Change of Address Monitoring & Alerts Enhances ID Theft and Credit Monitoring Protection


stockfresh_3046191_no-to-fraud_sizeS-300x300A comprehensive employee benefits program is something everyone appreciates. It reduces employee anxiety and promotes greater productivity. However, one benefit that is often overlooked is ID theft and credit monitoring. With the increasing number of identity theft cases, it is crucial to provide employees with an effective ID theft and credit monitoring program. A critical option in this type of benefit is change of address monitoring and alerts. That may look insignificant, but it is not.

A Tool for Cyber Thieves 

A primary method that identity thieves use to exploit their victims is changing that person’s address in order to redirect bills and correspondence to another one. This tactic is very effective because it takes longer for the victim to realize they are not receiving important information on time, including offers to open credit card accounts. The thief is thus able to open new accounts, max them out, and then move on. This is where change of address monitoring and alerts come in. With this service, any change of address will be immediately reported to the employee and employer. They can then take the necessary steps to prevent further damage.


Victims are Traumatized

If an employee’s identity is stolen, the damage can be catastrophic. Sometimes, it can take years to restore the victim’s credit rating and fix the damage done. By having a comprehensive ID theft and credit monitoring program that includes change of address monitoring and alerts, an employee can be alerted early on and take action to prevent further damage to their identity and credit.

Change of address monitoring and alerts can help prevent fraud. If an employee unexpectedly receives a notification that their address has been changed, they can quickly investigate to see if it is a legitimate change or not. This is especially important if they have not recently made any address changes. By catching any fraudulent activity early on, they can prevent any possible damage.

In addition to the benefits for the employee, change of address monitoring and alerts can also benefit the employer. By providing this benefit, employers are showing that they care about their employees and are willing to take steps to protect them from identity theft. This can boost morale and increase employee loyalty. It can also prevent any potential legal issues that may arise if an employee’s identity is stolen on company time.


Rely on Countrywide

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has an ID Theft and Credit Monitoring benefit to help people protect their personal information from Internet scoundrels. Change of address monitoring and alerts are available depending on the plan chosen.

We have four options that offer varying amounts of protection for plan members. A client might want a comprehensive plan with fewer services, but it is cost-effective. Whatever option is chosen, the security is excellent, and personal information is protected. Countrywide provides the member services and administration. We work closely with all clients to address problems quickly. Our benefit is one of the best in the industry.

Change of address monitoring and alerts is a crucial aspect of any effective ID theft and credit monitoring program. By providing this benefit to employees, employers can take the necessary steps to prevent identity theft and fraud. This benefits both the employee and the employer. It is essential for an HR professional to recognize the importance of this benefit and to make sure that it is included in any effective ID theft and credit monitoring program. By doing so, you can ensure that your employees are well taken care of and protected from the dangers of identity theft.

If you are interested in what Countrywide can do for your employees, please contact us at your convenience. We assist people in protecting their identity from Internet pirates.


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