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More employers are switching to high deductible health insurance plans. It is a means of keeping health costs under control, as well as making premiums more affordable. The deductibles can be $5000 or more per year. Without proper planning or information, a medical deductible can pose a threat to any person’s financial wellness.


You Protect Yourself by Managing Your Deductibles


You do not have to let deductibles destroy your budget. There are ways to manage the medical deductible and keep the cost under reasonable control. It means a person must be conscious about the overall expense of medical care.


*Understand the Plan. Health insurance plans spell out coverage, and the plan member bears the costs. Learning more about the value of procedures permits an employee to save money to pay for those expensive treatments. Some medical procedures are prevented and are low cost or even free of charge. This is the kind of information any individual can use. Continue reading

Countrywide Excels at It!



There are group legal plans which do not understand communication. The vendors provide service at a distance, or through a page on a website. This may look efficient, but it is not. Communication is more important than this.

Quality Matters

A little extra should be part of the services. Anyone can easily forget a question or two, and getting back to the attorney is important. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services allows an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney in each situation. It means additional questions can be asked at another time. This ability to further communicate with the lawyer at no cost helps. Continue reading

A chalk board with the words problems and solutions

A chalk board with the words problems and solutions

The Internet is remarkable, but even cyberspace has limitations. There are times when people want to talk and interact with a human being. It applies in particular if there are legal issues. Unfortunately, not all group legal plan services do that. Instead, they rely on a website with a question and answer page. Continue reading

parent with child in car

Money is a topic that is on everyone’s mind. It is not just trying to make more to better enjoy the cash, but to find a means of paying the bills one already has. Financial wellness for any household is influenced by monthly payments. We do our very best to get it right but sometimes mistakes happen. There are cases where not enough money has been allocated, or the budget is so tight there’s no flexibility. The financial confusion makes a person feels swamped. Having the advice of a professional financial wellness counselor is going to help considerably Continue reading

These Employees Need Helpsingle-dad-300x215

Being a single parent is never easy. This person does the work of two individuals in raising a family. It often happens that a single parent must deal with public agencies. This maybe for matters such as educational assistance for children, special programs, or other forms of aid. The challenge arises when the parent has to face bureaucracy. This can be a confusing and puzzling trip down corridors looking for the right office. Applications have to be done properly. A group legal plan can provide needed help for a hard-working single parent.

The Paperwork Gets Finished

Time is precious when an employee has children and a job to worry about. A single parent has to deal with family matters and can use some assistance. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is here to be a friend to this individual. We can help relieve some of the stress of having to deal with government agencies. Our network of attorneys has dealt with the public sector in the past. Required paperwork for services can be confusing. A Countrywide lawyer is there to explain what information is needed and help a group legal plan member complete the forms. The legal professional also sees to it that applications are delivered on time. Continue reading

Family Matters may need Legal Help


At the end of the day the home is what matters most to an employee. It is that piece of the world where loved ones and important issues are found. The home is a castle, but is assaulted on all sides. Legal issues and emergencies requiring assistance will rise up and strike without warning. It is the ability to protect the domestic life which makes a group legal plan so critical to have.

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Legal help is often needed for employee children


Parents are quick to admit that their children are the most important people in their lives. The little ones are a fundamental reason for showing up for work and being productive all day. Any problems that arise involving the children will distract from daily projects. Frankly, most parents will just about stop working until they know everything is all right with their boy or girl. Real emergencies can suddenly flare up regarding child custody and other domestic matters affecting the kids. A comprehensive group legal plan can strike at the heart of the trouble and put out any fires.

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Keeping Domestic Strive out of the Office


Hard-working employees can handle all kinds of pressure. The stress of tight deadlines ordinarily is not a problem at all, and they are able to weather all kinds of emergency. It is when something goes wrong on the home front that the kettle starts to boil over. Issues that involve family members are more than distracting and can affect a person’s productivity. Smart decision-makers know that a group legal plan can help in these matters. The benefits assist employees in resolving major personal problems.

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