Immigrants Need Help With Language Barriers

Attorneys Can Help Interpret DocumentsPhotograph of a U.S. Department of Homeland Security logo.

Companies and other organizations will hire foreign-born employees for their expertise. These people come from different cultures and legal systems. The United States can be more than mystifying for them. There’s a very definite language barrier that is present and a group legal plan can provide services to help with interpretation.


Many Speak English

The barrier has little to do with every day conversation. Many immigrants speak English and those from former British colonies are quite fluent. The language barrier rests with American legal documents. The countries of origin may not have English common law as its basis. Some of the terms in a lease agreement or contract have words these new arrivals have never heard before. The first impulse is to be extremely hesitant and overly cautious. Rental agreements and other necessary documents might not be signed and this can be to the detriment of the individual. Group legal services should include inspection and explanation of legal documents. Additional help ought to be assistance in filling out applications for public services or any other interaction with government agencies. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services makes a point of providing such group legal services to plan members.

Easing the Tension of Being a Stranger

Every person who is enrolled in a Countrywide plan is important. We understand that non-native residents have questions about the content of legal documents. The Countrywide attorneys who are in the group legal plan will carefully define the words for any plan member. Questions that arise are answered and anxieties are reduced as the legal professionals go over clause by clause any legal document of up to six pages. This is just one of the group legal services that Countrywide provides. Knowing that there is support is a great relief to many immigrants. A worry that they may be taken advantage of goes away knowing that a lawyer is there to help them.


Some who are from a distant land may hesitate to ask for public services from a government agency. Even though they may have a right to such support, they are reluctant and fear causing problems. Our attorneys are sensitive to such unwillingness. They gladly help with completing the forms and offering suggestions on how best to deal with what can be a confusing bureaucracy. Once again, these are the kind of group legal services people appreciate, and are the trademarks of a good group legal plan. No matter the nationality of the plan member, Countrywide provides the best possible service and works to resolve issues.


All of Our Options Are Intended to Help

We do not believe in window dressing. Whatever is in a Countrywide group legal plan is a service intended to bring satisfactory resolution to any legal situation. We provide for unlimited number of telephone calls on particular matter, and we also furnish referrals if specialized legal attention is necessary. Our administration is meant to provide any service as fast as possible for the members. We firmly believe every member deserves that.

We also are advocates of choice. All of our plans are designed in consultation with the client organization. If certain benefits need to be included in the final draft, they will be there. If on the other hand, the organization does not want a given option, we respect that. Our attention to every member, and the wishes of the decision-makers are reasons why we have a strong reputation in the industry. Our legal benefits are comprehensive and our service is client sensitive. We welcome any inquiry about what we can provide to an organization and its employees. Any questions, the decision-maker may have will be answered completely and we look forward to hearing from you and responding in detail. Contact us today!