know that employee groups differ from one place to another. We allow clients to choose what financial wellness options will be in their benefit plan. The client may decide to have credit card support but do not want information on house buying. It is fine with us. Whatever the decision is going to be, we are committed to providing excellent service. Those options which are selected will be administered efficiently, and employee-sensitive service is going to be provided. Financial wellness plan members will be treated with respect and their information is kept in confidence. We are proud of the fact that many clients comment favorably on how we treat their employees.

Christmas needs to be full of happy memories. Staggering credit card debt is not something anyone wants to remember when it comes to those holidays. Countrywide offers the kind of advice and guidance individuals need. We help a person make sense of those credit card balances, and assist in finding ways out of a dilemma. It is important to remember that every plan member is treated like an adult and given respect. We have several financial wellness options that can provide excellent help to employees. We encourage decision-makers to contact us at their convenience and find out more about who we are, and the great service we offer.