A World of Litigation

Modern society floats on a tide of legal documents and requirements. It doesn’t matter that the Internet has reduced paperwork and old-fashioned communications, there still is a need for certain documents to be filed and certain procedures to be followed. It’s all part of the legal world in which we live and one that is becoming increasingly more complicated as laws are introduced and old ones are amended. Common legal procedures such as a will can be done online, but terrible mistakes can also be made. If person is not familiar with the legal requirements of a given state or jurisdiction, it can result in any legal document including a will being declared invalid. This can cause very serious delays and even more expenses. That is what group legal plans are meant to prevent.

Companies will offer group legal plans as a benefit for their employees. Essentially the plan provides access to legal counsel for members, and services can range from basic legal filings to more complicated matters such as bankruptcy processing or personal injury. What makes legal services attractive is the cost. Attorneys are provided at fees that are much lower than what would ordinarily be charged to an individual. Members thus have better access to legal assistance and at highly affordable rates.
The value of group legal plans should not be underestimated. Daily life is awash with the need for various forms of documentation to address issues such as adoption and immigration. Even issues such as name changes or tenant matters may need the guiding hand of an attorney to keep things within the guidelines of the law. These are not do-it-yourself projects. Anyone who is an amateur is prone to making mistakes but the errors made in legal matters can be catastrophic and incredibly expensive to fix. Personal injury situations that are mishandled can even result in possible prison terms. As an employer gets a better understanding of the sheer complexity of legal issues that the employees face, it becomes incredibly clear that legal service can be a very highly valued employee benefit, if for no other reason than to relieve a hard-working employee of the stress and strain that can arise with matters that are deliberated in a court.
Countrywide Pre-paid Legal Services offers group legal plans to organizations that can help their employees navigate the ocean of legal terminology. Using a network of highly skilled attorneys, Countrywide provides a benefit that is head and shoulders above the competition. These are tailored to fit the demographics and needs of individual organizations, and are not just an off-the-shelf bundle that may or may not provide all that is needed. There are no administrative fees and Countrywide can work with groups of all sizes to be of better service. With benefits that include wills and estates, tenant matters, and real estate, Countrywide makes certain that no one drowns in a sea of legalese but can safely get through any rough waters. It makes for great peace of mind and that is exactly what a person facing legal paperwork really wants.