A Sense of Internet Foreboding

Id theft and Banks are becoming synonymous

It can be paying bills or depositing money, online banking is something that consumers really enjoy. It is so convenient and it allows a person to avoid long lines or mailing credit card payments. This is all great but there is a very dark cloud coming in on the horizon. Internet thieves have become even more sophisticated in the devious work they do. Banks were once thought of as being very safe places on the Internet, but that has dramatically changed. The large financial institution of J.P. Morgan Chase was hacked into recently. This is a bank that invests millions of dollars in computer security. Its defenses were breached and other banks may be at risk as well. A person needs a group legal plan benefit to be safe from this invasion.

An Invasion of the Greedy

What hackers are able to do today makes the bank robberies of the past seem tame. These criminals can access personal information, including bank accounts and credit card numbers. They are then able to empty accounts and run up incredible credit card bills. A victim may not know about what is happened until weeks have gone by. In that time the credit scores have crashed to the ground. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has designed group legal plan options for over 25 years. We have heard all the horror stories of people who have been cyber robbed, and we have a group legal services benefit that offers needed assistance.

Helping People Rescue Their Credit Integrity.

The group legal services that are part of the Platinum Identity Theft Protector Plan provide the kind of assistance a victim really needs. Recovery from an ID theft requires immediate information about the crime. Hackers benefit from the delays of several weeks before a person knows what has transpired. Our group legal plan uses the services of the three biggest credit monitoring companies (Experian™, Equifax™, and TransUnion™). The Platinum Identity Theft Protector Plan allows for daily credit monitoring that includes email alerts. A plan member also gets monthly credit score updates. This all allows a person to know as soon as possible about any breach of security.

This is wonderful, but a person still may be confused as to how to respond. As part of a comprehensive means of protecting identity, Countrywide provides free customer support.

An individual can call in and find out what needs to be done to reestablish credit ratings.
Our associates fully understand the emotional stress of a victim, and treat every call with the empathy and urgency it merits. A terrible burden the victim has to carry is the time and money expense involved in making things right. It can take hundreds of hours, and there are filing fees and other costs along the way. The Platinum Identity Theft Protector Plan includes in its group legal services a $25,000 identity theft insurance policy. This covers the costs incurred by persons seeking to get credit scores back to normal. It is the kind of help that makes a major difference.

Bringing Everything Back to Normal.

Managers are well aware that ID theft is an emotional distraction that drains an employee.
ID theft protection services helps a person to maintain calm while things are being corrected. The assistance also cuts down on the number of hours spent out of the office. Project and work assignments are better able to continue on schedule without interruptions.

An ID hacker attack can destroy a person self-confidence and make the individual feel vulnerable. The type of protection our group legal plan offers is able to help any plan member respond to a situation where private information has been compromised. The ID theft assistance is recognized as being highly effective, and a great benefit. Increasingly more people are using the Internet for financial transactions. A company offers a great benefit by providing an ID theft assistance program.

We encourage decision-makers to get in touch with Countrywide to find out more about this very valuable form of group legal services.