Take Advantage of a Group Legal Plan

It is a real Benefit in Modern Times

Forward thinking companies appreciate the value of good employee benefits. They are well aware that these do more than just keep people on board. Benefits that provide a real service can remove a lot of the anxiety and concern a hard-working employee may have. Such benefits allow a person to concentrate more on work projects, and be more productive. The same companies want to get the best for their employees. Nothing should be just for show. Without a doubt one of the most useful benefits possible to give to employees is a group legal plan.

There is something for everyone

Our modern society is full of issues that need legal help. This doesn’t necessarily mean a day in court, but matters like living wills, advice on how to deal with government agencies, and the review of legal documents could use group legal services assistance. It is unfortunate but ID theft is a growing problem. A group legal plan that offers ID protection is a welcome relief for worried minds. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is in the business of offering highly usable legal assistance plans to all kinds of organizations. Our Personal Legal Protector Plan is the type of group legal services benefit plan that offers great legal support when a person really needs it.

An employee may be having trouble with a warranty, or perhaps needing some advice on how to deal with small claims court. Our attorneys are selected on their ability to provide superior help. Complex legal issues are made clear to every Countrywide group legal plan member who has a problem. Communication is so very important and Countrywide allows unlimited telephone calls on a given matter. Having face-to-face consultation is no real problem. Countrywide attorneys are in the neighborhood and are willing to speak directly to the plan member. If for some reason the legal issue may be a little bit out of the ordinary, such as marine law, Countrywide has a referral system. Group legal services will be provided at a substantial discount in those situations. We make it a point to address extraordinary situations as well as the more common ones. This ability to offer the best service takes a great load off anyone’s back.

One Size Does Not Fit All

We have been offering group legal plan benefits since 1987. We have come to understand throughout the years that no one organization is the same as another. It is why we tailor our services to fit the express needs of the client and the client’s workforce. We have a variety of benefits options to consider, but we want the client to pick what best suits the workforce. That way employees are encouraged to make use of this benefit. A customized selection of group legal services better fits the needs, employees appreciate that.

Human resources directors are busy and don’t need administrative tangles. We provide administration that is simple and effective. The best comments we have received in the past involve not only the efficiency of our lawyers, but the speed in which help is provided. Nobody waits in line. We want every Countrywide group plan member to know that his or her concern is a top priority. It is all part of the fantastic customer service we provide.

Legal assistance is the kind of benefit that is essential in our modern times. People may be faced with challenges that require the help of a good lawyer. We provide that kind of support that we do it with the kind of empathy that people greatly appreciate. Organizations can be assured that this is the kind of benefit that is going to be used by their employees.

Please feel free to contact us and find out more about the options we have that can benefit your staff.