Power of Attorney Woes Soothed by Pre-Paid Legal Aid

Any strife that employees face is strife that the office will undoubtedly face as well.

When a family member becomes sick, unable to care for themselves, or is facing life-altering decisions, not even the very best employees can hide their struggle. Often, employees will not only be less happy and therefore less productive in the office, but face a paradox -in need of more time off to battle legal woes that are costly. Helping care for family by gaining Power of Attorney rights is common when a family member is facing the aforementioned battles.

When pre-paid legal services are added to benefits packages, a safety net is available to handle Power of Attorney woes for an employee, benefiting the individual themselves and the office environment.

Power of Attorney (or POA) is granted to an “agent” by a “principal”. POA gives the agent the power to make legal decisions for another person -much like a parent does for a child under 18. When a loved one becomes unable to make decisions for themselves regarding their health care and/or finances, granting someone else POA is necessary. This means that an individual should encourage elderly loved ones to cooperate with POA rights, and look into it themselves -who would you want making decisions regarding your life if you were unable to do so?

Pre-paid legal services can offer individuals comfort in knowing that they have a legal team standing behind them, as part of their benefits package, ready to draw up Power of Attorney documents for them and deal with other issues pertaining to POA.

The lawyers working as part of a pre-paid legal services benefits package will guide an employee through the process of setting up Power of Attorney. Having such detailed advice ready on a whim is quite costly and often unattainable without such pre-paid legal services. When pre-paid legal services are offered as a part of benefits packages, unlimited advice is dispensed to employees without having to pay expensive retainers.

Having pre-paid legal services offers a company’s employees peace of mind. Not only do the services provide legal backing when a relative’s POA issues arise, but can help develop a Power of Attorney plan for the individual as well.