Something to be Thankful

Legal Services Offer Enormous Value


The holiday season can also be thought of as vacation migration. Many folks want to be with their families during these next few weeks of the calendar. The airports and highways heading home are all filled with travelers. That is a good part of the season, but there are some problems lurking. An accident can happen on the highway, or there may be an altercation in a faraway town. It is even possible that there’s a warranty dispute over holiday gift purchased away from home. These little vacations may only be a few days and a person doesn’t have the time to get the proper legal counsel. This is a time when a group legal plan member is thankful for the benefit the company has provided.

A Highly Efficient Network Stands Ready

Group legal services that include a network of nationwide attorneys really helps. A plan member can contact a lawyer in that network when problems arise in a distant place. That legal professional is prepared to offer all of the benefits stated in the group legal plan. This can be a consultation on how to deal with local public agencies, and even some telephone calls on behalf of the plan member for the given situation. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services created its own legal network with these situations in mind. A plan member caught in a legal jam can quickly arrange for a face to face consultation with an attorney. The problem can be discussed and a practical solution arrived at. The
Countrywide group legal plan member should never feel he or she is imposing on the attorney. These people know to expect possible emergency; many of them worked on behalf of Countrywide plan members before. What is important is to provide group legal services that can really help a person hundreds of miles from home. This is where the people skills of the Countrywide attorney come in handy. They can calm the nerves of a worried plan member, and worked to get things settled.

The legal support allows a person to return home without having to take extra days of vacation. The group legal plan will allow that, because there is an attorney working on the case. That brings a great deal of relief to any vacationer. Countrywide puts a great emphasis on good customer service. It is part of the reason why we have developed such a great reputation.

Swift Service Is a Countrywide Feature

A holiday legal kerfuffle can stress that a person considerably. On one hand, there is the problem and on the other is the time. These are situations where waiting causes even greater problems. Countrywide is fully aware of time pressures. Our benefits are intended to be immediately usable. A vacationer can make a telephone call and have connection with attorney almost immediately. That gets the ball rolling and brings the crisis that much closer to a resolution. Swift administration is a group legal services benefit that is part of any plan we offer. Nobody waits long hours for help.

We work with clients to make sure that a group legal services plan fits their needs. We have been doing this since 1987 with all types of organizations. The kind of benefit options that decision-makers feel their workforce really needs can be part of any Countrywide plan. We are flexible because we want to be of even better service.

A holiday vacationer should not feel stranded with a legal problem. The Countrywide legal network has an attorney close by, ready to give needed assistance. This is the kind of service and help that’s proves its value in an emergency: giving the plan member something to be truly thankful for.

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