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Planning that important last Will


Preparing a will is the most common group legal services benefit and the one most people try to avoid. Employees view it as a morbid task that doesn’t have to be performed when in the prime of life. That type of thinking has quite serious consequences. This benefit option is part of a group legal plan that protects survivors from unforeseen disaster.

Assumptions Come With A Price

The person may feel there is no need to go about all the legal rigmarole. After all, a spouse will have a solid claim before anybody should death occur. That type of logic falls apart should the spouse die first, and there are no instructions regarding the employee’s estate. This means that if an employee passes away intestate, meaning without a will, the estate passes into the probate swamp. An administrator has to be appointed who must report everything to the court. Final distribution of the estate to the survivors can drag on months and even years. Expenses such as college tuition for surviving children and payment of large debts are affected. If the employee has group legal services to allow for the drafting of a will, it is something that definitely needs to be used.

Countrywide Provides For A Will

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows that preparation of wills is a benefit that should be part of a group legal plan. We offer the opportunity for the creation of simple wills that leave clear instructions on how to distribute the estate. Our attorneys are picked for their ability to provide this important group legal services benefit. A group legal plan member can make as many telephone calls as necessary to complete the work. The final document is something that covers all the bases. It makes the final estate distribution so much easier.

Some people are stubborn and think that instead of going to an attorney they can use an online service. Yes, a will can be drafted online and it can have very serious flaws. Perhaps the worst one is that there is no means of reminding a person that the will needs to be updated. That is essential if circumstances change, but an online service only provides the document. Countrywide will send out reminders on timely basis. It gently taps the plan member on the shoulder, letting him or her know that the will needs to be reviewed. That is another of the services that a Countrywide attorney will also provide.

Superior Service Is Given

our attorneys understand that this is a very serious situation and treat all plan members with empathy and respect. One benefit of will preparation is peace of mind. A plan member knows what will happen after he or she has left the scene permanently. There’s also peace of mind for the employer. Management doesn’t have to deal with frantic phone calls from survivors. A legal will means responsibility for the estate is the sole duty of the executor. Offering this type of group legal services will let employees know that the company wants to help in this highly sensitive matter. They appreciate the sensitivity that is shown. Countrywide also knows that decision-makers want certain things in a group legal plan. We have designed all kinds of plans for any many organizations. Drafting a benefit that is unique to a given employer is not a problem at all.

Death without a will creates horrible domestic chaos. It has to be avoided if at all possible. Countrywide offers the kind of legal help that enables a solid will be drafted. Survivors, particularly children, are thereby properly assisted and the estate is divided as it should for their benefit.

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