Countrywide Will Give Referrals – Outside Help Is Asked When Necessary


Group legal plans will help members with routine legal challenges. They do an excellent job of resolving such issues, but there is a limit to what an ordinary attorney can do.


The law is a service that has many facets and specialties. People sometimes need help in areas that go above and beyond writing simple wills. Immigration law is something that many employees need specialized support in, and the same is true regarding adoption law. It requires asking uniquely trained lawyers to provide help, and a referral to those legal professionals is necessary. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides high-quality advice, but we will not hesitate to refer a Group Legal Plan member to other attorneys if that will help.


How the Countrywide Referral Works


Plan members will have unique situations and we want to assist them, even if it means not using Countrywide’s Pre-Paid Legal Services. We will refer those exceptional cases to the best lawyers in the area. These are legal professionals who are experts in given areas of the law. They are the type of counsel many people might be afraid of seeking out because of the cost. Such attorneys can command high fees.


The Countrywide referral comes with a discount. Plan members will receive a 25% discount on hourly and scheduled rates of participating attorneys. There is more. Contingency fee cases, such as personal injury matters, will receive a 10% discount from the standard contingency percentages charged by these outside attorneys. Those discounts can make needed help more affordable to a Countrywide Plan member.


The Same High Expectations


Countrywide insists the referral lawyers follow the same protocols that a Countrywide attorney must use. A Countrywide Group Legal Plan member gets priority treatment. Those plan members must also receive courteous and respectful treatment from the other lawyers. We are mindful extra fees may be charged by referral attorneys. Consequently, Countrywide will request the other attorney provides us with his or her standard fee schedule. We will compare the final invoice with the rates those outside attorneys usually charge. Anyone who goes beyond the fee schedule will no longer be working with Countrywide.


We Value a Client’s Selections


Referral service is for extraordinary cases. Countrywide has a variety of pre-paid legal services a prospective client can consider. Consumer protection, medical powers of attorney, living wills, and advice about government agencies are among the benefit options.


A client will choose what services will be in the Group Legal Plan. That way, there is a better opportunity for every employee to use our pre-paid legal services.

The Secondary Services Increase Value


Our core offerings are enhanced by the additional things Countrywide will do. We permit an unlimited number of telephone calls to the Countrywide attorney on a given subject. Attorneys can make telephone calls and write letters on behalf of the member. These additional services offer higher value to what we provide for our plan members.The telephone calls and letters will also let other parties know an attorney is involved. Problems with warranties or delays in getting government assistance usually go away if an attorney is present.


All the benefits people receive from Countrywide are given efficiently. Our administration is intentionally streamlined so that a person will receive the required help as quickly as possible. We insist on emotional intelligence from an attorney who works with us and we are proud of the fact that Countrywide lawyers receive high marks for understanding and patience.

Referrals do not frequently occur but when they do the stellar Countrywide service is not compromised. Plan members are treated well, and seasoned professionals address their challenges. If you have an interest in what we offer, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We welcome any opportunity to talk with you about the Group Legal Plan benefits we give to clients.