What About the Children?

Legal help is often needed for employee children


Parents are quick to admit that their children are the most important people in their lives. The little ones are a fundamental reason for showing up for work and being productive all day. Any problems that arise involving the children will distract from daily projects. Frankly, most parents will just about stop working until they know everything is all right with their boy or girl. Real emergencies can suddenly flare up regarding child custody and other domestic matters affecting the kids. A comprehensive group legal plan can strike at the heart of the trouble and put out any fires.

Children are Vulnerable

Single parents are the employees who need help the most. They have sole responsibility for their children and any support is appreciated. Child custody is negotiated in divorce decrees and the language of the law may be totally unfamiliar to the father or mother. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services includes in group legal plan benefits the availability of attorneys to help interpret legal documents for plan members. The lawyer can better explain what is required by the court regarding a custody matter, and prevent a misunderstanding from harming a young one.

Comprehensive group legal services also help parents better respond to the needs of their offspring. Many children must have special services such as disability assistance or special tutoring to function in society. These benefits are mandated by law and public agencies are tasked with providing them. Help with applying for a service is something that a Countrywide attorney can give, and it definitely expedites the process. Should a plan member want to prepare a will, a Countrywide lawyer sees to it that stipulations are included for guardianship and care of any legal minor.

Efficient and Immediate Service

Time is often taken away from work to communicate with agencies. Our services can reduce that inattention to task. Countrywide attorneys will write important correspondence on letterhead stationery, and make phone calls for the plan member to remove any service bottlenecks. If there is a need to contact the attorney directly, a parent has the right to unlimited telephone calls on a given matter and face to face meetings can be arranged. Delays of any kind will cause panic bells to ring in a parent’s mind. Countrywide intentionally designs the administration of all its group legal plan benefits so that quick delivery of required services will happen. A group legal services plan member will be able to have important assistance without any bureaucratic red tape.

The legal aid given is the best possible. Countrywide carefully screens attorneys before admitting them to the nationwide network. A Countrywide group legal plan is committed to providing the highest quality service, and will refer special situations to other experienced counsel if that is required. Everything that can give peace of mind to a parent will be done.
Outside emergencies that involve a child can damage work performance of the parent.

Management knows that the right type of benefit will bring quick closure to such distractions. Such help strengthens the bonds between managers and their employees, who realize a parental crisis is not taken lightly by superiors. Group legal services plan a very important role in eliminating those domestic disturbances threatening the order of the workplace. It allows employees to concentrate more on performance while a highly competent third party puts out the legal fires.

Companies want employees to be productive and will provide benefits that truly help. Countrywide group legal services offer the kind of benefit that parents will appreciate. Decision makers have a wide variety of options from which to choose, and we can explain how each one will help employees out of legal hassles.

We encourage all inquiries and welcome the chance to discuss how employees will have access to the very best legal help. Contact us today!

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