stockfresh_225020_eraser-and-word-debt_sizeS-300x200Being irresponsible is not always the reason a person gets into debt trouble. A more compelling explanation is that sizable debt can result from bad decisions. When confronted with extensive obligations, what a person does can make the situation more serious.


Panic Makes Things Worse


Medical bills will raise a person’s blood pressure quickly. Someone who receives an invoice for a surgery or medical treatment could be looking at a cost of thousands of dollars. An immediate reaction might be to pay everything off at once, which is not a particularly good payment strategy. Others may look at their college loan obligations and think that forbearance is the only way out of a mess. Trust us; it is not. Credit cards must be paid on time, but that does not mean they have to be paid off at once. Continue reading

stockfresh_2753643_medical-and-gavel_sizeS-300x300No one likes to think of death, but it will happen to all of us. We only have so much time on earth, and then our life is over. It is essential to have a will, but something more is necessary. An individual rendered senseless by a stroke, or other accident cannot relay what type of care is desired to a healthcare provider. A living will communicates a person’s instructions, but there must be an intermediary. The person who will tell the medical staff what is expected has medical powers of attorney. This individual has a life-or-death power.

Not Just Anybody

Group legal plans will draft medical powers of attorney, but it is the individual’s responsibility to select who will be given this authority. However, there are some qualities anyone who has medical powers of attorney should have: Continue reading

stockfresh_3024978_girl-before-credit_sizeS-300x225Credit cards rule the domestic economy of many households. Few people want to carry a lot of cash, and credit cards have always been convenient for buying things. However, the pandemic caused people to shop online, using their plastic to purchase essentials in addition to gifts. As a result, many now deal with sizable credit card balances. That situation is dangerous.


It is more than simply larger minimum payments due each month. Overusing credit cards will put a strain on family budgets. It is no secret that credit card abuse has brought many people to the brink of bankruptcy. Forgetting to pay some credit cards will lead to major problems. Plastic is important, but it is a beast that must be kept under control.


Financial wellness depends on keeping credit card debt under control. However, there are some straightforward strategies a consumer may use to prevent a serious situation, and it does not require having the skills of an accountant. Continue reading

stockfresh_3802975_legal-advice-road-sign-illustration-design-over-a-white-backgrou_sizeXS-300x140Some people have negative thoughts about government services, but these benefits are there for Americans to enjoy. Many times, what the government provides is essential to the individual. Medicaid, Social Security, and Supplemental Security Income are well-known federal programs. They are in addition to numerous state and local services that we fund through our tax dollars. Getting required services can sometimes be a challenge.

Stubborn Obstacles

Getting government services can be a frustrating exercise. There are a few hurdles that a person must leap. Continue reading

stockfresh_3429711-250x300Remote working is a significant byproduct of the pandemic. It has changed workplace culture, and there is slight chance that we will ever go back to the cubicle-infested days of the past. It is no secret that many employees like working from home. They are not the only ones who enjoy remote work. Computer hackers love it.

An Easy Scam

Organizations spend a lot of money to build security walls around their financial information and personal data. At the same time, management may give that protection to a remote worker, but it is for the proprietary information of the employer. As a result, an individual’s data can be made vulnerable to cyber-attacks because that employee works from home. Continue reading

stockfresh_636353_stethoscope-laying-on-stacks-of-money_sizeS-300x200Apprehension and panic are what many people feel when they go to their mailbox. There could be an invoice waiting for them that will require thousands of dollars to pay. It is a medical bill for a procedure or a program of therapy. The amount can keep a person up late at night worrying about what to do.


Modern medicine has allowed us to live better lives than our grandparents. People live longer, and the quality of life has improved dramatically for those who are disabled. But unfortunately, it all comes at a cost. Employees face a situation where they are pressured into dealing with sizable debt. The amount can lead to some poor financial decisions.

You Can Negotiate


A medical invoice is an expense statement; it is not an ultimatum. Healthcare providers want their money but do not have to be paid immediately. The accounts receivable folks are willing to be flexible and negotiate with any patient. There is no desire to destroy anybody’s financial wellness. Continue reading

stockfresh_210865_mature-businesswomen-discuss-contract_sizeS-300x208We have an intelligence-driven society. Mental exertion has replaced physical effort, and more people rely on technology and the Internet for nearly everything. It can be exciting, and there is so much information available. That can make work more manageable, but it can also create confusion. 


The Internet is a source of data glut. We can contact tons of information and opinions. Too often, ideas or notions grab our attention. These are not always correct or useful. Anyone can be overwhelmed by misinformation, which can be dangerous when it comes to common legal issues.


Need for Expertise Continue reading

stockfresh_6378534_financial-freedom-concept_sizeS-300x192The United States is currently experiencing inflation that has not been seen in 40 years. Everything costs more, especially food and gasoline. What is sobering is to know that inflation is outpacing pay increases. The rising costs make people feel anxious and worried about their finances.

It is a challenging situation but is also an opportunity for management.

Employers can step in and assist people in dealing with the rising costs. It does not have to be adjustments to wages or outright money grants. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a benefit that permits a person to adjust to inflation successfully. Continue reading

stockfresh_2142927_family-holding-a-sold-sign-outside-their-home_sizeS_62ad93-300x200Right now is the calm before the buying storm. It will not be long before the real estate market starts booming with activity as people look for that special place to settle and raise a family. Springtime can be a season of discontent, however, for those not prepared. A first-time homebuyer can quickly become frustrated.

The real estate market can be an absolute beast for anybody who is unprepared. Anyone who is venturing out into the housing arena must be ready. Those who are not may spend thousands of dollars learning some painful lessons.

What to Know Continue reading

stockfresh_260360_read-the-fine-print_sizeS-200x300Legal document review sounds extremely complicated. A person might think that the review is done on large contracts or agreements with many players involving all kinds of situations. That is not always the case. There are many documents that ordinary people use that should be reviewed by an attorney. The content of some of these papers may have a binding effect on an individual.

Some Papers Need to Be Looked at Carefully

One obvious document requiring inspection is a rental lease. Those who are going to be moving into a new apartment should have the papers checked to ensure that the language of the lease is valid and clarify the obligations a tenant agrees to follow. Warranties should be looked at so that a person knows what parts are covered in the event of an appliance breaking down. An attorney must look at other documents. These include: Continue reading