Give Them a Great Christmas Gift

A Group Legal Plan is a Welcome Benefit


Companies still give out small gifts during the holiday season. These help build up employee morale and are very appreciated by the staff. While this is all very nice those gifts rarely last beyond the end of the year. A forward-looking company that values its employees should be willing to go one step further when it comes to holiday presents. One of the best possible gifts to give to a workforce is a group legal plan.

A Gift with so Many Benefits

Employees at the office holiday party will tell stories of the problems they face outside of work. These can be rental agreements that are confusing, warranties that are not honored, and even having trouble getting needed help from public agencies. A proactive human resources director knows that any of these are going to be possible distractions. Difficulties that require legal help can end up with people being away from the office for days at a time. It causes serious challenges if there are projects with deadlines, but sometimes legal matters that involve family cannot be postponed. Valued members of the team need more than just sympathy. If a company provides great group legal services many difficulties can be resolved quickly. An employee does not have to leave the office. A group legal plan attorney can handle the tasks.

Showing Generous Concern

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services
designs the kind of benefits that people can use in legal situations. The attorneys that are part of our legal network do not cut corners when it comes to group legal services. Instead, they ensure generous concern for every group plan member no matter whom that person is. Countrywide permits unlimited telephone calls to attorney on any given matter. Face-to-face consultations are also easy to schedule. The Countrywide attorneys do not wait around to help. As soon as they know the facts of the problem they will go straight to work for the plan member. Their assistance can include telephone calls and letters on behalf of the individual. The attorneys can also provide expert advice on the preparation of the case for small claims court. Senior employees may be concerned about their estate. Countrywide lawyers can draft a will, and arrange for annual reminders for updating the document. This is all part of the group legal services we offer.

Mindful of the Needs

We understand how organizations are different. It is why we refuse to provide boilerplate group legal plan benefits. The management of the client can choose what benefits will be part of the plan design. It is our responsibility to draft the plan document with those in mind. It is never a problem for us to do that. We make suggestions but will always respect and abide by the client’s decision.

No company wants to have its employees wait for service. An issue of a Countrywide plan member is not gathering dust in a file basket. We deliberately tailor the administration of our group legal services plans for rapid delivery. We are proud of the fact that clients comment favorably on how quickly we move on things. Our attorneys know that is extremely important. They respond as soon as possible on behalf of a plan member.

Employees are going to face challenges in their daily lives. American society has become a jungle of legal paperwork that can drive a person half-crazy with worry. Countrywide wants to take that burden off the back of the hard-working employees. The dedication of our attorneys to professional behavior and results provide a great piece of mind. The New
Year is fast approaching and decisions are being made for employee benefit packages. The best possible gift to the workforce at this time of year is a great group legal plan. Countrywide can do that better than any of our competitors. Contact us today to find out how!