Three Important Reasons Why a Living Will Matters

Even Young Employees Need One

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Convincing a young and healthy person that a living will is necessary can be frustrating. That person feels invincible because of age and general good health. It doesn’t make sense to have something like a living will unless you are a senior citizen. That is a terrible mistake to make. The same person may not have incurable cancer, but could be involved in a very serious accident. That can leave him or her in a state of coma; unable to communicate and creating some major difficulties as a consequence. Living wills are part of a good group legal plan and there are three major reasons why a person regardless of age ought to have one.




  1. It Prevents Family Disagreements and Anguish

A person on life support can be there indefinitely. There can be major arguments among loved ones about what to do with some advocating turning machines off, while others insist on waiting for a miracle. Recriminations and accusations will linger for years afterwards. By preparing a living will a group legal plan member leaves very definite instructions on what to do in instances where there is no chance of a recovery. It takes responsibility away from loved ones and prevents bitter feelings.


  1. It Allows the Plan Member to Have the Final Say

This is an advantageous feature of such a group legal services benefit. The plan member indicates his or her wishes and they will be respected. No healthcare provider is going to go against the terms specified in a living will. The group legal plan member has a final say in the matter. This person also can determine what type of medical treatment is going be allowed and when treatment is to cease.

  1. Reduces the Chances of Large Medical Bills Accruing


Even if a person has great medical benefits there is an annual deductible that has to be met. Moreover, the plan may only cover up to a certain percentage of the costs. The survivors are left in a situation where medical bills start to accumulate as personal life support continues. The comatose person may have an estate that cannot be touched, and that adds to financial difficulty. The living will can bring closure that also stops the costs.


Countrywide Offers Living Will Services as Part of a Group Legal Plan

We are well aware that this is a very sensitive topic to discuss. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services have attorneys who are very skilled in people relations. They will go over the drafting of the living will as part of the group legal services. Any question that an individual may have will be answered completely. If there are special instructions that are to be part of living will, the attorney sees to it that they are in the document. This group legal services professional also makes certain that the living will stands up under any judicial scrutiny. Best of all, the living will is written in clear language, leaving no misunderstanding as to what is to be done. An individual can have peace of mind knowing that a well-constructed legal document has been prepared as part of a group legal services benefit. Final wishes are spelled out carefully with the expectation they will be executed.

Living wills are serious matters and reminds a person of their mortality. By seeing to it that a living will is drafted an employee shows how much he or she cares for the welfare of survivors. A medical emergency that has no chance of improvement can cause considerable anguish as well as financial burden. Living wills allows the survivors to grieve and then move forward. Preventing them from emotional suffering can be thought of as the last act of love from a very caring person. Contact us for more information!

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