Matters before the Small Claims Court

Good Advice Helps the CaseClose-up Of Male Judge  Writing On Paper In Courtroom

Small claims is a very busy bench. This is the court where small monetary problems are brought to a resolution. There are limitations to the damages that will be awarded to any party, and the small claims court has its own way of doing things. There are certain cases that are not heard by this court and some that are. A person can get a little bit confused and having advice from a group legal plan makes things more understandable.


What Can and Cannot Be Heard in Small Claims Court

Cases heard before small claims include:

  • Failure to honor a service contract for home improvement;
  • Inability to repay a personal loan to another individual;
  • Shoddy repair service.

On the other hand, small claims court will not hear disputes such as:

  • Divorce;
  • Bankruptcy;
  • Libel or slander suits.

These are handled by other courts. Group legal services that help an individual going before small claims include pieces of advice on the types of cases which can be heard, and how to prepare the information to put before the bench. The latter is perhaps the most important because a group legal plan attorney is rarely seen in a small claims court. The plaintiff has to do the presentation and any suggestion coming from a seasoned court veteran is going to help. The court will make a ruling and perhaps a judgement on behalf of the plaintiff, but another problem surfaces once it is handed down. The court does not assign anyone to collect the money. It is up to the plaintiff to do that and the defendant may not be willing to part with the cash. It does happen that getting the award is so difficult the plaintiff simply gives up. Helping this individual get what is owed is an example of excellent group legal services. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides legal assistance to a plan member who happens to be headed for a day in small claims court.

Good Advice and Superior Follow-Up Are Countrywide Features

Countrywide attorneys help plan members get ready for the court presentation. They go over the evidence necessary and give guidance on how to best organize the material. Our attorneys have been before the bench numerous times and they instruct a plan member on how to behave and how to present evidence. People get very frustrated when they find they cannot easily get an award from the defendant. The Countrywide lawyer is there to help get what is owed. A group legal plan benefit we provide is help in preparing the necessary paperwork to get the award. This can include garnishment of wages, liens against property, or seizure of assets. The attorney can also send letters on legal stationery to the defendant warning him or her of consequences. That by itself can often get an individual to see reason and pay up.


A Court Appearance Does Not Have To Be Frightening

Going before a judicial bench can be a little bit unnerving for a person, even when he or she is doing the right thing. Countrywide attorneys have a reputation for superior group legal services skills. The group legal plan member is given the assurance necessary by one of our attorneys. This individual is coached on how to present the case, and not to worry about the outcome. These cases are rarely the dramatic scenes shown on television. The more organized a person is in presenting the evidence, the greater the chance of a successful judgment. Countrywide lawyers are available for consultation prior to the court date. It can be a telephone call about the case with questions or face-to-face consultation; the plan member gets the necessary answers. Countrywide is proud of its reputation for legal expertise and high-quality customer service. We can explain in greater detail all of our group legal services options including help with small claims. Anyone who has an interest should not hesitate to contact us!