Managing Your Deductible – It is Easier Than You Think


More employers are switching to high deductible health insurance plans. It is a means of keeping health costs under control, as well as making premiums more affordable. The deductibles can be $5000 or more per year. Without proper planning or information, a medical deductible can pose a threat to any person’s financial wellness.


You Protect Yourself by Managing Your Deductibles


You do not have to let deductibles destroy your budget. There are ways to manage the medical deductible and keep the cost under reasonable control. It means a person must be conscious about the overall expense of medical care.


*Understand the Plan. Health insurance plans spell out coverage, and the plan member bears the costs. Learning more about the value of procedures permits an employee to save money to pay for those expensive treatments. Some medical procedures are prevented and are low cost or even free of charge. This is the kind of information any individual can use.


*Shop the Network. The company health insurance might have a preferred list of healthcare providers. There is no reason not to shop around for provider who charges less for services.


*Schedule Expensive Treatments Carefully. Deductibles renew annually, and it doesn’t make sense to schedule an operation or expensive treatment late in the year. It is better to have the work done early in the year so that the deductible is met before the new year, causing the insurance company to pay more.


It’s Still a Mystery


The above is good advice that is not always taken. Employees are often mystified by health insurance plans and don’t know what to do. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can help. Our Financial Wellness Plan can show an individual how to manage medical deductibles better.


Experienced Financial Wellness Counselors


 The Countrywide network of certified counselors places an expert in a client organization’s community. Scheduling an appointment is simple; the Countrywide Plan members have priority status.


Our counselors know how high deductibles harm financial wellness. They will tell a Plan member where to look for information and suggest strategies for dealing with deductibles. The counselor provides other services as well.


Medical payments can be structured to be more affordable. Countrywide shows a Plan member how to negotiate with healthcare providers and get a reasonable payment schedule. Counselors will also offer ideas on how a person can make better use of the medical benefit.


Our counselors are not people who judge others. They realize that a Countrywide Plan member might not know anything about medical deductibles or how to efficiently pay them. The Countrywide counselor is going to explain everything carefully and patiently. All questions are going to be answered and no one is made to look or feel foolish. We want to solve a person’s problem in the most effective way. Countrywide Financial Wellness Plan members can expect to be treated like adults and with a high degree of courtesy.


The Employer Knows Best


 Countrywide has worked with organizations to provide the best possible employee benefits. Knowing the demographics and the needs of employees are critical for the successful benefits program. We ask employers to tell us what benefit options should be in their plan. Countrywide will include those selections in the final plan document, and we provide superior service to the Plan members. We are proud of the fact that no individual, regardless of the job title, must wait for service.


Medical deductibles can be successfully met if people know what to do and what information to have. The Countrywide Plan educates a person on the best way to handle these medical costs. There are other things that we can do within the Financial Wellness Plan to help people with everyday money problems. If you have an interest in our services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We welcome the opportunity to explain Countrywide to you.