The Dangers of Intestate

It leads to Serious Family Disputes

Three wooden dolls sitting doing bodily gestures. Concept of the three wise monkeys. Most people recognize the importance of having a will, but they delay in having one written. It simply is not on their bucket list and they feel they have plenty of time. That is the wrong way of looking at things because death can come without any warning. No matter what age an individual may be, death is a certainty and dying without a will can cause a serious domestic crisis. The possibility of intestate is why preparation of wills is a cornerstone of a group legal plan.


  • The Battle over the Administrator.

Intestate means that the individual left no will or instructions behind. The court has to appoint the administrator and this can initiate a family battle. There may be some serious arguments over who gets to administer the estate which will lead to unnecessary delays.

  • Multiple Deaths Mean Numerous Problems.

Some people don’t bother with the will because they believe should they die their spouse will receive everything. However, in the instance where both are killed in an automobile accident this logic falls apart. Issues of legitimate heirs and perhaps guardianship of surviving children become chronic issues that may ultimately lead to the court making the decision.

  • The Trouble of Blended Families

Divorce is common in modern society, and multiple marriages with blended households will occur. Another court battle surfaces when there is no will. Disputes arise over fairness and whether or not anything is due for certain members. It can become even more serious when there is a divorce followed by common-law marriage.

Drawing up a will is a group legal services benefit that a company ought to provide for its employees. The court fights that can flare up because of intestate situations may drag on for months or even years. An attorney who is part of a group legal plan can draft the document without any problem, seeing to it the wishes of the individual are specified. The lawyer can also make certain that the document is legally binding in the state. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is well aware of the dangers of intestate, and the resulting trauma to family members. Preparing a will is one of the group legal services we provide.

Giving the Help of an Expert

Our network of attorneys are proficient in the drafting of wills. A group legal plan member can contact one of our lawyers and have a document very easily drawn up. It will have all the necessary provisions and clearly spell out will receive what in the final distribution. We are aware that a person may have questions and we allow for an unlimited number of telephone calls for any given legal situation. Our group legal services also include face-to-face consultation with the attorney. Everything is done to give a person peace of mind. We do not stop there, however.

As the years go by the domestic scene changes. Designated heirs may die before the plan member and unless there is a change made in the will reflect that, there can be some administrative difficulties. Countrywide will send reminders to group legal plan members. It is basically a heads up to remind them to review their will and make any necessary changes. This can make the estate process so much easier.

We also see to it that our administration is efficient and help is quickly provided. A person can be assured that the final will prepared truly reflects what he or she wants to have done with the estate. The clear instructions of a properly drafted will is like oil on troubled water; it calms everything down. We feel people should have the group legal services option of having a will drafted and our lawyers provide superior service. Death is a sad state of affairs but dying intestate provokes a domestic crisis. Countrywide is here to prevent estate disaster from happening. Contact

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