Dodging Probate

A Well-Drafted Will Moves Things Along


Financial planners strongly advise people about the advantages of having a will. They speak to the benefits of having an estate in good order prior to the last days, and how it will make the distribution so much easier. Not many people are going to argue with the logic but they will claim it is easier said than done. Even drawing up a simple will takes the time of an attorney, and that means legal fees which can cost a pretty penny. People who have protection under a group legal plan can consider themselves lucky. Thanks to this group legal services benefit drawing up a will is easier done than said. It also spares everyone the trials of probate court.

Dying Intestate Is a Serious Situation

It is a common mistake for people to keep putting off having a will created. It can result in that person dying intestate, and that is a special kind of hell for the beneficiaries and survivors. Probate court has the mission of protecting the interests of the rightful heirs of any estate. Consequently, they will not make it easy on those cases where the deceased left no will behind. It will require having an administrator appointed by the court. This person reports to the bench, and must seek court approval for even the smallest actions. This can mean that the estate is not settled for months or even years. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has heard all the horror stories that arise from the states without wills. We have the drafting of wills as a group legal services option that can be included in any group legal plan.

Drafting an Airtight Document

Drawing up a will is not rocket science but it isn’t a sophomore English essay, either. Anyone who is planning to use an online template service is making a very big mistake.
These online document creators might not allow for unique estate situations. It is something an attorney can help with. This professional is well-versed in probate law and can offer good guidance. Templates produce a downloadable document and that’s it. The service does not offer update reminders. Unfortunately, stuff happens. It is quite possible a beneficiary will die before the individual. Unless the will has been changed to reflect that occurrence, there can be some very serious probate issues. Countrywide has the reminder service as part of the group legal services option. A Countrywide group legal plan member is reminded annually about needing to update the will. This is part of the comprehensive service Countrywide provides. Secondary assistance such as unlimited telephone calls, face-to-face consultations, and correspondence written by the attorney on behalf of the plan member are part of the package. This means that every possible form of assistance is given to develop what final will. Superior customer service is a standard part of any Countrywide plan.

Quick Service, Easy Administration

Sometimes people are hesitant because they are afraid preparing a will is going to be a long drawn out process. Countrywide sees to it that the best group legal services are given as soon as possible. The administration of a Countrywide plan is deliberately straightforward; there is no archaic administrative process. The Countrywide attorney is located in the community of the group legal plan member. It is extremely easy to establish communication. Countrywide expects the attorneys in the network to be of service to plan members. No matter who a person is, he or she can expect a will that is drawn up to fit the needs of the estate.

No one really wants to have family members suffer needlessly. The assistance provided by Countrywide can be very easily executed. Probate court is amazingly easy to work with if there is an up-to-date will filed properly. The Countrywide attorney will make sure that all the necessary work is done. A plan member can rest easy knowing that the day of final rest will not bring on problems for the loved ones.

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