The Fact is Immigrants Need an Attorney

New developments are causing Confusion

This has become a major social topic. Immigration is now on the minds of people, whether at work or in their home. The recent developments are important to many people, because they have family members who are affected by the changes in immigration. It is exciting and very scary at the same time. There is a legal process that has to be observed and there is growing confusion on what to do. Companies who stay on top of social trends and how they affect the workforce offer group legal plan benefits.

Paperwork and Public Agencies

The dynamics of change include mountains of papers and hallways of public bureaucracies. New arrivals and those who are actively seeking permanent status need legal help. They may not be aware of what services they can apply for, and they are not sure how to fill out the proper forms. Group legal services must be comprehensive to be of any help. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a nationwide presence. We know many people are worried for their family members and our group legal plan benefit, the Personal Legal Protector Plan , provides for a variety of legal services that can be of significant help.

Our attorneys are well aware of the workings of public agencies. They can help anyone sift through the piles of legalese, and get a better understanding of what they can and cannot expect. The paperwork requires specific information and the proper filings. This is where a Countrywide attorney can be indispensable to anyone new to America. These legal experts can cut through the jargon and print, assisting a person in doing things properly to get needed service. It is quite possible that an immigrant may not have a great command of the English language. The Countrywide attorney is able to write legal correspondence as part of the group legal services. A person can be relieved to know that a skilled professional is offering the right assistance.

Communication Is a Key Service

Being a stranger in a strange land can be terrifying. It helps to be able to talk to somebody and not just a machine. Countrywide attorneys will allow unlimited phone calls on a given topic. This just one part of the group legal services for communication. Face-to-face consultations can also be arranged. The needs of a group legal plan member, regardless of citizenship status, is extremely important to us. It is possible there are areas of the law with unique requirements. We have a referral system that allows us to get a plan member in touch with the right legal expert. All of our services are designed to solve problems.

Quick Assistance and Easy Administration

No one in the Countrywide group legal plan is just a case file. Countrywide responds as fast as possible to any request for assistance. We also deliberately have easy administration of our benefits. A new arrival should not have to wait and we see to it this person does not. Being able to provide great service right away is one of our capabilities for which we are very proud. Clients have noted this efficiency quite favorably.

The weeks and months ahead are going to be very stressful for many newcomers to America. There is no reason for these people to be worn out by anxiety of not knowing what to do. Human resources knows how important it is to remove worrisome barriers, and they appreciate the great service we provide. We are also willing to tailor any plan to better fit the needs of the organization. We are very concerned about providing the right service for any organization. A Countrywide group legal services plan fits the needs of a given organization. No matter what the individual may be, he or she can expect the best legal service possible from us.

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