Avoiding Those Contract Blues Countrywide Explains the Clauses


Contracts are a mystery to many people. These are pages of paper with language that ordinarily is not used that spells out obligations and consequences. It can drive a person crazy trying to understand any of the sentences.

The same is true for credit card agreements and that gets a little bit dangerous. People get credit cards and don’t understand the agreements surrounding the use of the plastic. It doesn’t take long for a person to get into the penalty clause area, something they don’t fully understand, and get into serious financial difficulty. Group legal plans should have some way to help people with the legal papers. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does assist. We help group legal plan members understand those documents they are about to sign.

Professional Help Is There

Countrywide makes use of a nationwide network of attorneys to provide service. They are professionals who understand the language of contractual law. They also know the dangers inherent in any legal document. For example, the landlord of an apartment may have a person sign a lease agreement that is valid in another state. It might be worthless where the tenant is going to live, but the individual doesn’t know that. A pre-paid legal services benefit of Countrywide is the ability to interpret the documents and point out the mistakes. A Countrywide lawyer would easily note that the out-of-state lease agreement does not hold water.
A Countrywide benefit option is the review of legal documents and contracts up to six pages long. It covers most of the legal papers and ordinary citizen is going to be involved with and helps them stay away from various pitfalls. Countrywide can do more than just advise on the paperwork, however. There are times when our overall service goes one step beyond.

Countrywide Protects a Plan Member

Vendors don’t always honor warranties. A Countrywide attorney may point out the obligation of a vendor, but this merchant might turn around and just ignore it completely. That is not a good idea when dealing with Countrywide. We have an option that allows our attorneys to assist in filing consumer protection complaints. A group legal plan member to get additional help in this area when the warranty is ignored.

Countrywide allows attorneys to make telephone calls and write letters on behalf of a plan member. An unethical business quickly discovers that ignoring the warranty is a recipe for trouble. A person has additional support, thanks to the Countrywide pre-paid legal services.

It is conceivable that a client organization can have a Countrywide plan that is centered around reviewing legal documents. Our benefit options complement each other, and one can be used to support another It is based on how the plan is designed. We permit organizations to craft their own group legal plan. Clients review all our options and decide which ones will be put in their program. We provide the superior service that makes everything work efficiently.

Countrywide Can Do More Than Review Contracts

We can draft legal documents such as simple wills and medical powers of attorney. A plan member does not have to worry about the content. Our lawyers know how to prepare legal documents.

Whatever Countrywide lawyers prepare on the behalf of the clients is a solid legal document. There are no mistakes, and everything is taken into consideration. That is better than trying to go online and use a template. Our attorneys are familiar with the law and requirements on the local level. Arranging a meeting with one of our attorneys is easy because they’re in the neighborhood.

Legal documents don’t have to be Chinese puzzles. The vague language is easy for an attorney to recognize and explain. We would welcome the opportunity to explain to decision-makers all the various pre-paid legal services options Countrywide offer. Anyone of them can help employees with everyday legal situations. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.