Taking Care of Domestic Issues

Family Matters may need Legal Help


At the end of the day the home is what matters most to an employee. It is that piece of the world where loved ones and important issues are found. The home is a castle, but is assaulted on all sides. Legal issues and emergencies requiring assistance will rise up and strike without warning. It is the ability to protect the domestic life which makes a group legal plan so critical to have.

We Live in a Legalized World

Our grandparents and parents would be amazed at how everything in modern society is ruled by paper. Contracts, estate planning, medical powers of attorney, and a whole basket full of other daily concerns are controlled and mandated by laws and regulations. Many of these are written in words that no common person can understand. Group legal services should cover a lot of assistance that affects home life. The attorneys in a group legal plan must be able to help with various documents, and provide the kind of advice needed to navigate very complicated paths. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has offered group legal benefits on the market since 1987. We have learned through the years just how important group legal services are to the peace and welfare of individual homes. Our assistance reflects a commitment to helping every individual who is a member of a Countrywide group legal plan.

We Expect the Best from Our Attorneys

A Countrywide attorney wears a lot of hats. He or she is expected to provide the kind of service that a group legal plan member truly needs. This can be providing advice on how to deal with public agencies for needed services, helping with leases or rental agreements, and explaining warranties. Our group legal services include major domestic needs, but the secondary services are also very important. Countrywide attorneys are expected to write letters on behalf of plan members, and even make telephone calls on their behalf for certain situations. We know the communication between client and attorney is important. That is why a plan member may make as many telephone calls as necessary on a given situation to the attorney. Face-to-face consultation are also allowed.

We expect these kind of services from our attorneys. They need to go the distance on behalf of the plan member. Countrywide also selects attorneys on their client skills. No one can be a member of our nationwide network if all they do is process papers. Sensitivity and understanding are critical parts of good service. Our attorneys have a reputation for being sensitive to individual needs, and extremely efficient in legal matters. That is a combination that provides excellent benefit to every plan member.

The Organization Determines the Design

Even though we have years of experience in designing group legal services benefit plans, we believe that decision-makers of the organization know their employees best. These executives are aware of what the domestic needs are of their staff when it comes to legal help. We offer a variety of options, and we let the organization choose what they would like to have. We also make certain that administration of our benefits are easy and effective. No one is expected to jump through hoops to get the help they need from Countrywide.

We can certainly offer legal expertise necessary to protect the home front. Employees are more productive when they know that domestic issues will receive the type of legal help necessary. Employers like the way that we respond to any inquiry and the expertise Countrywide lawyers continue to show. We offer the best legal benefits in the business, and we are happy to discuss them with anyone.

We welcome any inquiries and will gladly answer any questions asked of us. Contact us today!

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