Be Careful About a Car Warranty

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Automobiles are not the only products a car dealership sells. Warranties are also part of the inventory and they are sold to give peace of mind to the car buyer. The idea is that the warranty will defray some of the cost of repair expenses such as a new transmission. These do not come cheap and may cost well over $1000 a piece. A warranty is a legal document that has written nooks and crannies throughout it. A good group legal plan will offer inspection of a warranty and a member would be wise to take advantage of this.

Car Warranties Are Not Always a Lifesaver

Car dealers will talk about the amazing protection of the warranty, but it isn’t necessarily so. There are some things about the car warranty that any consumer needs to know.

  • They Are Rarely Used. Consumer Reports suggests that over half of the car owners who purchase a warranty never use it. This means that a large chunk of cash was paid out and no benefit was derived.
  • Only Certain Car Parts Can Be Used. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are ordinarily the only one a warranty will allow to be using repair. If the repair shop uses aftermarket parts, the warranty will not be honored.
  • The Warranty May Only Cover Labor Done at the Dealership. If another car dealership or repair shop does the work, the warranty may not apply.

The trouble with the car warranty is that there are a number of reasons why it will not be honored. A consumer who has access to group legal services is able to have an attorney take a look at the warranty before it is signed. That prevents a lot of headache and heartache. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers such service as part of a group legal plan.

Consumer Protection Help Is Also Available

Countrywide lawyers are there to assist a plan member. Any one of our legal professionals will inspect a warranty for its content. They can point out the obligations and requirements of the warranty, allowing a plan member to make a better consumer decision. The Better Business Bureau has reported of a number of warranty scams occurring. Countrywide lawyers offer consumer protection advice as part of the group legal services. They can help any plan member with any consumer protection complaint filing. The Countrywide lawyer can also help with any situation in which a car dealer has refused to honor a warranty. This can come in the form of a firm letter on legal stationery. If a plan member feels the need to ask a question, Countrywide will provide unlimited number of telephone calls on a given subject. It goes without saying a face-to-face consultation can also be arranged. This is an effort to make sure that complete and comprehensive assistance is given to any group legal plan member.

Providing Help Where It Is Needed

Consumers are routinely warned not to be pressured into a purchase of a warranty. They are also advised to read the fine print. Not everybody understands the jargon but a Countrywide lawyer does. The interpretation assistance and other services help a plan member from being taken advantage of by any car dealer.

Employers want to help their hard-working people, but they also want to provide only what is necessary. Countrywide offers a number of group legal services options and lets the prospective client decide what goes into the plan. We also have administration which provides fast service to all group legal plan members. Countrywide provides the kind of group legal services protection that people can use on a routine basis. All of our options are backed up by the performance and expertise of the Countrywide nationwide network of lawyers.