Making Government Work for You – A Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services Attorney Will Make It Happen


Employees have a right to government services. Their tax dollars support public agencies but getting the benefits they need might be frustrating.

Property tax assessments can be appealed but there are forms to be completed and accurate evidence must be submitted. Deadlines are very strict, and appeals are rejected for being too late.

Getting government services is not easy for foreign-born employees. They are new immigrants or here on work visas. The American legal system is a mystery and they are not sure of what to do. It can result in disabled children not getting the help they need in school, or elderly parents not getting the additional attention they need. Group legal plans must guide their plan members through the bureaucracy jungle and cut red tape. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will do both.

We Decipher Public-Sector Jargon

The public sector has its own language and depends on acronyms. An interpreter must explain what all the language means. Countrywide uses a nationwide network of attorneys who give pre-paid legal services. These are professionals who understand government regulations. Our attorneys will help Countrywide plan members with the forms. What a person is required to do is explained and advice on what to do is provided by the Countrywide legal team.

Our Lawyers Know the Bureaucrats

Countrywide attorneys live in communities where our client organizations do business. There is no problem in setting up a conference because Countrywide group legal plan members have priority.

Evidence, meetings, and deadlines will frustrate most people. Countrywide attorneys help folks gather required information and assist plan members in preparing for any meeting. If there is need for a deadline extension, our lawyers will show how this request is properly handled.

Legitimate shortcuts include knowing the right person to whom paperwork is sent. Our lawyers work with public employees all the time. Countrywide allows the plan lawyers to write letters and make telephone calls on behalf of any group legal plan member. Those pre-paid legal services permit the attorney to reach out to their agency contacts and expedite the process.

Plan members might need additional information before approaching a government official. The members can make an unlimited number of telephone calls to a Countrywide lawyer on a specific matter. There is no charge for the service. That type of communication makes everything a lot easier for a plan member who’s already concerned about the outcomes.

Clients Will Share in the Process

Countrywide wants every member of a group legal plan to be able to use one of the services in the client’s plan. It is hard for us to reach that goal alone because we do not know exactly what the needs are of a client’s workforce. Consequently, we ask the organization to give us a helping hand in designing the plan.

We will show all our pre-paid legal services to the decision-makers and explain each benefit in detail. We understand that not all our services will be included in a client’s program. So be it. We would rather the group legal plan does not contain all our services than have some benefits which nobody uses at all.

We back up the decisions of the client with the best administration in the industry. We streamline activities so that people get what they need that much faster. A client knows that emotional intelligence is an important part of the assistance provided. Our attorneys have great people skills and they practice empathy with every plan member. All are treated with a great deal of respect.

Getting government service does not have to be an impossible dream. Employees can get the government assistance they need thanks to the help our attorneys give. We do our best to keep all clients and their employees satisfied. Please feel free to contact us about what Countrywide can do for you. We believe that you will be pleasantly surprised at what we can offer.