Drafting A Simple Will is a Great New Year’s Resolution


stockfresh_181218_last-will-and-testament_sizeS_72a2cb-300x225The New Year is a great time to set new goals and work on self-improvement. Often, people make resolutions to improve their health, finances, or relationships. However, one area that is frequently overlooked is estate planning. A simple will is an excellent New Year’s Resolution for employees. There are five problems that people can avoid by having a simple will and explain how pre-paid legal services and group legal plans can make estate planning more accessible.

  1. Protect Family and Loved Ones: Without a will, the state will decide how to distribute your assets after you pass away. This process can be stressful, time-consuming, and costly for your family. By drafting a will, you can ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. In addition, you can name a guardian for your minor children and appoint an executor to manage your estate.


  1. Minimize Family Disputes: In the absence of a will, there may be confusion and disputes among family members about inheritance. These disagreements can strain relationships and cause long-lasting damage. By having a will, you can provide clear instructions and minimize the likelihood of family conflicts.


  1. Save Money on Estate Taxes: If you have a significant estate, estate taxes can eat away a substantial portion of your assets. A will allows you to plan for these taxes and minimize their impact. For example, you can create trusts or make gifts to loved ones that reduce the value of your estate.


  1. Ensure Privacy: Probate court records are public, which means that anyone can see the details of your estate and inheritance. By creating a will, you can keep your affairs private and protect your loved ones from unwanted scrutiny.


  1. Avoid Intestacy Laws: If you die without a will, your estate will be distributed according to intestacy laws. These laws are a one-size-fits-all solution and may not reflect your true wishes. By having a will, you can ensure that your assets are distributed based on your situation and preferences.


Use The Best

Group legal plans will offer to draft simple wills, but only some vendors give excellent service. Sometimes, a person must use templates instead of the benefits of a lawyer. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services believes that the best group legal plan allows an individual to talk directly with an attorney. Consequently, we have a benefit that will enable an individual to have a conference with an attorney over essential matters, like drafting a will.

We have a Countrywide lawyer in the community of every client. It is simple to arrange a meeting with this legal expert. Our attorneys understand the requirements for writing a legally sound document. They will review what a group legal plan member wants in the will, point out what needs to be there, offer suggestions, and draft a document that meets a state’s expectations.

Furthermore, we provide other pre-paid legal services that a person can use, such as consumer protection advice, legal document review, and help with warranties. Our clients determine what service options will be in their group legal plan. Countrywide provides streamlined administration and superior member services. We maintain a close relationship with all our clients, assuring transparency and quick resolution of problems.

Drafting a simple will is an excellent New Year’s Resolution for employees. By doing so, an individual can protect the family and loved ones, minimize family disputes, save money on estate taxes, ensure privacy, and avoid intestacy laws. If anyone needs help with how to proceed, the pre-paid legal services of a group legal plan is there. The plan can provide affordable access to legal advice and guidance throughout the estate planning process. Everyone should prioritize estate planning in the new year and give their family the peace of mind they deserve.

If you want to know more about Countrywide, please contact us at your convenience. We want to help you make the new year the best possible for your hard-working staff.