Consultation Is Excellent Legal Service!

A Helping Relationship is formed

Group legal plan vendors are quick to point out all of their benefit options. They attempt to dazzle decision-makers with what the attorneys can do for employees. These people will also bring attention to the favorable comments received. It is all very nice, but what is not said can hide a major problem. Group legal services has to include the opportunity for a plan member to talk directly to an attorney. If it doesn’t the quality suffers.

Nobody Likes Taped Messages

Anyone who is faced with a legal emergency such as preparing for a small claims court doesn’t want to hear an automatic message with various prompts. Being forced to go through a telephone maze only frustrates the person even more than he or she already is. An individual wants to be able to speak to an attorney directly and immediately. An FAQ page on a group legal services website is not sufficient at all, although that is what a number of group legal plan programs rely on. Consultations may appear to be secondary to the major benefit options, but they are critical.

It Builds Rapport

The resolution of legal matters depends a great deal on trust. A plan member has to be able to trust in the advice of the attorney and follow any directions. That is hard to do if there is no audio or visual recognition. The best group legal services benefits permit consultations. This would include both face-to-face consultations if needed, and unlimited telephone calls on a given matter. Trust is further built up if the attorney lives in the community. That way, the plan member is more comfortable because the legal counsel is not 100 miles away, but perhaps just a few blocks. The consultations enhance customer service, and it is why they are so important. Our commitment to high-quality customer service is the reason why. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services includes consultation as a standard part of our benefit plans.

Countrywide Always Goes the Extra Mile

Our nationwide network of attorneys answer their telephone calls. Each one of these are legal professionals understands how important customer satisfaction is to Countrywide; they provide superior legal expertise and excellent people skills. No question is unimportant and every one goes answered by our attorneys. If a face-to-face consultation is what the plan member needs, it can be arranged without any problem.

This attention to a small detail does a lot relieve the pressure, a person may be experiencing. Many times an attorney is brought in as a last resort, and the Countrywide attorney’s ability to respond quickly and effectively has helped thousands of people. It is understood that a Countrywide group legal plan member is given top priority by the attorney. It is further proof of what we do to provide maximum service to everyone.

We Work Closely with the Client

Ever since we started providing legal plans back in 1987 we have worked to be responsive to our clients. We are very flexible as far as group legal services plan design is concerned. If there is a particular benefit option the client organization does not want, it is not even considered in the plan design. The final group legal plan document reflects the needs and wishes of the decision-makers. Countrywide will do its best to make sure that all administration is both efficient and quickly delivered. In addition to our own network of attorneys. We have referral capability and we provide discounts on fees for special cases. We take great pride in going the extra mile for all of our clients.

Our benefits are the best in the business and we are very proud of what we provide. We encourage decision-makers to call us to find out more of what we are capable of doing for them. Customer service is very important to us and we do everything we can to keep every plan member happy. Contact us for me information!

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