Government can be made to Work!

Effective Legal Services can Speed things up


Everyone seems relieved that the elections are now over. All the speeches are finished, there are no more commercials on television, and even all of the road signs have been pulled up. It means everything gets back to normal but that isn’t always for the best. Politicians make a lot of promises about efficient government and how they will make things better. Until laws have been passed and regulations modified, the bureaucracy will still operate as it has in the past. That can be extremely frustrating for people. Perhaps the largest source of cynicism about government is having to deal with local public service. A good, comprehensive group legal plan can help make government work.

It Is the Ability to Expedite Paper

The good news is that public employees will play by the rules, and the bad news is the rules themselves. There can be various requirements mandated by ordinances and local law. These can slow things down unless the person knows what to do. That is actually where most of the frustration arises: not understanding what is needed. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has experience with legal benefits of more than 25 years. We know that a very effective option within a group legal services plan is help with public agencies.

Our nationwide network of attorneys understand how government operates. Their experience with local public bureaucracies enables them to give superior advice to group legal plan members. The lawyers can provide information necessary to move things along. They also can make telephone calls on behalf of a Countrywide group legal services member, and send correspondence if necessary. It is important to remember this is not a case where anybody is twisting anyone else’s arm. Our lawyers have the knowledge necessary to remove some of the roadblocks in getting service from an agency. Realizing that a layperson may not understand everything, Countrywide group legal services allow for an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney and also face-to-face consultations. Our legal experts will patiently explain the ins and outs of getting needed services. Our administration is designed in such a way to expedite things even more. Perhaps the best compliment we receive from people is how everything moves so quickly once a Countrywide attorney is involved.

Local Government and Neighborhood Attorneys

Countrywide lawyers are located right in the area where a plan member lives. They are familiar with how the local agencies work, and that is why their advice is so valuable. The client service provided to group legal plan members is also excellent. Everybody is treated with respect and a plan member’s problem is given immediate attention. It is the type of service that not every group legal services plan is going to provide. Countrywide insists on excellent client skills. It is one of our selection criteria for the network attorneys.
Just as local governments vary, the same is true for the organizations we work with.

Countrywide has had the opportunity to provide plans for corporations, unions, nonprofit organizations, and associations. We try to be as flexible as possible with all of our plan designs. Knowing that different groups have different needs, we let our clients choose the best benefit options for their workforce. We then design the group legal plan that is expressly for that one group. It is part of our way of doing business to request and receive as much feedback as possible from a prospective client. We use that information to offer the very best legal services.

Local government agencies are there for the benefit of the people in the community. It doesn’t take coercion to get them to be of help; it just takes knowing the laws and regulations. Countrywide lawyers are very well-versed in the governing guidelines of the local public agencies. Our people are skilled at helping other people get the assistance they need.